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Concealed Carry Toughness

Do you remember what it was like when first deciding to Concealed Carry?  For most of us, it starts off with excitement…can’t wait to get my license to carry…buy a handgun…go to the range…start my first training class etc.  We listened with precise attention as our class instructor talked about semi-autos, revolvers, shooting fundamentals plus safety and responsibility.  After several hours of classroom discussion and shooting range certification, we finally began our new experience with the “art” of Concealed Carry.

Eventually, newness wore off as we began to understand our level of “Concealed Carry Toughness”.  It takes a little extra effort, in the morning; putting on a holster, choosing suitable clothing for concealment and maybe during the day; being aware of “no-carry” zones plus experiencing less comfort with a handgun; all of which can lead to disinterest in ”hauling” a firearm around.

Each individual has a different toughness level, including dress requirements, comfort tolerance and reasons for Concealed Carry.  Some have motives strong enough to promote packing a 50 caliber, 3 pound “hog leg” 24/7, but, this does not result in comfort plus concealment and dress preferences wished for by most folks.  I talked to people who carry a full size “1911” daily and others who leave their compact “380” at home most times.

We may have different reasons, but, it makes good sense if a weapon conceals easily and is comfortable to carry, you will be less likely to leave it at home.  What happened in San Bernadino, California, December, 2015 is another example of mass killings that have plagued this country for over one-hundred years.  All 14 people may not have died if some were practicing Concealed Carry that day.

Our nation is not alone as exemplified by the November, 2015, tragedy in Paris, France.  If only some of these 130 helpless victims were, practicing Concealed Carry thus defending them against a brutal terrorist massacre. Motivation can be driven by a negative personal experience, or, exposure to daily media violence reports.

Toughness is bolstered through confidence, gained with firing range practice, or, dry shooting at home. In addition we program ourselves through mentally envisioned self-defense situations not necessarily involving a gun fight, but, quick evaluation of an escape path from harm without needing to draw and shoot.

Visualizing mental shooting and situation tactics will improve Concealed Carry skills by repeatedly picturing successful actions, over and again, with intensive use of your five senses; vision, smell, hearing, taste, touch and feel to absorb each self-defense action.  This mental repetition develops “muscle memory” triggering an automatic reaction during an actual encounter.

Give careful consideration to whatever makes you Concealed Carry Tough for thugs who will show up anytime.  Keep on “packin” dude.


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Concealed Carry Vs. the NFL?

The 2015 movie, “Concussion” is an excellent portrayal of head trauma damage caused in football players today.  Research indicates they are more likely to die from a neurodegenerative disease.  A National Football League (NFL) player shot himself and his girlfriend, a few years ago, becoming the subject of an emotional “anti-gun” rant by NBC sportscaster, Bob Costas, during a nationally televised football game.

This marks another attempt by liberals using their influential power outlawing Concealed Carry handguns as in past disasters at Tucson Arizona, the Congresswoman Giffords tragedy, a movie theater in Aurora Colorado, Fort Hood in Texas along with many others.  Such depressed moments offer best opportunities for “gun haters” to negatively impact public views on firearm ownership, but hopefully, logical discussions will always prevail soon after things settle down.

Medical science researchers discovered new evidence leading to brain injuries in football players can affect rational behavior.  Did the above tragedy a result from football injuries affecting mental balance?  Was it drugs? Later evidence indicated he and his girlfriend were out drinking which resulted in a lethal domestic quarrel.

Anti-gun people must put their emotions aside, while addressing root causes of tragedy, realizing such kinds of incidents can exist without Concealed Carry firearms involved.  Bob Costas adores the “violent” game of football and accepts negative consequences such as related stress, drug problems plus mental and physical injuries to players…football is his “god”, making this form of violence “ok” while guns are “evil”.

If a decision is made to remove all “causes” of violence from society; football should then be on the list and Costas should be giving “anti-football” lectures instead of “anti-gun” lectures.  To further expand “his thoughts” on this subject, we must get rid of all “cause” related sources such as; automobiles, airplanes, motorcycles, boats, kitchen knives, matches, step ladders, gasoline, water, & saturated fats because they all may be related to un-natural deaths…it’s a totally stupid argument.

There was a serious component missing in the sportscaster’s discussion called “accountability”.  The individual took two lives requiring the “root cause” of this tragedy be further investigated without simply blaming guns.  All natural and man-made resources in our daily lives involve use with restraint, but unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.

We need clear focus on real causes of violence in our society, rather than Concealed Carry, some of which are deep rooted and will take generations to resolve; lack of family structure, lack of discipline, lack of ethics, mental illness, no jobs, no education, disrespect for our laws, individual unreliability, entertainment media violence, soft on criminals, disrespect for others…you heard them all at one time or another.

Anti-gun people will continue their deep seated hatred for guns with emotional rhetoric only exacerbating such problems.  Concealed Carry people and gun lovers must continue responsible use of firearms and support real solutions to social problems which will always prevail over emotional outbreaks from gun haters.  Hang in there, defend your 2nd amendment rights and…keep on packin dude.

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From Thanksgiving to Concealed Carry

Perhaps this article will urge some “old timers” to reminisce about one of their favorite Holiday celebrations: I was 12 years old on a Thanksgiving Day morning when dad asked me if I would like to go rabbit hunting with him, for a few hours, while mom was preparing the year’s most enjoyable feast. What a thrill is was to go hunting with a great sportsman and family provider while using his 20 gage, 3-shot, bolt action, Sears & Roebuck shot gun for the first time.

He taught me hunting skills, including safety practice, in prior years as I combed fields with him and my Daisy “Red Rider” BB gun. Money was scarce in those days besides, hunting game was an exciting event that also put food on the table. It was my first day to demonstrate skills as a hunter and family provider on that early morning as I bagged two rabbits within the first 15 minutes.

Dad was overwhelmed; my heart was pounding out of control as I envisioned no further need for a BB gun, and, before morning was up, he added four more bunnies with his “infallible” 12 gage double barrel shotgun that never missed. He wasn’t best at dealing with life’s problems, but, I will always remember sharing these thrilling moments with an awesome hunter and sportsman.

During those years I had no idea; comfort with guns, safety awareness and need for protection in today’s society would encourage me to Concealed Carry. Good citizens then owned guns mainly for the purpose of sport shooting and hunting. Some anti-gun extremists now claim; hunting is no longer required and therefore, we should all get rid of our guns, but; will criminals agree to this “bright” idea?

Obvious non-compliance, from lawbreakers, is why Concealed Carry is quickly gaining recognition in the United States with more than 11 million people. Our social environment is changing, plus guns will continue to serve as tools for hunting and sport shooting while Concealed Carry creates a major demand for domestic firearms. Disciplined Concealed Carry behavior promotes respect and acceptance from the general public, same as good hunting and shooting sport practice has done in past years.

Thanksgiving was declared an official holiday by Abe Lincoln in 1863. Let’s thank our God for this great country, plus help someone in need. I sincerely wish each one a Happy Thanksgiving…Be safe, enjoy life and…Keep on Packin dude.

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Concealed Carry Preventative Measures

Have you ever thought about what people think of a Concealed Carry person?  Many people are against 2nd amendment rights and their frightened reactions could cause negative consequences.  Concealed Carry has an advantage over “open carry” whereas people can’t be alarmed about what they don’t see.

Some perceptions from anti-gun people are: “People who carry guns are dangerous”…”Stay away from them; they might decide to shoot you”…”If my child sees a person carrying a gun it will horrify them”…”These people are fanatics”…”It’s like the wild west”…etc.

U.S. Government studies reveal no trends showing this kind of behavior.  Florida and Texas are two of the largest states with issued permits over 2.5 million.  Their license revocation rate was about 0.006% over a period of 20 years with most penalties due to carrying a concealed handgun in a gun-free zone.  Most negative opinions stem from fear of guns, or, information posted in daily media.  Unfortunately, these are natural human reactions based upon lack of experience and/or knowledge about weapons.

Gun owners must be aware of this mentality, understanding it could cause a tragedy as noted in the following example.   A man, with a Concealed Carry license, was killed in Las Vegas due to anti-gun reactions based upon fear and panic:  An uneasy store clerk noticed a concealed weapon under Erik Scott’s shirt, while he was shopping, and called “911”.

Police officers arrived in full force expecting an encounter with a dangerous person.  This fear and suspicion lead to the shooting death of an innocent victim.  We need to be mindful of such public judgements and react wisely to assure our own safety.  Police officers are trained to respond in a logical and objective manner, however, that doesn’t always happen.

The above misfortune indicates it may be helpful to avoid a confrontation by effective weapon concealment.  There is no cause of public fear if a gun is effectively concealed.  Select a weapon and holster combination offering complete concealment while in different body positions.  Also; when approached by an officer; keep hands visible and away from weapon; calmly state having a Concealed Carry license and armed; Ask for instructions on what to do next.

Public acceptance to Concealed Carry is obstructed by media reports on accidental shootings by individuals not exercising simple rules of safety and storage for firearms as noted:

Always recognize guns as being loaded

  • Never point gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot.
  • Be aware of what is near target and line of fire
  • Keep finger off trigger until it’s safe to shoot at target.

When not in use, there is a wide range of small handgun storage safes plus larger containers for long guns at prices from $40 to $4000 and the technology is impressive, offering, multiple finger print recognition or digital code locks.  Some containers are totally waterproof plus fireproof and can be secured to a wall, floor, desk etc., to discourage home-break-in thieves.

Historical data on Concealed Carry license revocations indicates a very small percentage of people misuse their right to carry and such continued practice will reassure public acceptance of Concealed Carry.  Keep on packin wisely dude.

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Is it the Gun or Concealed Carry?

Gun violence is a serious chronic problem in this country, but, is another federally funded “research” project, focusing on “gun violence prevention” necessary, or, is the problem evident from years of repetitious incidents conveyed by the media?  Reports from the “Center for Disease Control and Prevention” in 2013, indicates major causes of mortality as: poisoning deaths 48,545 / motor vehicle traffic deaths 33,804 / firearm deaths 33,636.

Guns are merely Concealed Carry appliances used for self-defense, or, aggression.  Understanding actual reasons for violence is the only means to shrinking this unending social problem. Gun debates continue between politicians and/or special interest groups, mainly, to promote their agenda resulting in no solution to this conundrum.  Each illegal shooting incident proves “bad” people are not stopped from doing “bad” things by existing laws.

Three types of gun slayings are prevalent in our society; mass killings, individual murders and suicides.  Mass slayings of loved ones in schools, or, public places are executed by mentally deranged persons or terrorists.  Mentally unstable individuals are totally irrational, whereas, the intent of terrorists is to destroy us.  What else is needed for identifying key instigators and their motives?

Suicides are noted as 60% of gun deaths, but, other vehicles are used when guns are not available; drug overdose, self-hanging, height jumping, body slashing etc.  The leading cause for ending one’s life is “untreated depression”, not gun ownership.  Recent tactics to solve gun violence problems by restricting; “what” kind of guns…”where” they can be carried…along with excessive taxes on guns and accessories is fruitless and totally unfair to law abiding gun owners.

The federal government issues statistics identifying main crime areas in major cities, however, politicians and community leaders are not effectively using this information to resolve these problems which have greatest impact on reducing murder in the U.S.  The idea of creating laws, not allowing Concealed Carry guns in classrooms, or, other public areas, does nothing to prevent a shooting crime.  Moral character plays a major role in respecting another’s life while today’s ethical values are compromised by; lack of parental guidance, violent movies, violent video games, hedonistic behavior, drugs, apathy, etc.

Current gun laws are not working while the natural right of gun ownership will never go away.  Individuals must prove their ability to own firearms without inflicting public harm.  Evaluation of current statistical data reveals gun violence is based on individual motives, not gun ownership.  Eleven million “good guys”, across the country, have Concealed Carry permits with a miniscule amount of revocations…why penalize them?

The solution to this awful impediment does not require funding any research project on “gun violence”. Politicians, PhDs’ and community organizers have had their chance and failed.  The 2nd amendment is here to stay; yet, there must be vigorous need to keep guns away from incompetent persons.  Gun ownership licensing, including Concealed Carry, must be granted through proper training, qualification and applicant screening across the nation.  True resolution of this horrible social problem consists of; proper attention to mentally ill persons plus addressing the “root cause” of hostility in major crime areas and certification establishing, “who” can own a firearm.  Protect your Concealed Carry rights and keep on “packin” dude.

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Concealed Carry Hero’s & Terrorists

We heard about people from the past, regarded as heroes, like Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok, however, many will argue these are mere fantasies.  Perhaps their greatest contribution to mankind is of entertainment value. You can also read about genuine individuals from World War I & II who have made heroic sacrifice and contributions toward a better life for us.

Hero’s continue to exist in our daily lives.  We read accounts of police officers and military people serving our country making sacrifice beyond call of duty.  Some may argue they are doing their job, however, most will agree they are going well beyond requirements.  We are grateful for thousands of military people and police officers who are serving us.  These are individuals we admire and wish to emulate, but, it takes superior strength and courage to do what is right while risking one’s life.

I am amazed how our forefathers envisioned a need for 2nd amendment rights over 200 years ago.  Today, Concealed Carry licensed citizens can be a vital component in fighting against terrorism.  Public debate will continue on this issue, but, it is evident Concealed Carry weapons, in the hands of qualified citizens, could be a safeguard to our public security.

A brave lady performed flawlessly to stop mass murder during a church service at a Colorado Springs Church.   She deserves recognition as a heroine providing an excellent example of how her faith, courage and training saved up to 100 lives that day.

A CCW license holder went toward the scene of a shooting, rather than away, to help prevent more lives from being lost during the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, along with 17 others, in Tucson, Arizona.  This man acted with great courage and discipline, as he helped to curtail further harm, while others ran for cover.

Unfortunately no one has, or ever will, come up with a full proof solution to this kind of aggression.  Just a few years after “911” came a Muslim terrorist attack on a school in Beslin, Russia on September 1, 2004.  An account of what happened to 1,200 innocent men, women and children during those 3 days of hell illustrates the hatred and monstrous intentions of radical Muslims acting against so called “infidels”.

The threat of this happening in America is imminent; the question is when, how and where? Terrorists will pick weak targets creating most damage and publicity with women and children being their favored victims.   Ordinary citizens can play an important role to prevent this from happening.  Report anything unusual in your neighborhood to police officials immediately by calling 911.  Beware of any unusual activities at public gatherings, shopping malls, airports etc.

Terrorist do not want to deal with Concealed Carry people having self-defense weapons. It would jeopardize their fiendish plans.  Concealed Carry citizens are going to aggressively react to save some lives when knowing the intention of these monsters is to kill them anyway.  This is not an attractive topic for discussion, but, our best chance of survival is to understand the past and prepare for the future.  Even antigun crusaders must recognize the value of Concealed Carry during such an incident. Keep on packin dude.

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Concealed Carry Maturity

Endless media comments and opposing debates about gun possession, on college campus plus other “no carry” zones, continues with emotionally obscured reactions, from both sides, and no effective solution to public security problems.  As of this writing there are (8) states favorable toward Concealed Carry on public college campus; Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin.  All 50 states allow Concealed Carry, each with an extremely wide variance of restrictions.

Society recognizes the rights of college students; to vote, drive automobiles and fight for their country, but, can’t be trusted to be armed at most colleges along with all other citizens restricted from practicing in “no carry” zones.  It is obvious, from media reports, public safety is at continuous risk and 2nd Amendment rights are restricted.

A viable solution for the “gun debate” must be predicated on two main issues; General Public Safety and the right to Concealed Carry.  “No carry” zones, “gun type” and “magazine size” legislation does nothing more than revoke gun owner rights and fail to increase public safety.

It’s time for all states to develop a universal countrywide carry license assuring maximum public security and individual gun rights.  A “national standard” license will make carrying a concealed firearm easy as driving your automobile out of state.

The solution to this chronic problem is not “what” to carry, or, “where” to carry, but, “who” can carry, thus creating a need to verify a person’s, mental maturity and physical capability.  Individuals must be aware of their powerful feelings and the ability to maintain control over them by logical decisions while accepting full responsibility.

It is difficult to quantify maturity, with respect to age, based upon a British study revealing; “men have an 11 year lag behind women when it comes to maturing. According to the study, commissioned by nickelodeon UK, the average man doesn’t reach full emotional maturity until age 43, while women mature by age 32.”  The accuracy of the above article may be disputed by other experts in the same field and, it also appears some people “never” grow up thus making it very difficult to use a specific age to qualify for Concealed Carry.

Other scientists agree teenage brains are not fully developed at early stages of life with today’s media exposure having an effect on their behavior, plus the ability to handle information properly.  Regardless of effort to resolve these difficulties, regulations and training, plus evaluation of mental and physical competence must be a prerequisite for gun ownership to assure public safety.

The reputation of Concealed Carry licensed people is impeccable and must continue with strict penalties for offenses including license revocation.  Two of the greatest impediments to safety and reputation of firearm ownership are unsafe storage and improper handling.

It’s fantastic having such freedoms in this country, however, individual maturity plus certification and responsibility must be key requirements for gun ownership in place of taking away one’s guns, or, specifying where they may be carried.   Opposing sides will never solve this lingering problem without addressing the key issue noted above.  Gun owners must continue maintaining an honorable image and preserve their rights by reacting to any legislative gun ownership infringements.  Keep on packin dude.

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