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World Conflict & Concealed Carry

Everyone acknowledges conflict exists throughout the world today, but, who can explain why, and will it ever end, or, will Concealed Carry become obsolete?  Most individuals advocate love and respect for others; however, history of world-wide tension continues to grow.

Social scientists explain it as a means of attempting to better ourselves, or, improve an ideology we represent.  An alternate means of promoting such change is through compromise, understanding, responsibility and empathy to name a few.  Prime examples of significant changes resulting from conflict are; the birth of our country, human rights and labor unions, all of which were preceded by unsuccessful negotiations.

While most of us claim being “lovers” rather than “fighters”; we continue seeing a need for Concealed Carry when someone sacrifices “your” life to meet “their” demands.  On a world scale, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict reveals no end to agony that prevails, and, offering a solution is beyond the scope of this article.

Palestine was recognized as an Arab country before World War II, but, during this turmoil a massive increase in Jewish population took place.  In 1948 the United Nations divided Palestine to include Israel as a state resulting in major tensions existing today.

Israeli’s developed a self-defensive program resisting enemy attacks which has proven highly successful for many years.  Their techniques are recognized throughout the world and finally being used for airline security checks in the USA plus combat training and self-defense situations.  Israeli security goes beyond using a Concealed Carry weapon for self-defense including a hand-to-hand fighting technique called “Krav Maga”.

This method is described as an instinctive and logical approach overcoming all types of violence with simple defensive skills developed by veteran experts.  People from over the world take this training including; men and women of all ages plus law enforcement and military people.  One can become “ultimate” in self-defense with Krav Maga but it takes; desire, stamina, extensive training and discipline.  Training facilities are located across the US and may be in your area.

Ordinary guys may not choose taking this course, but, should give fore-thought to some basic tactics used in advanced defense training courses.  You may know the main tactic used by an enemy is: “surprise”, but, we should also realize villains pick the time, place and method of an assault.  We can foil their attempts by circumventing these conditions.

It’s also helpful dealing in advance with the mindset required for defensive shooting in a public place and avoiding harm to bystanders.  How do we pick out “good guys” and “bad guys” and will you be mistaken for a bad guy.  You may not take the above courses to become an “alpha dog”, however, give serious thought to the basic tactics noted; they may save an innocent life.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of humankind would be for scientists to develop a pill enabling complete eradication of our negative traits with a total reliance on treating nations, cultures and individuals as we treat ourselves.  This would eliminate a need for Concealed Carry, although I wonder…how many would take the medication…Better “keep on packin dude”.

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Concealed Carry Prevalence

Firearm ownership rights are contested by political leaders and citizens around the globe from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.  The United States and the United Kingdom are the most talked about countries with totally opposing views on gun legislation, yet both sides should agree, the common objective is to assure rights and safety for their citizens.

It is difficult to appreciate the freedom that we Concealed Carry gun owners have in this country until one reads about the strict laws in other countries like Britain, Germany and Australia.  Mass homicides in these countries cause public legislators to support  “stricter“ gun control laws each time a disaster occurs.

Gun control in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Wyoming and Vermont became more liberal, requiring no permit to Concealed Carry, starting with Alaska in 2003 and Arkansas in 2013.  Additional states of Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Main, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Utah and West Virginia are also considering laws allowing Concealed Carry without a permit.

Other states are poised in the opposite direction such as California, Connecticut and New Jersey, requiring a permit which includes individual testing and firearm restrictions.  Concealed Carry owners must also be aware of various “city gun laws” that may differ from state requirements.  This wide inconsistency between state and city laws make it extremely difficult for Conceal Carry owners to respect, while traveling, and begs the need for “universal carry” laws across the country.

The future of Concealed Carry in the U.S. impinges heavily upon favorable public opinion polls.  These surveys also show a majority in support of criminal background checks, mental health checks, response training to armed attacks in public places and prevention of legal gun purchases for illegal re-sale.

Each time a tragedy occurs, anti-gun politicians prey upon public emotions for support of more gun laws.  Gun enthusiasts generally feel legislation, restricting certain types of guns and magazine clip sizes, etc. are ineffective measures for stopping crime.

Both sides of the debate will agree; guns are obviously getting into the wrong hands, but must also realize, additional laws have no effect on criminal types.

Concealed Carry popularity accelerated with “shall issue” laws in several states during the early 1990’s, and today, license revocations in all states are at a miniscule level.  It’s self-evident; guns in the hands of responsible, law abiding citizens is an inalienable right to self-protection and not a threat to society.  It’s also undisputable that guns in the hands of irresponsible people are a danger to society while strict enforcement of penalties is required.

Many anti-gun proponents don’t understand one’s right to carry because of a deep emotional fear, or, dislike for firearms and believe nobody should own one.  This not a logical or, realistic solution and shows no regard for the rights of others.  Such prejudice can only be overcome with an overwhelming response from Concealed Carry gun owners.

The best means to address gun ownership policies can be drawn from recent history which indicates no problems with ordinary citizens.  Let’s all stay involved in some way, otherwise, despite the truth, we will eventually lose our right to Concealed Carry as noted in the above countries.  Keep on packin dude…it’s your inalienable right…if you can keep it.

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Sam Colt & Concealed Carry

Samuel Colt (1814-1862) started up “Colt’s Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company” in 1832, after a long struggle with several business ventures.  He is credited with high volume production of his 6-shot revolvers and infamous M1911 semi-automatic pistol designed by John Browning.

There is historic contention about the morality of Colt’s aggressive advertising and sales practice, supplying weapons for “both sides” during the 1861-1865 Civil War and also foreign countries under similar circumstances.  This questionable practice continues throughout our world today.

Everyone in this country; gun-haters included, owes thanks to Sam Colt for improving our living standards and manufacturing technology contributions, enabling the United States to become today’s superpower.  In addition, the impact of machining gun components within precision tolerances, allows today’s world manufacturers to assemble products at high volume with low cost.

Nowadays, Colt Manufacturing Company, LLC manufactures a variety of firearms for military, law enforcement, and personal use including the concealed carry, 9mm & 45cal Colt Defender and Colt 380 Mustang.

Their slogan, supposedly originated by early Colt sales people, has several versions; one of which is:  “God Made Man & Sam Colt Made Them Equal”…an outstanding catchphrase describing our reasons for concealed carry plus the Second Amendment.  We also don’t go looking for a fight, but, we do insist on; “Stand Your Ground” rights.

The heated debate whether citizens should Concealed Carry continues; however, have you noticed; many public officials who speak out “against” the “right to carry” employ security protection service?  We respect the commitment of public servants and advocate their need for personal protection, but, how do they conclude armed protection is not necessary for the ordinary citizen while they retain security people for themselves?  What is their opinion of an average citizen’s life?

Some large cities, like New York, have strict laws making Concealed Carry almost impossible for citizens; yet, murder rates are highly concentrated in these same locations.  Everyone will agree; a concealed weapon for self-defense does not always guarantee one’s safety whereas unfortunate incidents do occur; however, this is not valid reasoning for keeping guns away from competent, law abiding citizens.

We all know guns are considered a last resort for protecting our lives, and, Sam Colt’s sales people were exactly right when they said “God Made Man & Sam Colt Made Them Equal”.  Those against Concealed Carry present a flawed case, while 2nd Amendment supporters maintain; self-defense is an obvious “natural” right.  Public officials hire security protection, police carry weapons and our forefathers have used guns to overcome tyranny and violence since 1776.  Regrettably, the need for Concealed Carry will not change until there is a universal change in human behavior.

It would be foolish for “anti-gun” public officials to give up their personal security while “right to carry” advocates would agree…so why don’t they pursue the real causes of gun violence and quit messing with the good guys.  Be safe and keep on “packin” dude.

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So You Want To Concealed Carry

Gun sales continue climbing while foreign terrorism and mass shootings are reported worldwide. The role of Concealed Carry is changing as our country faces increased aggression.  Perhaps it’s time for our government to eliminate “no-carry” zones and encourage a qualified citizenry to take up arms.  Current police or, special armed forces protection is not adequate, illustrating a need for getting eligible citizens involved.

While talking with a friend at dinner, who has some knowledge of firearms; he indicated interest in buying his first handgun with an opening question; “what is the best gun for Concealed Carry plus target practice using most economical ammunition”?

To begin with answering his question; choosing a “dual purpose” gun is not a good idea for making the best choice.  I was tempted to reply with; “chose a small, lightweight, 380mm pistol for Concealed Carry and a long barrel, 22 caliber revolver for shooting at the range”, realizing this is only an opinion that would spark an endless debate about recommendations from other experienced gun owners.

It’s difficult for a future gun owner to appreciate another‘s opinion without first investigating all other options plus scenarios and responsibilities connected with Concealed Carry.  Each of us has different motives, opinions, tolerance, and body metrics while firearms manufacturers offer a plethora of choices.  One interested in Concealed Carry should select a gun for that specific purpose.  Many people lose motivation to carry due to an incorrect choice of handgun and holster with features satisfying personal needs for comfort and concealment.

Instead of “telling” someone what to buy; it’s best making a few general comments and point to related sources for additional formation.  For example; a revolver may be best for someone interested in ultimate reliability, low maintenance and simplicity, whereas, a pistol is more complex to maintain, but, offers easier concealment with greater cartridge capacity.

Single Action (SA) triggers are more sensitive and may help shooting accuracy, whereas, Double action (DA) and Double Action Only (DAO) handguns require longer trigger strokes which some owners consider safer.  Striker fired handguns are most desirable, for a quick threat response, with sensitive trigger action and no manual cocking, or, external safety release.  Hammer fired guns can be carried in a “decocked” position which many owners consider a safety advantage.

A prospective buyer must go through a litany of choices, including each man and woman victimized for different reasons.  Knowing the rules and responsibilities of gun ownership are also important including; licensing (in some states), training, safety practice, shooting practice, gun maintenance and liabilities.   Individual temperament, physical health and reach restrictions also play a role in successful Concealed Carry.

Be sure taking ample time shopping around…gun shops sell guns, but, don’t know your gun compatibility traits, which can only be decided by taking adequate time thinking about personal circumstances involving gun ownership…family safety at home, partner approval, legal restrictions,  gun maintenance,  what size and type of gun, pistol or revolver , large or small caliber, heavy or light, open carry or concealed.

Holster research is often overlooked; however, it is just as important for successful Concealed Carry.  Choice should include physical reach capabilities, all day comfort, concealment, physical freedom of movement (without brandishing), clothing requirements, personal body metrics…otherwise you will end up with a box full of holsters and no motivation to carry.  Make the right choices and you will “keep on packin” dude. 

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Concealed Carry versus “No-Carry”

Our sympathies for the innocent people massacred in Paris, France on November 13th, 2015 are a solemn reminder of what happened in this country on September 11, 2001.  Most citizens don’t realize there have been over 75 Muslim extremist terror attacks in the United States since 1972.  There are also more than 200 mass killings, in this country, by demented U.S. residents since 2006, according to USA Today News.

It’s comforting to know security forces have effectively stopped many of these attempts; however, it becomes increasingly difficult to stop indiscriminant “lone wolf” tactics like the one in San Bernardino, CA on December 4, 2015.  Federal, state and municipal officials are constantly improving security measures at the same time, realizing the impossibility of a perfect score. The history of attacks takes place mainly in highly populated areas such as; sporting events, shopping centers, movie theaters, subways, etc.

We are losing too many lives to domestic and foreign terrorists while innocent citizens are restricted from protecting themselves with firearms.  Homeland security forces do not have enough resources to watch all suspected terrorists 24/7, thus allowing opportunities for attacks.  It takes 10 to 15 agents to watch each individual on a terror suspect list.

There is talk about “sleeper cells” in the US as noted by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson who stated, “There are individuals living in the United States today who have contact with the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) and other terrorist groups who have a desire to conduct an attack on U.S. soil.”

It is impossible to have enough armed police officers watching daily public activity whereas, elimination of “no-carry” zones would allow citizens to Concealed Carry in ”all areas” of society thus improving public safety and saving lives.  This new role would require additional tactical training beyond individual self-defense including a protocol with police, federal agents and Special Forces.  It would be an extension of today’s license training, how to spot, report and react to unlawful activities including rules of engagement to avoid interference with higher ranking law enforcement personnel  during a confrontation.

Concealed Carry persons, looking like ”ordinary” citizens, dispersed throughout society at all times, would be a tremendous surprise advantage over terrorist and save multiple lives.  We have relied on firearms to make this country as strong as it is today and must continue with additional firearm protection in all public areas.

Money spent on deterring terrorism could be well spent on training ordinary citizens with such cost offset by reducing loss of life and property damage during terrorist encounters.  Resistance to the above proposal will probably be centered on “who” will be “qualified” for this responsibility.  Such questions will be answered by vetting applicants through training programs, designed by law enforcement officials, being no different than certifying applicants for any public related role as a police officer, security guard, or, current license to carry, drive and automobile fly an airplane, etc.

It is naive to believe anyone can qualify for Concealed Carry, however, today’s license holders have an impeccable record showing minimal license revocations with a strong indication they can play a vital role in public safety.  The protection of our great nation and its citizens must not be compromised by distorted political views against Concealed Carry.

There are an estimated 11 million Concealed Carry license holders who love this country dearly, and live by the Gadsden Flag motto; “Don’t Tread On Me”.  Additional Concealed Carry training plus elimination of no-carry zones would be a tremendous addition to saving lives and preserving our national security..

Hopefully our legislators will see this reasoning and repeal any stifling regulations to protect ourselves and country…keep on packin dude. 

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Concealed Carry Appeal

Gun ownership has been a tradition in this country since July 4th, 1776 when our forefathers declared this country to be a self-governing nation.  Half of today’s adults have a gun in their home as the trend continues upward.  A greater number of men are murdered, compared to women, but women are more vulnerable to domestic violence, sexual violence college campus rapes and generally less capable of defending themselves.

It’s been a man’s world when it comes to handguns and holsters, but things have changed dramatically in recent years.  Today’s women realize they can’t always have someone else providing for their safety and elect Concealed Carry as a viable solution.  It’s interesting to note how fast women develop aiming skills, quickly become awesome shooters.

Manufactures offer a plethora of Concealed Carry gun sizes including; lighter weight, softer recoil, and custom grips, whereas, holster manufacturers recognize women are dress style conscious and don’t like wearing a cover vest or baggy pants.  Comfort and concealment requirements are constantly improving whereas ladies can even chose pink pistol grips along with wearing snug fitting jeans.

Perhaps you have heard the saying: “no matter what you give a woman, she will always give more in return…If you give her a house, she will turn it into a home…If you buy her groceries, she will provide a meal…If you give her a smile, she will offer her heart…and if you give her an ounce of crap, she will come back with a ton of sh*%”.

Women are man’s most prized possession, the light in his life and…they refuse to be violated.  It’s great to see many of them have a gun in the home with thousands more electing to Concealed Carry.

The following story, reported by the news media, is almost too dramatic to be true:  A beauty queen contestant is accosted by an aggressive overpowering ex-convict.  She is doomed to experience extensive physical harm, possibly death; however she manages to get to her firearm stopping any further violence.  It’s unreasonable that she responded to a knock on the door at 3 AM however her subsequent actions, most probably, saved her life.

This article will probably serve as a classic example repeated by pro-gun supporters over and over again:  “A 110 lb. beauty queen, overcome by a brute felon, defends her life with a pink .38 special”.

This kind of emotional script helps some people understand owing a gun is something worth considering; but, be mindful possessing a gun and being effective with it, requires discipline, responsibility and practice.  She thought to take her weapon, under stressful circumstances, instinctively aim and place successful shots to stop the threat.  Her knowledge of firearms and training at the range was of utmost importance in preparing for this tragedy.

Its unfortunate similar events happen on a frequent basis, involving ordinary people without reaching the headlines. This story got lots of publicity because she is a beauty queen with wealth and the villain was a long time felon, but regardless; it illustrates why we should give serious thought to Concealed Carry and continue to champion for our 2nd amendment rights.  Keep on packin dude.


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Concealed Carry Don’t Tread On Me

Perhaps General Gadsden’s name is not familiar; however, chances are you have seen his flag.  This banner of freedom has a yellow background with a coiled rattlesnake at its center and below is an inscription; “Don’t Tread On Me”.  It all started in the 1770’s when General Christopher Gadsden, of South Carolina, offered his American flag, for a newly established United States Navy in 1775, organized to cut off British war supplies coming into the Colonies.

The birth of this great nation is all about freedom which could only be achieved and maintained by creation of a powerful force.  We often forget our strength is dependent upon participation of ordinary citizens to produce wealth, win wars, choose public leaders, and create just laws.  History repeats with the same narrative over and over; freedom is derived through sovereignty.

Concealed Carry represents power, on a personal level, achieved with a hand-gun and Constitution supporting self-protection for every capable citizen.  Gadsden’s flag symbolically reflected objections of patriots tired of being taxed and ruled by British rulers in prior years to the Revolution.  His flag is still shown today on numerous occasions, but, perhaps you did not realize its historical significance as one of America’s first flags symbolically implying to our right to carry a firearm for self-protection.

Today, some foreign nations don’t understand why we have complete freedom of speech plus rights to bear arms and think we should change our Constitution.  They criticize us for allowing “un-American” speech and personal ownership of firearms; however, this claim is lost when disregarding Benjamin Franklin’s comment, in 1786, when asked: ‘what form of government do we have?’  He replied; “A republic if you can keep it”.

Some citizens are apathetic about power until their freedom is compromised while; cost of liberty requires continuous support.  Powerful forces have always been used for self-protection, throughout history, from Stone Age clubs up to present day Concealed Carry.  It would be ideal if there were no need for individual self-protection, but, it’s not within our genome.

Benjamin Franklin’s amazing foresight continues in today’s political arena prompting 21st century citizens to stay involved in maintaining our Constitutional rights.  Admittedly, our government could be more “efficient” as an autocracy; where Washington would have “unlimited power” with politicians having absolute control when imposing “their agenda”, however, they must be reminded; this country belongs to you and I and hopefully, we citizens of this great nation will never forget.

The Gadsden flag is displayed today at; sports events, political movements, and by Libertarians seeking strict interpretation of our U.S. Constitution.  Nowadays patriots (you and I) need to support displaying the Gadsden flag as a symbol for individual rights to Concealed Carry.  It fit’s today’s environment better than it did in the earlier years of this nation and illustrates our 2nd Amendment right to Concealed Carry; not as an aggressor, but, boldly stated as a defender: Don’t Tread On Me…Keep on packin dude.

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