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Concealed Carry & Easter Faith

Easter Sunday celebrates the foundation of Christianity being established on belief that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, rose from the dead and ascended into heaven after sacrificing his life for mankind.  Religion is an experience transcending earthly connections to answer questions science continues to struggle with…who are we, what is our purpose and destination; but, what about our motives for personal survival…are they in conflict with religious belief?

It’s our inalienable nature to survive, but, most religions generally shy away from the topic of “concealed carry” whereas biblical comments on violence can support and/or deny use of force depending on one’s interpretation. An excellent article on shaping our religious views about self-protection was written by University of Oklahoma, Professor David Yearly.  He reminds us early use of guns, in this country, protected our lives and assures religious freedom that continues today.

Father Giorgio Giorgi, a Roman Catholic priest from Retorbido, Italy, builds a strong case for justifying self-protection in one of his sermons, whereas, church hierarchy may not share these views.  Most would agree, traditional religion is a guide for moral behavior, however, individual belief and ultimate practice is directed by individual conscience.

Easter can be a time for reviewing our personal values, no matter what religious faith we have, and when hunting Easter eggs with the children; be mindful concealed carry is an insurance token for personal and family protection.  Also consider life is more significant when we develop an understanding about ourselves, our purpose and destiny.  Have a happy Easter and keep on “packin” dude. 

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From Thanksgiving to Concealed Carry

Perhaps this article will urge some “old timers” to reminisce about one of their favorite Holiday celebrations: I was 12 years old on a Thanksgiving Day morning when dad asked me if I would like to go rabbit hunting with him, for a few hours, while mom was preparing the year’s most enjoyable feast. What a thrill is was to go hunting with a great sportsman and family provider while using his 20 gage, 3-shot, bolt action, Sears & Roebuck shot gun for the first time.

He taught me hunting skills, including safety practice, in prior years as I combed fields with him and my Daisy “Red Rider” BB gun. Money was scarce in those days besides, hunting game was an exciting event that also put food on the table. It was my first day to demonstrate skills as a hunter and family provider on that early morning as I bagged two rabbits within the first 15 minutes.

Dad was overwhelmed; my heart was pounding out of control as I envisioned no further need for a BB gun, and, before morning was up, he added four more bunnies with his “infallible” 12 gage double barrel shotgun that never missed. He wasn’t best at dealing with life’s problems, but, I will always remember sharing these thrilling moments with an awesome hunter and sportsman.

During those years I had no idea; comfort with guns, safety awareness and need for protection in today’s society would encourage me to Concealed Carry. Good citizens then owned guns mainly for the purpose of sport shooting and hunting. Some anti-gun extremists now claim; hunting is no longer required and therefore, we should all get rid of our guns, but; will criminals agree to this “bright” idea?

Obvious non-compliance, from lawbreakers, is why Concealed Carry is quickly gaining recognition in the United States with more than 11 million people. Our social environment is changing, plus guns will continue to serve as tools for hunting and sport shooting while Concealed Carry creates a major demand for domestic firearms. Disciplined Concealed Carry behavior promotes respect and acceptance from the general public, same as good hunting and shooting sport practice has done in past years.

Thanksgiving was declared an official holiday by Abe Lincoln in 1863. Let’s thank our God for this great country, plus help someone in need. I sincerely wish each one a Happy Thanksgiving…Be safe, enjoy life and…Keep on Packin dude.

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Independence Day & Concealed Carry

Our forefathers declared this country to be a self-governing nation on July 4th, 1776, with individual rights to; “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” thus allowing exceptional opportunities for all people regardless of “race, color or creed”. Citizens will continue enjoying these liberties only, if we insist that our congressmen protect and enforce our ageless United States Constitution.

​The Declaration of Independence demonstrates our 2nd amendment right to Concealed Carry with greater liberty, especially when compared to other countries like the UK and Australia. Complete freedom assures expression of philosophical, religious, or, atheistic views. We understand history is not flawless; however, continuation of overwhelming spiritual strength in this country promotes unity, positive direction and good intent that exceeds all other attributes.

​At times, we want to plug the foul mouth of hate speech radicals, but, must show restraint & respect toward freedom of speech. It’s totally disgusting to see someone trash this country, or, watch them destroy our American flag; however, it should motivate us to express our views and get involved in this country’s problems.

​This nation is truly a “melting pot” of confusion, but, that’s what comes with freedom…millions of people expressing millions of ideas. It’s highly important to reflect “grass roots” views from ordinary Concealed Carry citizens. This is your country…weigh in on the debates…stand up for 2nd amendment rights…support your beliefs…use your freedom of speech to protect the claims by our forefathers that made this nation great…this is the price we must pay for continued freedom, owning a CCW permit, maintaining a sovereign nation and the inalienable right to Concealed Carry.

Have a great Independence Day celebration and as always; keep on packin dude.

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Concealed Carry & Falling Bullets

Isaac Newton was a very smart dude who became famous in the1700’s for many contributions to mathematics and understanding of our universe.  He offered complicated mathematical explanations about ‘whatever goes up must come down’, however, no one needs to do the math…we know it happens all the time…so why do people fire their weapons in the air?

We have seen it in the media, especially, during festive celebrations such as New Year’s Eve and Independence Day.  The chances of being struck by a falling bullet are very small, however, it does happen.  The National Center for Health Statistics maintains your chances of accidental injury by firearms are one in 6,000, however, no specific reference to “falling bullets” is noted.

In Los Angeles, over seven years (1985 – 1992) doctors at King/Drew Medical Center reported 38 people died and 118 were injured from weapon discharges into the air.  The occurrence was during holiday celebrations and amounted to 32% mortalities from falling bullets.  A special team of trained officers patrolled busy areas, in Los Angeles during holiday activities, looking for people discharging weapons in the air.

Shooting guns in the air is defined as “reckless discharge of a weapon” in the US and illegal at any time.  It has become even more serious in Arizona where the penalty was changed from a misdemeanor to a felony, resulting up to one year in jail.  In spite of the danger; some foreign countries allow it while aware of documented injuries and property loss.

Building roof tops and automobiles have been damaged including deaths from head injuries.  What happen to common sense plus respect for human life and personal property?  After the end of the Gulf War in Kuwait, troops celebrated by carelessly discharging their weapons in the air resulting in 20 deaths from falling bullets.

Some rifles can discharge a bullet to a height of two miles for duration of more than a minute.  When “Newt” did his experiments with falling objects; he said they all have the desire to fall at the same rate.  Did he mean, for example, that a rock and a feather will fall at the same speed?  Yep; it just so happens that the old geezer was right again, at least, when occurring in zero atmosphere.

Gravity has the same attraction on all things; however, in our atmosphere with wind resistance we find that objects will reach a “terminal velocity” based upon their mass and shape.  The terminal velocity of a falling bullet can reach somewhere around 200 miles per hour creating enough impact to kill a person.

Our Concealed Carry Instructor did not specifically tell us not to fire our weapons in the air, but, there is a direct correlation to the (4) basic rules of safety:

  • Always assume your weapon is loaded and ready for discharge.
  • Never point your weapon at anything you don’t intend to shoot.  (which includes discharging in the air)
  • Be aware of what is near your target and in your line of fire.  (which includes discharging in the air)
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until it’s safe to shoot your target.

Some may feel constant reminders of the above rules are trite and unnecessary…but consider them as a prayer for safety worth repeating.  Always be safe, respect the law plus, your neighbors and their property at all times…keep on packin dude.

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Thanksgiving & Concealed Carry

The story of Thanksgiving begins back in 1620 when Pilgrims and Indians celebrated their survival after a very tough winter, however, sadly in later years, both cultures fought each other and the guys with guns won. It was common during the American Revolution for patriots to carry firearms at all times, including church on Sundays, as a means of resisting British aggression. Each year on the 4th of July we give thanks and celebrate our independence which was accomplished with guns.

There have been many additional skirmishes since Paul Revere’s ride in 1775 and incredible weapons of mass destruction have insured our freedom on a national level along with the right to Concealed Carry on an individual scale. We live in a totally different atmosphere today where Thanksgiving Day should include a moment of appreciation for those of us having the right to Concealed Carry plus our national freedom; both of which are insured with weapons.

“Gun grabbers” would be more receptive to “pro-gun issues” like Concealed Carry if they would refer to our historical past as noted above. Some authorities on American behavior suggest our history of violence continues within today’s society and restrictions on gun ownership are not the answer; it’s all about who we are and where we have been.

Weapons throughout history have been used for settling disputes between individuals and nations. Human aggressiveness is a sober fact and guns will continue serving their purpose until we change our mental capacity to solve problems without violence. Much less bloodshed exists today as compared to the early days of the Roman Empire where people were killed in the Coliseum for entertainment. We are making progress, but, at a very slow pace.

One of the greatest modern cosmic scientist and philosophers that ever lived was Carl Sagan (1934-1996). He had a deep love for humanity and understood the potential destruction of atomic weapons and how close we are each day to annihilating ourselves. He also understood the paradox of aggressive human nature is responsible for allowing us to survive for eons, yet, development of atomic weapons is leading us to the verge of self extinction. Human belligerence will lead us to fight for freedom, but, we must always be aware of negative consequences.

Our ancestors did not envision Concealed Carry as it is today, but, understood human behavior well enough to appreciate gun ownership, for common citizens, as a necessary means to insure safety, equality and freedom from individual oppression. Eventually citizens will have the freedom to Concealed Carry across this nation with only one license. It’s another example of the progress stemming from the efforts of our forefathers.

Thanksgiving is a time when we appreciate whatever we have, plus hope and pray for changing social relations to the point where peaceful negotiations will solve personal and national disagreements without need for weapons. While we celebrate in modern fashion, consisting of time with our loved ones, good food, football etc.; let us thank our Creator and present-day Patriots, but, also remember the sacrifices of our predecessors who unknowingly at the time, made so many things possible…even the right to Concealed Carry.

Happy Thanksgiving; and as always…keep on packin dude.

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Concealed Carry: Semper Fi

The U S Marines were founded in 1775 and originally called “Continental Marines” who have since defended our nation in every outbreak, from pirates in early years to recent conflicts. They are noted as a well-disciplined, fierce fighting group, responding to quick deployment anywhere on this earth.

It’s amazing how a motto consisting of two little words can identify an awesome division of our Armed Forces. They are a proud and loyal group, tightly bonded together in spirit, even after leaving the Corp. Semper Fi is abbreviated from the Latin term “Semper fidelis” which means; “always faithful”. The U S Marines are not the first organization to use this motto. It has been frequently adopted by European families and cities far back as the 13th century.

This saying is also befitting for Concealed Carry as we not only protect ourselves, but, have loved ones to whom we are “always faithful”. In addition; we are law abiding, hard-working citizens who refuse to be treaded upon and strive for a good life while respecting lives of others. This image and philosophy plays a vital role in support of Concealed Carry.

Opposing political views are implemented through well organized, heavily funded lobbyist groups, special interest groups, and minority groups across the country. Highly distorted issues and political chicanery will allow unjust laws and higher tax burdens on all citizens. The bottom line is to get involved in decision making processes and stand for what you believe in…”the squeaking wheel gets the grease”.

Politicians often comment on highly publicized shootings occurring across the country by offering shallow, non-effective solutions based on pressure from special interest groups. For example; California has very strict gun permit laws, resulting in about one tenth of a percent (0.1%) Concealed Carry license holders and yet, gun- committed crimes are among highest in the country.

New legislative bill proposals continue to ban certain rifles, pistols, large capacity magazines plus add restrictions to particular design features on firearms which will only discourage gun ownership. Sponsors believe; “more guns equal more crime” meaning; all guns must be confiscated to result in zero crimes…they just don’t get it. Anti-gun proponents must put their irrational views aside and support defensive tactics for stopping public massacres and also recognize; the root cause of these hideous acts exists within the sick mind of the perpetrator.

The NRA is a visible, powerful force for upholding our rights and beliefs; however, they need financial support plus member feedback to continue their platform agenda. Bonding together with any gun support organization is essential for visibility, strength and maintaining our 2nd Amendment rights.

Gun owners must continue resisting threats to these privileges by keeping informed on “gun control” issues. Contact your Congressman and emphasize; the need to deal with criminals rather than taking away guns, otherwise, you may lose your right to Concealed Carry. Find your Representative , by zip code, and let them know; taking a person’s gun rights is against the 2nd amendment and will not solve this problem. You can also contact your Representative or Senator through the NRA-ILA website.

Politicians, citizens and the media must promote community values, discourage violent media entertainment and support monitoring programs for mentally ill people…”success is a result of the right actions ”. If you don’t support what you believe in; you will lose what you believe in. Stay involved in this “endless” gun ownership debate by supporting your favorite gun rights groups…Semper Fi…and…keep on packin dude.

PS. Tuesday, November 4th is Election Day. Find out where your Political representatives stand on 2nd Amendment Gun Rights and vote accordingly. This is your moment to Support Concealed Carry.

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Walk Softly & Concealed Carry

Our Concealed Carry class instructor talked about semi-autos, revolvers, shooting fundamentals plus safety and responsibility but he didn’t talk about suitable “personality traits”. It’s extremely important to know how you will be likely to act when carrying a concealed weapon.

Perhaps it would be wise to conduct a self-evaluation of personal behavior tendencies, before deciding to Concealed Carry and gain awareness of your likely reaction in a stressful self-defense encounter. What are some of the questions you may ask yourself when planning to carry a handgun?

First of all; are you willing to carry a firearm during all seasons throughout the day for full-time protection? Do you have the mental, emotional and physical capacity to draw your handgun and shoot an assailant in a life-threatening situation? This is difficult to answer without actual experience, but, serious forethought and shooting practice will help determine the right attitude in an actual situation.

Impulsive judgment, loss of temper, a heavy drinking habit, or, use of marijuana will definitely lead to problems while carrying a weapon. Selection of a handgun and holster that fits your personal needs for comfort and concealment is absolutely necessary for full-time Concealed Carry success.

The hot social issues today concerning teachers and college students not being able to practice Concealed Carry should be influenced by individual behavior traits rather than their profession. Unfortunately; politics and public emotions overrule logical discussions on many issues today.

Applications for “law enforcement positions” require extensive psychological screening, same as mentioned above thus making them well qualified for carrying and handling firearms. The responsibilities of a law enforcement officer go beyond that of Concealed Carry; however, there are similarities that apply.

Theodore Roosevelt modified an old West African proverb in the 1900’s and made it famous; “Walk softly and carry a big stick”. It served as an excellent metaphor describing our intended relations with other nations at that time and still does today. The same philosophy applies to individual behavior in today’s complicated world where we treat others with respect and recognize that some do not play by the rules. Concealed Carry serves well as a “big stick” to preserve individual freedom and security.

Walking “softly” with Concealed Carry signifies use only for self-defense and not for the undisciplined, overly aggressive, persons that create trouble for themselves. It’s best to walk softly and avoid questionable confrontations like the highly publicized cases in the media judged by public opinion, often before being settled in courts.

Statistics show that crime rates are declining and the overwhelming majority of Concealed Carry people are following the law resulting in a very low percentage of license revocations. Some public officials still do not agree with Concealed Carry for ordinary citizens and have armed bodyguards. Are they saying; our lives are not important because we are just ordinary people? Such logic will never be accepted by the public.

Walking softly and carrying a big stick will help develop the right personal attitude toward carrying a firearm and turn you into a competent “defender” rather than a helpless “victim”. I think if “ole Teddy“ were around today he would agree that his proverb applies equally well to the art of Concealed Carry and may also suggest a small change in wording like…”Walk Softly and keep on packin dude”.

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