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Concealed Carry & Easter Faith

Easter Sunday celebrates the foundation of Christianity being established on belief that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, rose from the dead and ascended into heaven after sacrificing his life for mankind.  Religion is an experience transcending earthly connections to answer questions science continues to struggle with…who are we, what is our purpose and destination; but, what about our motives for personal survival…are they in conflict with religious belief?

It’s our inalienable nature to survive, but, most religions generally shy away from the topic of “concealed carry” whereas biblical comments on violence can support and/or deny use of force depending on one’s interpretation. An excellent article on shaping our religious views about self-protection was written by University of Oklahoma, Professor David Yearly.  He reminds us early use of guns, in this country, protected our lives and assures religious freedom that continues today.

Father Giorgio Giorgi, a Roman Catholic priest from Retorbido, Italy, builds a strong case for justifying self-protection in one of his sermons, whereas, church hierarchy may not share these views.  Most would agree, traditional religion is a guide for moral behavior, however, individual belief and ultimate practice is directed by individual conscience.

Easter can be a time for reviewing our personal values, no matter what religious faith we have, and when hunting Easter eggs with the children; be mindful concealed carry is an insurance token for personal and family protection.  Also consider life is more significant when we develop an understanding about ourselves, our purpose and destiny.  Have a happy Easter and keep on “packin” dude. 

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Concealed Carry Preventative Measures

Have you ever thought about what people think of a Concealed Carry person?  Many people are against 2nd amendment rights and their frightened reactions could cause negative consequences.  Concealed Carry has an advantage over “open carry” whereas people can’t be alarmed about what they don’t see.

Some perceptions from anti-gun people are: “People who carry guns are dangerous”…”Stay away from them; they might decide to shoot you”…”If my child sees a person carrying a gun it will horrify them”…”These people are fanatics”…”It’s like the wild west”…etc.

U.S. Government studies reveal no trends showing this kind of behavior.  Florida and Texas are two of the largest states with issued permits over 2.5 million.  Their license revocation rate was about 0.006% over a period of 20 years with most penalties due to carrying a concealed handgun in a gun-free zone.  Most negative opinions stem from fear of guns, or, information posted in daily media.  Unfortunately, these are natural human reactions based upon lack of experience and/or knowledge about weapons.

Gun owners must be aware of this mentality, understanding it could cause a tragedy as noted in the following example.   A man, with a Concealed Carry license, was killed in Las Vegas due to anti-gun reactions based upon fear and panic:  An uneasy store clerk noticed a concealed weapon under Erik Scott’s shirt, while he was shopping, and called “911”.

Police officers arrived in full force expecting an encounter with a dangerous person.  This fear and suspicion lead to the shooting death of an innocent victim.  We need to be mindful of such public judgements and react wisely to assure our own safety.  Police officers are trained to respond in a logical and objective manner, however, that doesn’t always happen.

The above misfortune indicates it may be helpful to avoid a confrontation by effective weapon concealment.  There is no cause of public fear if a gun is effectively concealed.  Select a weapon and holster combination offering complete concealment while in different body positions.  Also; when approached by an officer; keep hands visible and away from weapon; calmly state having a Concealed Carry license and armed; Ask for instructions on what to do next.

Public acceptance to Concealed Carry is obstructed by media reports on accidental shootings by individuals not exercising simple rules of safety and storage for firearms as noted:

Always recognize guns as being loaded

  • Never point gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot.
  • Be aware of what is near target and line of fire
  • Keep finger off trigger until it’s safe to shoot at target.

When not in use, there is a wide range of small handgun storage safes plus larger containers for long guns at prices from $40 to $4000 and the technology is impressive, offering, multiple finger print recognition or digital code locks.  Some containers are totally waterproof plus fireproof and can be secured to a wall, floor, desk etc., to discourage home-break-in thieves.

Historical data on Concealed Carry license revocations indicates a very small percentage of people misuse their right to carry and such continued practice will reassure public acceptance of Concealed Carry.  Keep on packin wisely dude.

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Body Metrics and Concealed Carry

Most people choose their first handgun to be accurate, reliable, comfortable to hold and easy to shoot. In all cases the “revolver” is most reliable because of its simplistic action (moving parts) design. The greatest holding comfort is attained with one finger on the trigger and a full three finger hand grip. It’s more exciting for most people to shoot a larger caliber weapon, but, the most accurate shooting gun for a beginner is generally a 22 caliber.

First time gun owners will often fall in love with a handgun that offers best grip and shooting accuracy at the firing range without attention to the importance of concealment and comfort features until they start carrying. Decisions to Concealed Carry with the above weapon selection will work for some individuals, but, usually results in seldom use and/or a gun in the glove compartment.

Physical preparation for serious full-time Concealed Carry must first consider “body metrics” as a starting point for choosing handgun and holster. Body metrics is actually the science of using three-dimensional, computer generated measurements of the entire body to determine best clothing fit, or, design of a health training program.

Gathering dimensional data by this method is not necessary for Concealed Carry, but a basic understanding of one’s unique personal shape will help choose best body location for a holster offering maximum comfort and concealment. A wide range of holster concepts are available with each type worn in different positions; on one’s ankle, inside the belt, outside the belt, above the waist, behind the back, or, over the shoulder. These locations will determined where a holster is best suited to allow sitting, standing, walking and bending over, without printing, as you go through your daily routine.

Full-time concealment requires preparation for all seasons with the warm season being most difficult to resolve due to wearing less clothing. The smaller guns are obviously best for comfort and concealment while big guns are more cumbersome and difficult to hide. Gun-size effectiveness becomes a matter of personal choice, as the debate continues between “experts” with conflicting opinions.

The revolver has a reputation for reliability, but, today’s semi-automatics are very good after a break in period which may require several hundred firings. The semi-auto has a narrow width compared to a revolver cylinder, thus making it much more practical to hide for Concealed Carry. In past years, typical concealment mainly involved an outer cover garment; however, dress fashion has become one of the top priorities in today’s style conscious society having a deep effect on the frequency of individual Concealed Carry.

Today’s Concealed Carry “look” is simply to “look” like you are not carrying. Body metrics have a major effect on correct holster selection; therefore, considerations should be mainly based on a person’s physique. Manufactures noticed the demand for new Concealed Carry products by offering special shirts with internal pockets for handguns, fake buttons to allow quick access and special trousers with extra-large pockets for weapons. Special clothing is expensive and requires a change in dress style, but, it may work for some people.

Full-time Concealed Carry is driven by strong motivation and supplemented by proper choice handgun and holster, to not leave your gun at home, or, in the glove compartment. The reasons for carrying a firearm will never change and your “Concealed Carry Look” will be same as your “normal look” if you make the right choices…Keep on packin dude.

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Fear of Concealed Carry

During the US economic depression of the 1930’s, President Franklin D Roosevelt made a famous comment; “’The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”. Fear is an unpleasant feeling about a future event being real or imaginary.
It may be generated by personal life concerns and/or media reported threats of war, terrorists, home invasions, and thieves etc. that affect our wellbeing.

Scientists claim fear is a survival instinct that has evolved in our genes over millions of years. Some experts claim the best way to deal with mental pressures of fear is to place major emphasis on present day life rather than imagined future events.
It is a strange anomaly; “Gun haters” experience fear about being around firearms and “gun lovers” reduce fear by having firearms for Concealed Carry protection.

So much of our behavior is innate and trying to convince a gun hater that guns are ok is like trying to change a million year old gene. A lesson to be learned is; anyone fearful of guns should not be around them, but, perhaps over time the good reputation of Concealed Carry will improve acceptance of gun ownership.

A lady once told me her children would panic if they saw a person “Open Carrying” a gun in a restaurant. The actual fear would most probably be in “her” mind and, no doubt, this “learned behavior” would eventually be transferred to her children. I recalled my first experience, at a restaurant, with a friend who became nervous about seeing a man sitting at the bar with an open carry Colt 44 revolver on his hip. I must admit, it drew cautious attention from myself…we were not used to seeing this in our neighborhood.

One has no idea of a person’s demeanor, or, intentions which makes anyone cautious while some people will panic. This a serious concern for open carry advocates which fortunately doesn’t apply to practicing Concealed Carry. Those who open carry should be aware of probably being hassled by police and also understand public fear is a natural reaction near impossible to change.

Concealed Carry is an excellent means to reduce fear; however, it’s definitely not for everyone. A person must enjoy and respect guns plus, be well disciplined on safety and responsibility issues. Some gun owners have accidents due to overconfidence, or, lack of sufficient concern to warn of potential accidents handling a handgun…proper acknowledgement of fear is a good thing.

It is a natural instinct that can’t be avoided and should be used to one’s advantage as nature intended. Consider a gun is like handling a deadly explosive device that will discharge if mishandled and if this makes you uncomfortable…don’t carry. Confidence in firearms is developed through handling practice and a complete understanding of their potential danger and how they work.

Natural motivation to Concealed Carry is primarily due to concerns for personal safety; however, we need to make thoughtful choices. Fear of guns will create additional stress in our daily lives, and/or, the wrong choice of gun and holster will cause comfort and concealment problems, both of which will discourage practice.

Future opinions and success of Concealed Carry will be centered upon public acceptance of gun owners maintaining a favorable safety image through; training, responsibility and good behavior. If you can’t carry with confidence and abide by the rules…don’t carry…and for all you “sheep dogs”…keep on packin dudes.

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Concealed Carry Detection

Horrible acts of public violence occur in our daily lives and many are prevented by diligent efforts of law enforcement officials, however, the quest for greater public security never ends. Detection of concealed weapons is a major objective of law enforcement officials and recent technology may help solve this problem.

The best defense against any act of aggression in most cases is ability to detect and prevent a threat in advance. It would be ideal if terrorists harboring weapons could be spotted and neutralized before reaching their target. New York police and Pentagon officials’ are working together to optimize an infrared technology application system designed to detect the outline of a Concealed Carry gun, or, explosive apparatus by observing temperature variations across a person’s body from a distance.

The interruption in natural radiation, which can be observed by the above device, will show location of a non-body object. This approach is similar to security measures taken today, before boarding an airplane, except this new technology would allow hidden weapons to be detected at far greater distances.

It would become one more “tool” providing an additional layer of public security for defeating bad guys. This technology is reported to have great accuracy with no doubt about its potential “good use” in many applications. Public acceptance will be based upon; safety concerns, violation of privacy issues and addressing legal Concealed Carry individuals.

Convincing evidence must show no ill effects from radiation emissions produced. Will this be viewed as a “stop and search” tactic? Concealed Carry persons will no longer have the advantage of concealment which could produce similar experiences reported by some “open carry” practitioners in the past.

Everyone wants law enforcement officials to catch bad guys; however, very few people want to be detained, harassed or give up privacy. Can this technology be effectively applied without violating our constitutional rights? Past incidents have occurred with “open carry” and Concealed Carry people being harassed or negatively treated by policemen and citizens.

It becomes a dilemma when cautious law enforcement officials, concerned with the history of public shootings, spot an individual with a gun. Police officials, using this new technology, need to remember good guys also carry guns while Concealed Carry people recognize their weapon is no longer concealed.

Domestic and foreign fanatics will continue searching for effective ways to defeat new technologies as law enforcement officials attempt to stay ahead. Terrorists are familiar with infrared scanners, security cameras etc. and will always be developing counter measures. The “game” will continue without end as new security tools are developed and inalienable rights are traded for national security.

This new innovation will stand a better chance of approval if suspects are treated, with dignity and confronted only when there is “probable cause”. Airport security procedures have gained community acceptance and eventually this device will also, but, Concealed Carry people will be least favorable to the idea.

Most would agree this new technology invades one’s privacy and, in essence, makes an open carry person subject to disrespectful treatment by some law officers as noted in the past. Part of us wants to welcome this invention; however, there is concern about negative reactions toward legal concealment. The good news is; Illegal gun possession and terrorism threats to society will be reduced…keep on packin dude.

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Concealed Carry Acceptance

The art of carrying weapons for self-protection; such as clubs, knives or whatever, exists since early mankind. Popular use of Concealed Carry pistols started with Henry Deringer’s single shot, muzzle loaded pistol in 1852 and modern day Concealed Carry got its start in 1976 when Georgia first introduced such laws for ordinary citizens. The ultimate goal is to have one license to carry, recognized by all states.

It became extremely popular in 2008 when the Supreme Court case: District of Columbia vs. Heller, concluded individuals have the right to possess a firearm for self-protection. New laws, favorable to carrying a firearm, are implemented each year as the number of licenses issued, estimated at 12 million, continues to grow. Currently all states recognize a citizens legal right to carry.

Future laws influenced by powerful organizations like the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Brady Campaign will affect the advancement of Concealed Carry along with public opinion. It’s quite evident, in today’s political arena; both sides of the issue are firmly entrenched in conflicting views. Compromise from US citizens should be the final force toward drafting new proposals and future legislation must contain reasonable decisions on “gun control” without trampling 2nd Amendment rights.

Current highly debated issues are; Background checks, Safety issues and “Straw Purchases”…defined as; when a first person buys a gun legally then sells it to a second person not legally permitted to own a gun. Neither pro-gun, nor, anti-gun advocates will disagree on importance of the above issues…their disagreement lies in the solution. How much attention do bad guys pay to current laws and why are they not successfully enforced? Some officials believe effective application of current laws would negate a need for future laws.

Great strides in safety have been made with handgun design plus owner training and aptitude issues, but, we can never abandon continuous efforts for improvement. Perhaps the NRA could do more to help assure a good reputation for Concealed Carry’s future by taking a more assertive stand supporting background checks and qualifications for licensing that relate to a person’s gun handling competence and mental stability.

License registrations underwent a major expansion in 2008, regardless of opposition from anti-gun groups, and as this growth continues, more “actual” experience data will be available either improving, or, damaging the reputation of Concealed Carry. Thorough programs for qualifying and training applicants to own and carry a firearm must be implemented and/or maintained thus assuring continuation of public acceptance.

Perhaps, if Concealed Carry continues with its favorable image, we may be able to carry in areas, across this nation, where shooting incidents are well documented such as; public buildings, college campus and churches. Of course, there will always be a few reckless offenders and strict penalties must be imposed on these troublemakers, including license revocation.

NRA and Brady Campaign officials will continue with their agenda and hopefully US Citizens will keep informed and influence suitable choices. Regardless of future laws; people will instinctively protect themselves and loved ones from harm with guns, clubs, knives or whatever. Concealed Carry offers an efficient, powerful, quick and effective response…Henry Deringer made this discovery back in 1852. Continue supporting the good reputation of Concealed Carry and as always…keep on packin dude.

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A Future Role for Concealed Carry?

The intent of Concealed Carry today addresses an individual’s right to self-protection by use of deadly force against an aggressor; however, it becomes a difficult tactical decision in crowded environments where many lives are endangered. Large scale multiple shootings by deranged individuals, or, terrorist organizations take place in areas where firearms are restricted; government facilities, schools, churches, hospitals, airports etc.

The effects of Concealed Carry have been researched over a 29 year period by author, John Lott and published in his book “More Guns Less Crime” in 1998. The authors Ayres and Donohue dispute his claims in their interview with “The Chronicle of Higher Education” newspaper. Both sides will agree there has been a drop in murder rates plus an increase in gun ownership over the years, however, interpretation of this connection stimulates unending debates.

According to 2013 FBI statistics, the two-year trend on individual violent crime arrests declined by 3.9% as compared to 2012 promotes optimism, however, large scale incidents of violence today don’t appear to be in decline as noted in the last decade;
September 2013 – Washington Navy Yard, July 2012 – Aurora, Colorado movie theater, December 2012 – Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, April 2007- Virginia Tech Blacksburg, Virginia, campus shooting, November 2009 – Fort Hood, Texas, April 2009 – Binghamton, New York immigrant community center. These are a few of 13 well known mass murders in the last 10 years where firearms were prohibited in each occurrence. Perhaps more crimes can be prevented with innocent lives saved by reducing, or, eliminating “no-carry” zones.

The phenomenal growth of Concealed Carry registration is currently at 12 million with no end in sight thus indicating a significant percentage of Concealed Carry people will always be present in populated areas. This large volume of armed citizens would strengthen security in the above mentioned places. It’s time for our legislators to develop a commonsense review of; not “where” citizens are allowed to carry, but, “who” should Concealed Carry in currently restricted areas. Major resistance to this proposal may come from law enforcement officials and politicians indicating need for special training tactics in crowded environments. Many Concealed Carry people would like to help and be willing to undergo any tactical training, or, meet qualifications used by police and military for violence control in public places. The threat of mass slayings in this country is a monumental challenge that will not go away.

Other individuals currently practicing Concealed Carry may not be interested in such training which may result in creating an additional “special” Concealed Carry classification involving advanced preparation. Individuals interested in law enforcement, retired military & public service veterans may be interested in this concept.

Crimes are solved with help from alert ordinary citizens; serving as eye witnesses, taking pictures at the scene, calling 911, or, providing testimony. Anti-gun people will say; it’s a very risky narrative, granting more freedom to Concealed Carry citizens, but, all will agree; growing problems of public violence must be addressed.

This article is based upon current laws and high growth rate of Concealed Carry plus continuous threats of large scale crimes in public places. Should Concealed Carry people be more involved…what do you think? At present time; continue to observe no-carry zones, protect your 2nd Amendment rights and let your congressman know your views…keep on packin dude.

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