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Concealed Carry Vs. the NFL?

The 2015 movie, “Concussion” is an excellent portrayal of head trauma damage caused in football players today.  Research indicates they are more likely to die from a neurodegenerative disease.  A National Football League (NFL) player shot himself and his girlfriend, a few years ago, becoming the subject of an emotional “anti-gun” rant by NBC sportscaster, Bob Costas, during a nationally televised football game.

This marks another attempt by liberals using their influential power outlawing Concealed Carry handguns as in past disasters at Tucson Arizona, the Congresswoman Giffords tragedy, a movie theater in Aurora Colorado, Fort Hood in Texas along with many others.  Such depressed moments offer best opportunities for “gun haters” to negatively impact public views on firearm ownership, but hopefully, logical discussions will always prevail soon after things settle down.

Medical science researchers discovered new evidence leading to brain injuries in football players can affect rational behavior.  Did the above tragedy a result from football injuries affecting mental balance?  Was it drugs? Later evidence indicated he and his girlfriend were out drinking which resulted in a lethal domestic quarrel.

Anti-gun people must put their emotions aside, while addressing root causes of tragedy, realizing such kinds of incidents can exist without Concealed Carry firearms involved.  Bob Costas adores the “violent” game of football and accepts negative consequences such as related stress, drug problems plus mental and physical injuries to players…football is his “god”, making this form of violence “ok” while guns are “evil”.

If a decision is made to remove all “causes” of violence from society; football should then be on the list and Costas should be giving “anti-football” lectures instead of “anti-gun” lectures.  To further expand “his thoughts” on this subject, we must get rid of all “cause” related sources such as; automobiles, airplanes, motorcycles, boats, kitchen knives, matches, step ladders, gasoline, water, & saturated fats because they all may be related to un-natural deaths…it’s a totally stupid argument.

There was a serious component missing in the sportscaster’s discussion called “accountability”.  The individual took two lives requiring the “root cause” of this tragedy be further investigated without simply blaming guns.  All natural and man-made resources in our daily lives involve use with restraint, but unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.

We need clear focus on real causes of violence in our society, rather than Concealed Carry, some of which are deep rooted and will take generations to resolve; lack of family structure, lack of discipline, lack of ethics, mental illness, no jobs, no education, disrespect for our laws, individual unreliability, entertainment media violence, soft on criminals, disrespect for others…you heard them all at one time or another.

Anti-gun people will continue their deep seated hatred for guns with emotional rhetoric only exacerbating such problems.  Concealed Carry people and gun lovers must continue responsible use of firearms and support real solutions to social problems which will always prevail over emotional outbreaks from gun haters.  Hang in there, defend your 2nd amendment rights and…keep on packin dude.

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Concealed Carry versus “No-Carry”

Our sympathies for the innocent people massacred in Paris, France on November 13th, 2015 are a solemn reminder of what happened in this country on September 11, 2001.  Most citizens don’t realize there have been over 75 Muslim extremist terror attacks in the United States since 1972.  There are also more than 200 mass killings, in this country, by demented U.S. residents since 2006, according to USA Today News.

It’s comforting to know security forces have effectively stopped many of these attempts; however, it becomes increasingly difficult to stop indiscriminant “lone wolf” tactics like the one in San Bernardino, CA on December 4, 2015.  Federal, state and municipal officials are constantly improving security measures at the same time, realizing the impossibility of a perfect score. The history of attacks takes place mainly in highly populated areas such as; sporting events, shopping centers, movie theaters, subways, etc.

We are losing too many lives to domestic and foreign terrorists while innocent citizens are restricted from protecting themselves with firearms.  Homeland security forces do not have enough resources to watch all suspected terrorists 24/7, thus allowing opportunities for attacks.  It takes 10 to 15 agents to watch each individual on a terror suspect list.

There is talk about “sleeper cells” in the US as noted by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson who stated, “There are individuals living in the United States today who have contact with the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) and other terrorist groups who have a desire to conduct an attack on U.S. soil.”

It is impossible to have enough armed police officers watching daily public activity whereas, elimination of “no-carry” zones would allow citizens to Concealed Carry in ”all areas” of society thus improving public safety and saving lives.  This new role would require additional tactical training beyond individual self-defense including a protocol with police, federal agents and Special Forces.  It would be an extension of today’s license training, how to spot, report and react to unlawful activities including rules of engagement to avoid interference with higher ranking law enforcement personnel  during a confrontation.

Concealed Carry persons, looking like ”ordinary” citizens, dispersed throughout society at all times, would be a tremendous surprise advantage over terrorist and save multiple lives.  We have relied on firearms to make this country as strong as it is today and must continue with additional firearm protection in all public areas.

Money spent on deterring terrorism could be well spent on training ordinary citizens with such cost offset by reducing loss of life and property damage during terrorist encounters.  Resistance to the above proposal will probably be centered on “who” will be “qualified” for this responsibility.  Such questions will be answered by vetting applicants through training programs, designed by law enforcement officials, being no different than certifying applicants for any public related role as a police officer, security guard, or, current license to carry, drive and automobile fly an airplane, etc.

It is naive to believe anyone can qualify for Concealed Carry, however, today’s license holders have an impeccable record showing minimal license revocations with a strong indication they can play a vital role in public safety.  The protection of our great nation and its citizens must not be compromised by distorted political views against Concealed Carry.

There are an estimated 11 million Concealed Carry license holders who love this country dearly, and live by the Gadsden Flag motto; “Don’t Tread On Me”.  Additional Concealed Carry training plus elimination of no-carry zones would be a tremendous addition to saving lives and preserving our national security..

Hopefully our legislators will see this reasoning and repeal any stifling regulations to protect ourselves and country…keep on packin dude. 

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CEOs have Admitted to Smoking Marijuana

CEOs have Admitted to Smoking Marijuana http://fortune.com/2015/09/30/ceos-marijuana-smoking/ 

The purpose and meaning of human life is somewhat mysterious with possible explanations from the great philosophers of eastern and western civilizations for over 2,500 years.  Their most common findings amount to a; pursuit of happiness.  This natural desire is normally satisfied through one’s; occupation, conviction, altruism, personal relationships, hobbies, etc.

When normal life doesn’t provide adequate satisfaction; alcohol and marijuana become another option for some individuals.

It’s difficult to argue against marijuana when alcohol is legal, but, legalization will probably invite new users plus additional personal and social problems.

Is it a good idea to use marijuana and Concealed Carry?

Your comments…

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Concealed Carry Willpower

Willpower is rather easy to define as; determination, resolve, drive, self-control, self-discipline etc., but at times, next to impossible to practice.  It is the ability to overcome and control any obstacles preventing us from reaching a desired goal.  We have all been there with diet, exercise, putting things off, or, anything challenging our comfort zone.

Scientists proclaim willpower is the single most powerful element for success and it makes good sense; intelligence and knowledge are meaningless without the determination and self-discipline to drive them.  A person may claim smoking is impossible to quit, but, it would be no problem if ordered to stop with a gun held to their head indicating, we can do just about anything with proper motivation.

Mark Twain (1835-1910) a great American humorist, asserted it was easy to quit smoking; he did it 1000’s of times.  Willpower is a characteristic, desired by everyone, separating strong from weak decisions thus supporting achievement of difficult goals and improving self-esteem.

Willful decisions for most people to Concealed Carry are simply based on a desire for self-protection requiring; purchase of a handgun, safety instruction, shooting techniques, gun maintenance and storage.  After a few weeks of practice, the novelty wears off and success of continued practice is totally dependent upon the strength of our original reasoning for justification.

In addition to self-protection, wiliness to carry is driven by fear, security needs, personal encounters, environmental threats, temperament, comfort around guns, affection for guns, and gun handling skills.  Each person has different life experiences affecting their attitude and motivation toward being armed.

An informal survey, by a Texas gun club, indicated about 20% of individuals with a Concealed Carry permit carry full time.  Some never had this intention originally and others, intending to carry full time, were not able to resolve unexpected problems with comfort concealment, dress appearance, social acceptance, or, concealment efforts.

Countless books on the subject of willpower are available, however, simply stated; powerful reasons are most important to overcome all inhibitions.  Repetitive mental confirmation, belief in our purposes and avoiding situations interfering with these objectives will promote success.

Making pompous comments about discipline required for Concealed Carry practice is painless, but, as fellow humans we know how difficult it is to achieve success for any worth-while endeavor.  A thoughtful re-evaluation of self-protection requirements may be in order if your firearm is continuously left at home.

Some thoughts for consideration; choose the right gun plus accessories that don’t interfere with daily lifestyle, comfort and dress.  Maintain shooting skills and confidence plus an interest in Concealed Carry topics.  Join a gun club making it a social endeavor, or, shooting skill development program.  Dry shooting practice is economical and convenient alternative for maintaining shooting proficiency.

Protecting ourselves and loved ones can be attained with Concealed Carry, but, it requires serious mental justification, adequate accessories and discipline.  It’s easy to be like Mark Twain and quit Concealed Carry 1,000’s of times, but, much more rewarding to “keep on packin dude”. 

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Concealed Carry in Movie Theaters

Old Mill movie theater inspecting bags for weapons

Are you comfortable, NOT permitted to Concealed Carry in a Movie Theater?

Rendering people defenseless in a movie theater is the latest policy of the Regal Entertainment Group in the United States. This becomes a dilemma for theater owners. Concealed Carry people, unable to protect themselves, will not attend. Businesses owners, not assuring public safety, are creating a liability issue. This is a preview of what is coming to all theaters near you.

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Concealed Carry Requires Being Alert

One of the most important factors involved with Concealed Carry is; when and how do I use my weapon in a threatening situation? We could imagine many different scenarios, but, let’s look at how this applies to common daily experiences such as; being approached while walking in a dangerous area, driving your automobile and living in your home.

Imagine it’s late in the evening, with no one around, while walking through the shopping mall parking lot, to your car, and a suspicious person is approaching…what do you do? Put your hand on your Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) without removing it from the holster and at the same time; change direction to evade this person.

You have just made (2) effective decisions for personal safety without violating any laws. You have also sensitized yourself both mentally and physically for a swift response to an actual encounter without brandishing a weapon, or, intimidating a would-be assailant in a false alarm situation.

Extra security can be created by walking with others in the area plus parking in well lighted areas that don’t offer potential hiding places for criminals. The cell phone is a great security tool when there is “time” to call for help.

If a person pulls up close by while stopped at a traffic light, shouting with aggressive gestures; make sure all doors are locked, do not engage in any way, and leave the scene as soon as possible. Chances are this “nut-job” is affected with “road rage”, therefore; first priority is, put yourself in a position for quick access to your weapon while immediately leaving the scene. A holster design allowing quick access while sitting avoids reaching over and fumbling through the glove compartment.

It is also advisable to be armed, when at home, to allow quick response to a threat. More details are covered about home invasions and burglaries in the article; “Concealed Carry & Home Invasions”. There are also some rather ridiculous ideas noted in the article; “Concealed Carry, Theft & Wasp Spray”.

Home invaders are usually on drugs and violent. Avoid contact, retreat to a location in the home, where police can be called immediately, and be prepared to fire your weapon in self-defense. Full time carry in the home is advantageous, especially when surprise contact with an aggressor cannot be avoided. Open Carry is practiced by some; however, others choose Concealed Carry because of similar reasons for use in public. Individuals don’t normally want to brandish a handgun, even around the home, and a comfortable hidden holster for all-day carry is a good choice.

Alarm systems are a good investment and should be activated not only when away, or, during sleeping hours, but, also during awake hours in the home. Always remember using a firearm is the last resort, but, carrying at all times while walking, driving, or, at home is a person’s best practice for self-defense.

The criminal uses surprise as a main tactic in all (3) of the scenarios above. The best defense is being alert enough to quickly defuse an attack with a shocking self-defense tactic. No matter what circumstances: be calm, aware and confident plus remember; the best gun fight is the one that didn’t happen or, the one where you have first shot advantage. Keep on packin dude.

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Bodyguards & Concealed Carry

Most people are acquainted with the good looking, courageous and daring bodyguard characters in movies providing us thrilling entertainment, but, few of us are familiar with real-life professionals. It may have started in the 1st century when a Roman soldier named, Sempronius Densus, provided safeguard for the emperor.

Since that time; countless numbers of private, public and armed services individuals offered services which vary in tactic depending on assignment nature and surrounding environment. Bodyguards exhibit a wide range of protection skills required by clients such as: de-fusing bombs, advanced driving skills, effective use of firearms, first aid, etc…yet many levels of important people have been killed by assassins, including our four US Presidents; James A Garfield, John F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and William McKinley.

Bodyguards typically keep a stealth profile and Concealed Carry in order to make them more effective at their profession; however, some have become conspicuous in the media such as Laurence Tureaud, much better known as “Mr. T”. He served as a bodyguard for; Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee plus acted in the TV series; “The A-Team”.

Media reports indicate ordinary citizens, across the country, are being killed every day, but, not all of us find it affordable to hire bodyguards, whereas, wealthy citizens pay $200 to $900 per day, plus expenses, for protection services. As a result; Concealed Carry people become “do it yourself bodyguards” for themselves and loved ones.

Expertise for Concealed Carry can improve by understanding what it’s like to be a professional bodyguard, but, don’t overdo it dude. This does not mean each day you: check the wife’s cooking for toxicity…check your phone for “bugs”…enter and exit back doors only…look for “IED’S” (improvised explosive devices) under car before use…keep the public at a distance and…wear a bulletproof vest at all times (including in the shower).

Serious Concealed Carry tactics to abide by include; frequent practice with firearms, environmental risk assessment and alertness to potential danger. Each of us could improve our gun handling and shooting skills including common sense security awareness in our daily decisions.

Police reports indicate a large percentage of crimes have been prevented or solved with citizen awareness and feedback. These abilities not only make you a better personal bodyguard, but, also help to become a better citizen on protecting your community. All of us are looking for the same end result…security for ourselves, community and loved ones. Concealed Carry is a great option…be safe and alert…enjoy life & “keep on packin” dude. 

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