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Sam Colt & Concealed Carry

Samuel Colt (1814-1862) started up “Colt’s Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company” in 1832, after a long struggle with several business ventures.  He is credited with high volume production of his 6-shot revolvers and infamous M1911 semi-automatic pistol designed by John Browning.

There is historic contention about the morality of Colt’s aggressive advertising and sales practice, supplying weapons for “both sides” during the 1861-1865 Civil War and also foreign countries under similar circumstances.  This questionable practice continues throughout our world today.

Everyone in this country; gun-haters included, owes thanks to Sam Colt for improving our living standards and manufacturing technology contributions, enabling the United States to become today’s superpower.  In addition, the impact of machining gun components within precision tolerances, allows today’s world manufacturers to assemble products at high volume with low cost.

Nowadays, Colt Manufacturing Company, LLC manufactures a variety of firearms for military, law enforcement, and personal use including the concealed carry, 9mm & 45cal Colt Defender and Colt 380 Mustang.

Their slogan, supposedly originated by early Colt sales people, has several versions; one of which is:  “God Made Man & Sam Colt Made Them Equal”…an outstanding catchphrase describing our reasons for concealed carry plus the Second Amendment.  We also don’t go looking for a fight, but, we do insist on; “Stand Your Ground” rights.

The heated debate whether citizens should Concealed Carry continues; however, have you noticed; many public officials who speak out “against” the “right to carry” employ security protection service?  We respect the commitment of public servants and advocate their need for personal protection, but, how do they conclude armed protection is not necessary for the ordinary citizen while they retain security people for themselves?  What is their opinion of an average citizen’s life?

Some large cities, like New York, have strict laws making Concealed Carry almost impossible for citizens; yet, murder rates are highly concentrated in these same locations.  Everyone will agree; a concealed weapon for self-defense does not always guarantee one’s safety whereas unfortunate incidents do occur; however, this is not valid reasoning for keeping guns away from competent, law abiding citizens.

We all know guns are considered a last resort for protecting our lives, and, Sam Colt’s sales people were exactly right when they said “God Made Man & Sam Colt Made Them Equal”.  Those against Concealed Carry present a flawed case, while 2nd Amendment supporters maintain; self-defense is an obvious “natural” right.  Public officials hire security protection, police carry weapons and our forefathers have used guns to overcome tyranny and violence since 1776.  Regrettably, the need for Concealed Carry will not change until there is a universal change in human behavior.

It would be foolish for “anti-gun” public officials to give up their personal security while “right to carry” advocates would agree…so why don’t they pursue the real causes of gun violence and quit messing with the good guys.  Be safe and keep on “packin” dude.

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Concealed Carry Laser Sights

Have you considered a “laser attachment” for your Concealed Carry handgun?  It’s a great pleasure to hear stories from Stealth Defense Holster blog members as noted below.  You may find this article helpful deciding on this accessory for your handgun.

“Hey Al,  Can’t remember if I told you that the Crimson Trace CMR-206 Rail Master laser on my XDS 3.3 fits in the strut just fine.  I’m very pleased.  Thought I might expound a little more on what I’ve discovered about a laser sight.  Might be grist for your blog mill.

I’m old fashioned and didn’t think these newfangled things were more than toys for gun nuts to play with.  You focus on the front sight, and who can miss, right?  But I’ve gotten more serious about self-defense as I sort of organize some willing volunteers to carry in church, given the current societal pressures.  So I found a good price on this laser, it was enthusiastically reviewed (not necessarily a valid consideration), and ordered one.  MSRP $269, got it from Optics Planet through Amazon for $175, no tax, no shipping.  Could have gotten the same deal direct from Optics Planet, I discovered.  Both are good to deal with; it came sooner than expected.

I opted for the green laser vice the red, because I hunt hogs with a great LED gun light in both red and green and green is just naturally brighter.   Has to do with the color spectrum and the human eye.  Anyway, this thing fit right on the gun, and is bright enough to provide illumination in a dark room, besides designate the target.  That seems extremely valuable to me, because you don’t have to fumble around with a flashlight and aim one-handed, etc.  Plus, the deterrence factor has to be significant.

But the major advantage is the quickness and ease of getting on target.  Makes point shooting much more effective, which eliminates time to line up the iron sights, etc.  I was talking to the handgun instructor I’m going to use for our church group, and asked him to provide further training tailored to our group’s needs, and the first thing he mentioned was using a laser sight.  Validated my discovery.   The second thing was correct ammunition to avoid pass-throughs.  No secret there.

The laser also fits my XDM 3.8.  If I had one recommendation for you, it would be to consider a slightly larger size holster, and deeper mag pouch to accommodate the longer, thicker double stack guns.  It could be that I’ve just gotten accustomed to the way the little XDS snuggles down into the holster, and that the XDM is also just fine, but sticks out a little more.  I feel like the extended mag for the XDM is top heavy and unstable in the provided mag pouch.  That makes me just a little uncomfortable.  Sure would like it deeper.

I still walk with a strut.  Can’t find a better all-around holster that conceals better.  With shirts that snap rather than button, it’s a winner for me.
Take care, Tim.”

Lasers help getting on target quicker with greater accuracy from any shooting position.  They are also great for “dry shooting” practice.  Thanks for your input Tim and “keep on packin dude”.


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Is it the Gun or Concealed Carry?

Gun violence is a serious chronic problem in this country, but, is another federally funded “research” project, focusing on “gun violence prevention” necessary, or, is the problem evident from years of repetitious incidents conveyed by the media?  Reports from the “Center for Disease Control and Prevention” in 2013, indicates major causes of mortality as: poisoning deaths 48,545 / motor vehicle traffic deaths 33,804 / firearm deaths 33,636.

Guns are merely Concealed Carry appliances used for self-defense, or, aggression.  Understanding actual reasons for violence is the only means to shrinking this unending social problem. Gun debates continue between politicians and/or special interest groups, mainly, to promote their agenda resulting in no solution to this conundrum.  Each illegal shooting incident proves “bad” people are not stopped from doing “bad” things by existing laws.

Three types of gun slayings are prevalent in our society; mass killings, individual murders and suicides.  Mass slayings of loved ones in schools, or, public places are executed by mentally deranged persons or terrorists.  Mentally unstable individuals are totally irrational, whereas, the intent of terrorists is to destroy us.  What else is needed for identifying key instigators and their motives?

Suicides are noted as 60% of gun deaths, but, other vehicles are used when guns are not available; drug overdose, self-hanging, height jumping, body slashing etc.  The leading cause for ending one’s life is “untreated depression”, not gun ownership.  Recent tactics to solve gun violence problems by restricting; “what” kind of guns…”where” they can be carried…along with excessive taxes on guns and accessories is fruitless and totally unfair to law abiding gun owners.

The federal government issues statistics identifying main crime areas in major cities, however, politicians and community leaders are not effectively using this information to resolve these problems which have greatest impact on reducing murder in the U.S.  The idea of creating laws, not allowing Concealed Carry guns in classrooms, or, other public areas, does nothing to prevent a shooting crime.  Moral character plays a major role in respecting another’s life while today’s ethical values are compromised by; lack of parental guidance, violent movies, violent video games, hedonistic behavior, drugs, apathy, etc.

Current gun laws are not working while the natural right of gun ownership will never go away.  Individuals must prove their ability to own firearms without inflicting public harm.  Evaluation of current statistical data reveals gun violence is based on individual motives, not gun ownership.  Eleven million “good guys”, across the country, have Concealed Carry permits with a miniscule amount of revocations…why penalize them?

The solution to this awful impediment does not require funding any research project on “gun violence”. Politicians, PhDs’ and community organizers have had their chance and failed.  The 2nd amendment is here to stay; yet, there must be vigorous need to keep guns away from incompetent persons.  Gun ownership licensing, including Concealed Carry, must be granted through proper training, qualification and applicant screening across the nation.  True resolution of this horrible social problem consists of; proper attention to mentally ill persons plus addressing the “root cause” of hostility in major crime areas and certification establishing, “who” can own a firearm.  Protect your Concealed Carry rights and keep on “packin” dude.

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Draw or Not Draw? Concealed Carry

To Draw, or, Not To Draw…that is the question… sounds like Shakespearian rhetoric, but, it may save your life. Have you given any serious thought to how victorious you may be in a surprise, “draw and shoot” confrontation? Street fights just don’t happen as shown in the western movie classic; “High Noon” where the sheriff (actor Gary Cooper) is in a small western town, “waiting” for a train to arrive at 12 o’clock noon, with a killer villain passenger, ready to engage in a gun fight.

In a real conflict, bad guys would most likely use some aggressive, surprise tactic to eliminate any chance of a self-defense reaction. If a suspect is approaching from more than 21 feet away; you may have a chance of stopping an attack if you can draw and fire your weapon within 1 ½ seconds. These metrics were, developed by; Sergeant David Tuller in the early 1980’s, used in today’s defense training programs.

Also; within those fractional seconds of time, a decision must be made whether this person is actually threatening your life. Today’s police officers are constantly faced with this dilemma, being accused of wrongful shootings, or, getting killed because of hesitating to shoot in self-defense.

One of the fastest shooters known, Jerry Miculek, will wear an outside hip holster, on his “strong side”, for competitive shooting events, but, this is not practical for an ordinary Concealed Carry person within their daily environment. Practice scenarios, containing thoughts about when to draw your weapon can instinctively help with the best tactical response, possibly avoiding a legal dispute.

Proper choice of gun, holster and dress style, affects “quick draw” capability and motivation to carry. Frequent Concealed Carry is practiced when optimum conditions are met with a lightweight handgun and holster , located in such a position allowing complete freedom of daily physical movement, resulting in all day comfort and concealment.

Full time Concealed Carry, where permissible, offers maximum self-protection. Cultivating instincts about knowing when to draw comes with forethought practice about different situations you may experience. If you are quick on the draw, confident and well trained, maybe you can nullify an attempt on your life, however, it’s highly probable; an assailant will avoid such a confrontation with a surprise attempt including a weapon pointed at you.

It’s impossible to envision all situations, but, frequent dry practice, drawing your concealed weapon will improve your range of defense tactics. It also helps to stay up with media reports, involving shootings, which will help develop one’s best mental instinct to react in a similar situation. Actually, the safest way to survive a gun fight is placing major emphasis on avoiding an encounter by being observant for possible threats plus staying away from vulnerable areas.

We can all agree there is no clear procedure for self-defense. Circumstances of an attack become known only as an event unfolds. Heading off a dangerous situation in advance; improves chances of a favorable outcome with a surprise defense on your side.  Each Concealed Carry person has different capabilities for personal defense, but, ordinary guys might best use evasive tactics leaving “quick draw” encounters up to the tough movie characters. Think about what’s best for you and as always; “keep on packin” dude.

Your comments…

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The End of Concealed Carry?

The “U.N. Gun Ban Treaty” proposal was introduced in 2003, by Nobel Peace Laureates, to promote peace in today’s belligerent world. A few years ago this ridiculous idea was thought to “blow over”; however, it won’t go away and a two-thirds majority vote of the U.S. Senate plus presidential approval will allow seizure of your guns. It is believed, our current president is in favor of revoking our Constitutional right to own a firearm. It’s not likely the senate will approve, however, this proposal continues to jeopardize our rights to Concealed Carry.

Are we willing to be “subject” to laws created by the United Nations and support removal of 2nd Amendment rights from our U.S. Constitution? Are we going to give up our freedom as a nation, and no longer celebrate Independence Day? Guns were an absolute necessity for enforcing our freedom from tyranny in “1776” and Concealed Carry will continue to assure our independence as citizens of a sovereign nation today.

Independence Day would not exist, in this country, without guns to convince the British of our determination to be a self-governing nation. Unfortunately, mankind has not evolved to where force is no longer required to uphold our inalienable rights.

Taking away guns on a worldwide scale has the same “flawed logic” as “outlawing” guns for law abiding individuals in order to stop crime…diplomatic countries will enforce the laws while aggressors continue to have guns. By all means; the U.S. needs to constantly bargain for peace, but also, preserve our right to own firearms including Concealed Carry.

The UN has an obligation to negotiate peace rather than expect countries like the United States to give up power. This great nation belongs to all citizens; not to politicians, not to foreign countries. If we don’t act against this aggression, Concealed Carry will be revoked.   Three ways you can help:

  • Join the National Rifle Association (NRA) and/or support their campaign to stop this meaningless agreement with the UN.
  • Write to your United States Senator reminding them: taking away guns from law abiding citizens is against our Constitution and not going to stop world disorder.
  • Publically join with gun owners, family members, friends, and co-workers in protest that we keep our right to bear arms.

It’s appalling to see this in America when our Nation’s direction and purpose is clearly stated in the, irrevocable, Constitution of the United States. If we citizens don’t act to preserve Concealed Carry; who will? Keep on packin dude.

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Concealed Carry versus Social Norms

Another attempted “black eye” for gun ownership and Concealed Carry occurred in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012 at a local movie theater, when a deranged man killed 12 and wounded 59 people during a “Batman” movie. It’s pitiful that cost of innocent lives mainly begets “emotional” reactions to chronic social problems, without an effective solution.

This horrific massacre was obviously perpetrated by a mentally deranged man and these incidents, as always, rekindle passionate debates between “gun haters” and “gun huggers”. How do we all work together for a safe and secure society? Concealed Carry laws and other gun restrictions are constantly proposed by special interest groups. Perhaps legislation pertaining to sale of weapons to “incompetent people” will help, but; pertinent laws already exist which don’t solve the problem.

Contradictory legislation sometimes may support the wrong people for Concealed Carry. Ohio for example, is currently considering a proposal to change their existing law and allow individuals to Concealed Carry, or, Open Carry weapons without a license and training.   Five other states have the same basic law; Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Wyoming and Vermont.

It’s difficult to predict causes for future crime rates, but, non-qualified persons encouraged to carry a firearm, without repercussions from the law, is not a positive direction. Why should it be allowable for the “wrong” people to carry, jeopardize citizen safety and erode the good reputation of Concealed Carry? Without a doubt; citizens have rights to drive automobiles, buses, trucks, fly airplanes, become policemen, security guards, military etc., but, all must be qualified when public security is in question.

What about “social norms”? Most will agree our “free” society is saturated with potentially harmful media marketing about; the food we eat, beverages we drink, clothes we wear, movies we watch, video games we play and books we read. Public apathy and encouragement of poor individual choices inspires widespread obesity, violence, lack of moral behavior, excessive demand for entitlements, and disrespect for our laws.

The answer to our social problems is not perfectly clear; however, there is an old saying; “What you think about most, is what you become” indicating how public behavior defines our social norms.

Should we allow government officials to “fix” this problem by concocting new laws that attempt to “force” a prescribed behavior on citizens taking away individual rights, or, allow them to carry weapons without a license and training, or, should a proper decision lie somewhere between? There is no “perfect” solution for changing public behavior or stopping violence, but, ordinary citizens can be more discretionary about daily lifestyle choices that affect social norms. There are numerous ways to look at this problem whether or not you Concealed Carry; let us knows your views…be safe, enjoy life and “keep on packin dude”.

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Summertime Concealed Carry

The ultimate test for Concealed Carry arises in the summer months with thousands of “packers” leaving their “sidearm” at home for several reasons. The passion and excitement we had for carrying a firearm on the day we received our CCW license is hampered by discomfort from the summer heat, dress requirements, movement restrictions and concealment problems.

Concealed Carry now becomes an enormous challenge, but unfortunately, victimization has not been cancelled until the hot weather leaves. There is no perfect solution for the above circumstances, however, the greatest relief can come from gun size and holster selection.

Some people are able to tolerate a larger weapon because of their body frame size and shape; however, it’s evident that if your weapon and holster don’t provide comfort and concealment within your dress requirements, you won’t carry.

Small semi-automatic handguns, weighing in the 10 ounce range, have a deadly bite and are precisely designed, by the manufacturer, to relieve the above problems and make “year around” carry tolerable. Great choices are available like the Beretta Bobcat or Tomcat, Browning PSA25, Ruger LCP, Kel Tec P3AT, Kahr P380 and others. Carrying a small concealed carry weapon and a holster offering the best combination of comfort, concealment and freedom of movement can make the difference between carrying and leaving your weapon at home.

The decision is yours; be a “sheep” within the flock or a “sheepdog” ready for the aggressor. Enjoy the summer; be safe, stay cool and…keep on packin dude.

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