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World Conflict & Concealed Carry

Everyone acknowledges conflict exists throughout the world today, but, who can explain why, and will it ever end, or, will Concealed Carry become obsolete?  Most individuals advocate love and respect for others; however, history of world-wide tension continues to grow.

Social scientists explain it as a means of attempting to better ourselves, or, improve an ideology we represent.  An alternate means of promoting such change is through compromise, understanding, responsibility and empathy to name a few.  Prime examples of significant changes resulting from conflict are; the birth of our country, human rights and labor unions, all of which were preceded by unsuccessful negotiations.

While most of us claim being “lovers” rather than “fighters”; we continue seeing a need for Concealed Carry when someone sacrifices “your” life to meet “their” demands.  On a world scale, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict reveals no end to agony that prevails, and, offering a solution is beyond the scope of this article.

Palestine was recognized as an Arab country before World War II, but, during this turmoil a massive increase in Jewish population took place.  In 1948 the United Nations divided Palestine to include Israel as a state resulting in major tensions existing today.

Israeli’s developed a self-defensive program resisting enemy attacks which has proven highly successful for many years.  Their techniques are recognized throughout the world and finally being used for airline security checks in the USA plus combat training and self-defense situations.  Israeli security goes beyond using a Concealed Carry weapon for self-defense including a hand-to-hand fighting technique called “Krav Maga”.

This method is described as an instinctive and logical approach overcoming all types of violence with simple defensive skills developed by veteran experts.  People from over the world take this training including; men and women of all ages plus law enforcement and military people.  One can become “ultimate” in self-defense with Krav Maga but it takes; desire, stamina, extensive training and discipline.  Training facilities are located across the US and may be in your area.

Ordinary guys may not choose taking this course, but, should give fore-thought to some basic tactics used in advanced defense training courses.  You may know the main tactic used by an enemy is: “surprise”, but, we should also realize villains pick the time, place and method of an assault.  We can foil their attempts by circumventing these conditions.

It’s also helpful dealing in advance with the mindset required for defensive shooting in a public place and avoiding harm to bystanders.  How do we pick out “good guys” and “bad guys” and will you be mistaken for a bad guy.  You may not take the above courses to become an “alpha dog”, however, give serious thought to the basic tactics noted; they may save an innocent life.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of humankind would be for scientists to develop a pill enabling complete eradication of our negative traits with a total reliance on treating nations, cultures and individuals as we treat ourselves.  This would eliminate a need for Concealed Carry, although I wonder…how many would take the medication…Better “keep on packin dude”.

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Concealed Carry Prevalence

Firearm ownership rights are contested by political leaders and citizens around the globe from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.  The United States and the United Kingdom are the most talked about countries with totally opposing views on gun legislation, yet both sides should agree, the common objective is to assure rights and safety for their citizens.

It is difficult to appreciate the freedom that we Concealed Carry gun owners have in this country until one reads about the strict laws in other countries like Britain, Germany and Australia.  Mass homicides in these countries cause public legislators to support  “stricter“ gun control laws each time a disaster occurs.

Gun control in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Wyoming and Vermont became more liberal, requiring no permit to Concealed Carry, starting with Alaska in 2003 and Arkansas in 2013.  Additional states of Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Main, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Utah and West Virginia are also considering laws allowing Concealed Carry without a permit.

Other states are poised in the opposite direction such as California, Connecticut and New Jersey, requiring a permit which includes individual testing and firearm restrictions.  Concealed Carry owners must also be aware of various “city gun laws” that may differ from state requirements.  This wide inconsistency between state and city laws make it extremely difficult for Conceal Carry owners to respect, while traveling, and begs the need for “universal carry” laws across the country.

The future of Concealed Carry in the U.S. impinges heavily upon favorable public opinion polls.  These surveys also show a majority in support of criminal background checks, mental health checks, response training to armed attacks in public places and prevention of legal gun purchases for illegal re-sale.

Each time a tragedy occurs, anti-gun politicians prey upon public emotions for support of more gun laws.  Gun enthusiasts generally feel legislation, restricting certain types of guns and magazine clip sizes, etc. are ineffective measures for stopping crime.

Both sides of the debate will agree; guns are obviously getting into the wrong hands, but must also realize, additional laws have no effect on criminal types.

Concealed Carry popularity accelerated with “shall issue” laws in several states during the early 1990’s, and today, license revocations in all states are at a miniscule level.  It’s self-evident; guns in the hands of responsible, law abiding citizens is an inalienable right to self-protection and not a threat to society.  It’s also undisputable that guns in the hands of irresponsible people are a danger to society while strict enforcement of penalties is required.

Many anti-gun proponents don’t understand one’s right to carry because of a deep emotional fear, or, dislike for firearms and believe nobody should own one.  This not a logical or, realistic solution and shows no regard for the rights of others.  Such prejudice can only be overcome with an overwhelming response from Concealed Carry gun owners.

The best means to address gun ownership policies can be drawn from recent history which indicates no problems with ordinary citizens.  Let’s all stay involved in some way, otherwise, despite the truth, we will eventually lose our right to Concealed Carry as noted in the above countries.  Keep on packin dude…it’s your inalienable right…if you can keep it.

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Concealed Carry Holster Selection

Why is it so difficult for some people to find the right concealed carry holster? Certainly, the reason must be based upon the wrong criterion. A person should select handgun plus holster together and evaluate them as a “system” for best results. The wrong holster and/or handgun will discourage concealed carry practice.

The intent of this article is to illustrate a decision making tool that can be used for purchasing a concealed carry holster, or, other important items. All holster manufactures claim they have the best, how do we know who is right? Selection can be confusing based upon what you “actually” need versus what you” think” you need.

First of all; give serious thought to identifying your personal concerns before even looking at holsters. How will carrying a firearm affect your daily life, at shopping malls, public events, churches, driving your automobile, around personal friends…do you want little, or, no impact on your normal daily appearance and behavior? Holster selection plays a major role in supporting your objectives for concealed carry.

Learn about the different holster styles available, only after giving ample thought to your personal requirements. A good place to start with understanding basic holster styles is on the Wikipedia encyclopedia website. Chuck Hawk’s website also has an interesting article, you may want to read, on concealed carry methods .

After studying the holster styles available and “features” to look for; you are ready to do a “Decision Matrix” evaluation for selecting the best concealed carry holster available. It is an easy way of comparing several items (e.g. holster styles) by assigning a numerical “rank” to each item you are considering and also a numerical “value” to each of the features for satisfying your personal needs.

This technique is commonly used in industry to help make important decisions on any subject matter. The values of each feature for an item are combined into a sum which represents total “score” of a holster. It’s easy to recognize your best choice having the highest score.

This step by step holster evaluation procedure will force you to get familiar with basic holster types plus put together and measure features you need for successful practice. It’s a theoretical decision based upon very solid thinking which may be entertaining and surprising while leading you to the right holster choice.

Your objective is to look at the whole picture after comparing all holsters relative to each other. In other words you will be looking at the best features in each holster that encourage you to concealed carry. This exercise encourages logical thought by clearly defining a basis for making the right choice.

Give this process a try for helping with any important decision in your life.


  1. The first thing you want to do is create a list of best concealed carry holster “feature values” (FV) and consider their relative importance.
  2. Assign a numerical value to each feature value (FV). The larger number represents the greater value. Use a range of numbers from; 1 to 5.
  3. List the concealed carry holster “styles” for evaluation.
  4. Assign a product rank (PR) to each holster, for each feature, from 1 to 5, and rank each of the next holsters, either, above or below. The largest number represents the greatest feature value (FV).
  5. Multiply each feature value (FV) times each product rank (PR) to give each style a “score”
  6. Add up the total score for each holster style. The highest numerical value will represent your best holster choice.


The following concealed carry holster features were selected as being most important; however, make changes to suit your personal needs.

  • CONCEALMENT: How well does each holster hide my gun during every-day body motions: walking, bending, sitting, standing, twisting? Imagine wearing each holster style during these different actions.   Also note; brandishing can get you arrested in some states
  • CLOTHING: Can you avoid special clothing when wearing this holster? Is a cover vest or larger trousers required to hide holster & gun?
  • ACCESS: How easy is it to reach your gun during an emergency or while sitting in your automobile? What holster location is easiest for me to reach?   This can be a difficult decision if you haven’t actually practiced with each holster style.
  • EASE OF PUTTING ON: Will you be putting this holster on and taking it off throughout the day? Must it be removed for taking care of personal needs in public restrooms?
  • ALL DAY COMFORT: How comfortable is this holster style during each of the different physical positions; walking, bending, sitting, standing, and twisting? Can you wear it while driving?
  • PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS: How easy is it to access your weapon, using this holster, while walking, bending, sitting, standing, twisting? Do you have reach restrictions, arthritis etc.?
  • QUALITY: What is the material? Is it made in the USA? Is it a reputable company? Guaranteed?
  • VERSITILITY: Can this holster be used for different handguns, or, with a Laser sight?
  • COST: How important is this Holster toward motivation to Concealed Carry

An Example Chart, including (5) popular holster styles, was created for you to finish evaluating;

Decision Matrix Example for Concealed Carry Holster.xls

A free Blank Form is also available for total creation of your own holster comparison chart, or, for other important decisions;  Create a Microsoft Excel file, or, print a copy and pencil in your information.

Decision Matrix (BLANK).xls

Accuracy of this process is dependent upon the truthfulness your input. There is no such thing as a “perfect” holster, but, this analysis will show the best concealed carry holster for you. Good luck hunting and be safe dude.

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Concealed Carry To Be Cool

United States Attorney General, Eric Holder, made a statement; people Concealed Carry because they think its “cool”. He went on to say; ‘people also smoke cigarettes because they think it’s cool and we changed that by showing it is not cool anymore and we need to start a campaign against Concealed Carry, same as cigarettes’.

Gun haters, like the Attorney General, apparently judge Concealed Carry to be nothing more than a socially unacceptable habit like smoking. It’s difficult to understand how an individual in his position comes to such a ridiculous conclusion about; carrying hand guns, for personal protection, totally concealed from public view.

Few smokers or, gun owners would agree with such thinking and it is clearly understood; responsible Concealed Carry people do not carry a deadly weapon to look cool. This shallow thinking, from a high ranking public official, may be a major reason for misunderstandings between “gun haters” and “gun huggers”…they just don’t get it.

It may help gun haters to take a Concealed Carry training course to understand; students “do not” take lessons on how to be cool. You will not find the above word “cool”, used in this context, with any official training course on the subject. There is a notable difference between “staying cool” to make sound judgments and practicing Concealed Carry to “look cool”.

When someone breaks into your home or automobile and threatens your life…do you show them a gun because it’s cool? Do high visibility people hire Concealed Carry bodyguards because they think it’s cool? Carrying weapons consisting of rocks, clubs, spears, etc. along with today’s more sophisticated arms, serving as personal protection, can be traced back beyond 100,000 years to the beginning of mankind.

Unfortunately today’s environment has not changed where evil predators still exist with no regard for life or personal property. These threats against individual freedom prompted manufacture of the famous Derringer pistol back in the 1850’s. During that same time; Colt pistol sales representatives claimed; ‘God made man and Sam Colt made them equal’ which explains why today’s citizens own firearms as a means of exercising their “castle rights” and “stand your ground” rulings.

Police carry firearms to protect the general public, however, they can’t be everywhere at all times, therefore, citizens assume responsibility to protect themselves. High ranking public officials and other prominent citizens employ bodyguard protection for the same purpose…it’s not to be cool.

Anyone carrying a gun to be cool is suspect of being an undesirable citizen heading for trouble and if Eric Holder knows of such individuals; he should educate them, and himself, about real reasons why people Concealed Carry. His motive for such naïve statements lies in hatred toward gun ownership, however, he should not disrespect Constitutional rights of citizens in favor of grossly biased views.

Taking guns away from criminals may reduce crime rates and decrease the need for good citizens to Concealed Carry which is not in our foreseeable future. Anti-gun proponents may be more receptive to firearms if they could understand mature reasons for gun ownership involving, target shooting, hunting, self-protection, gun collecting, home security, national security and 2nd amendment rights.

Our current administration needs to do further research on why people smoke or Concealed Carry before making any future statements. In the meantime, be safe and keep on packin for the real reasons.

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Concealed Carry Detection

Horrible acts of public violence occur in our daily lives and many are prevented by diligent efforts of law enforcement officials, however, the quest for greater public security never ends. Detection of concealed weapons is a major objective of law enforcement officials and recent technology may help solve this problem.

The best defense against any act of aggression in most cases is ability to detect and prevent a threat in advance. It would be ideal if terrorists harboring weapons could be spotted and neutralized before reaching their target. New York police and Pentagon officials’ are working together to optimize an infrared technology application system designed to detect the outline of a Concealed Carry gun, or, explosive apparatus by observing temperature variations across a person’s body from a distance.

The interruption in natural radiation, which can be observed by the above device, will show location of a non-body object. This approach is similar to security measures taken today, before boarding an airplane, except this new technology would allow hidden weapons to be detected at far greater distances.

It would become one more “tool” providing an additional layer of public security for defeating bad guys. This technology is reported to have great accuracy with no doubt about its potential “good use” in many applications. Public acceptance will be based upon; safety concerns, violation of privacy issues and addressing legal Concealed Carry individuals.

Convincing evidence must show no ill effects from radiation emissions produced. Will this be viewed as a “stop and search” tactic? Concealed Carry persons will no longer have the advantage of concealment which could produce similar experiences reported by some “open carry” practitioners in the past.

Everyone wants law enforcement officials to catch bad guys; however, very few people want to be detained, harassed or give up privacy. Can this technology be effectively applied without violating our constitutional rights? Past incidents have occurred with “open carry” and Concealed Carry people being harassed or negatively treated by policemen and citizens.

It becomes a dilemma when cautious law enforcement officials, concerned with the history of public shootings, spot an individual with a gun. Police officials, using this new technology, need to remember good guys also carry guns while Concealed Carry people recognize their weapon is no longer concealed.

Domestic and foreign fanatics will continue searching for effective ways to defeat new technologies as law enforcement officials attempt to stay ahead. Terrorists are familiar with infrared scanners, security cameras etc. and will always be developing counter measures. The “game” will continue without end as new security tools are developed and inalienable rights are traded for national security.

This new innovation will stand a better chance of approval if suspects are treated, with dignity and confronted only when there is “probable cause”. Airport security procedures have gained community acceptance and eventually this device will also, but, Concealed Carry people will be least favorable to the idea.

Most would agree this new technology invades one’s privacy and, in essence, makes an open carry person subject to disrespectful treatment by some law officers as noted in the past. Part of us wants to welcome this invention; however, there is concern about negative reactions toward legal concealment. The good news is; Illegal gun possession and terrorism threats to society will be reduced…keep on packin dude.

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Concealed Carry Fitness

You bought this awesome handgun and holster, passed your Concealed Carry qualifications for knowledge and shooting skills and are now ready for self-defense when or wherever an occasion may arise. This is the extent of training for many beginners; however, it’s only a starting point for all-inclusive self-defense tactics.

You chose a different lifestyle and must now become completely familiar with Concealed Carry laws, develop mental and physical defense skills, plus effectively conceal a hand-gun. Changing one’s demeanor, without others noticing any difference, can create a dilemma for maintaining a normal appearance.

New members understand the need to Concealed Carry at all times possible, but, unexpected comfort and concealment problems will discourage practice; therefore, one must first select hardware complying with body metrics, dress habits and comfort tolerance. Carrying a “two-pounder” is going to cause more difficulty than a ten-ounce weapon although some do it. It’s important to select a holster that fits snug and comfortable in different body positions.

Taking care of a handgun is important, especially in summer months when perspiration causes problems with holster, gun and bullets. A sleeveless undershirt or handkerchief tucked in behind your holster, absorbs sweat wicking it out to a larger area for evaporation and comfort. Wiping a handgun with surface protectant will shield against tarnish and/or rust, but, what about wet powder? Weapons can be successfully fired under water; however, it’s difficult to know when a bullet becomes dead under prolonged exposure to dampness. It may be good practice to occasionally exchange cartridges.

We must develop a balance of alertness at all times without becoming paranoid. Mental alertness is perhaps the most important single skill required for Concealed Carry protection. It helps to instinctively take over when entering a threatening situation; calling 911, griping your handgun for a quick draw, or, most important; avoiding a confrontation. Forethought about self-defense tactics in potential danger areas, like shopping malls or parking areas will develop quick, instinctive reactions to a threat.

It should also be noted; a “body tune-up” will improve self-defense capabilities. Exercise at any level makes one feel better, help deal with stress, have more energy, plus avoid heart disease and high blood pressure. Personal exercise programs should be designed to improve physical fitness at a moderate pace. Intensity level can increase later if you decide to become a “jock”; however, initially make gradual, continuous gains.

Keeping fit can be an enjoyable part of daily life along with improvements in mental and physical health, self-esteem and a positive attitude. Workout programs can become social or family activities allowing opportunities to visit walking or biking trails and enjoy nature’s environment. There is no doubt physical fitness makes us better prepared for Concealed Carry offering health improvements, plus new opportunities for enjoyment.

Reading self-defense encounter articles in the media helps develop mindset reactions to personal defense situations. It is also advisable to carry a phone number for immediate legal counsel if involved in a shooting incident. Talking with an attorney before making initial statements may decide the outcome of a legal dispute.

Shooting practice at the range is recommended for improving skills but dry shooting practice is more convenient yielding similar benefits at no cost for ammunition and travel. Some rookies don’t often Concealed Carry because it becomes a hassle to them, but, others continue practicing to become awesome “sheep dogs” that protect their flock.

Concealed Carry self-protection is a Constitutional right; however, it means nothing without performance…keep on packin dude.

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Concealed Carry Choices

Concealed Carry is an “art” form which appeals to each individual in a different manner rather than a “science” form indicating only one way to carry a handgun. The guys and gals on TV are made to look fearsome with their hip holsters, back holsters and shoulder holsters, but, is this best for you?

The visual impression for carrying a gun is promoted in the entertainment world to look “cool”, while the “real world” impression should be nothing more than emphasis on normal appearance. Would you feel comfortable in one of those holsters without brandishing your weapon? Maybe we should look at the genuine requirements for CCW, rather than following the Hollywood types, so we don’t end up making poor decisions.

Each person must fulfill their Concealed Carry needs, based upon personal body metrics, gun size and clothing choice. Some CCW owners have difficulties because they chose the wrong handgun size. Obviously, handgun size and weight have a direct bearing on comfort and concealment regardless of any holster style selection. Smaller weapons can give the best all-around results.

Consider the following (5) features when choosing a Concealed Carry holster that matches your personal condition;
• Select a holster for Comfort with the thought in mind you will be wearing it all day during all seasons of the year and you will also be sitting, standing and bending during this period.
• Concealment is a feature overlooked especially when shopping in the winter months. Imagine as if you are buying a gun holster to be used with your summer wardrobe. Weapons are most difficult to hide and uncomfortable to carry during this season.
• Access is perhaps the most important feature. Most of us spend the greatest part of the day sitting. Numerous encounters occur while people are in their automobile. Make sure you find a holster allowing easy access in this position.
• Dress Requirements can become costly. Select a gun holster allowing use of your current wardrobe. Avoid the need to purchase special vests or larger size trousers. This can be an indication to others you are packing.
• Universal Size gun holsters can be a great choice when owning more than one Concealed Carry handgun. They can be purchased with (2-3 day) delivery and save the cost by multiple uses.

Holster style, handgun size and body metrics are the main elements affecting the desired features noted above. If each of these features can’t be resolved with one holster, it may be necessary to purchase an additional holster and/or change dress style and/or handgun size. As mentioned earlier; it’s an art rather than a science; there is not a perfect holster for anyone.

Attaching a holster and handgun to your body is difficult to achieve without making concessions to appearance, freedom of movement and comfort, however, search for the best balance of features noted above. Sometimes we need to look at the reasons we Concealed Carry in the first place… is it all worthwhile? We will not carry without the right motives.

If you just want to look cool and are not serious about what it really takes for Concealed Carry, you won’t carry. Look for what matches your dress style, comfort, body metrics and you will find your best choice…you may not look like a Hollywood character, but you will be confident and ready for self-defense. Keep on packin dude.

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