Concealed Carry Church Debate

Back in the late 1990’s when Concealed Carry licenses were being issued to thousands of ordinary citizens, the anti-gun crowd expected it would “take us back to the Wild West”…”there will be “shooting in the streets”. Statistics have proven these claims totally inaccurate as crime rates continue falling.  Carrying a weapon in church should be no different than carrying in public places and hopefully, our legislators and/or church hierarchy will eventually “see the light”.

Past shooting tragedies in churches across our country have stirred up debates on this subject.  Many congregations allow Concealed Carry while anti-gun people are vigorously opposed.  It appears this argument will eventually be lost, based upon common sense strategies toward impending threats from terrorists and mentally disturbed individuals.

Properly trained gun owners can be undetected and proficient in crowded environments, including churches, whereas area safety cannot be maintained with “no-carry” signs.  Some anti-gun people are, once again, concerned with the “wild west” scenario at the expense of documented shootings in churches and other no-carry zones across the country.  Churches of all denominations are over coming resistance to Concealed Carry and recognizing a need for additional security.

My curiosity about such a change caused wondering how nervous anti-gun people will react on that first day, when parishioners carry a firearm in church, which led to this following bazar dream: 

 “It was a beautiful Sunday morning as I got dressed in my cowboy boots and spurs, strapped on my silver clad black leather cartridge belt and outboard Colt 44 revolver, plus Stetson cowboy hat and attended 9AM Sunday Mass.  Greeters at the front entrance were stunned as I walked in; they quietly stared at my 10 gallon hat, “44 hog leg”, pointed toe boots and silver spurs.  It was quiet except for gasping and moaning of men, women and children going for cover. 

 Everyone made plenty of space for me as I walked down the aisle, looking for a pew, when a little old lady offered me her seat…in fact, the whole pew emptied just for me.  The celebration began as a startled priest suddenly noticed me and the word, Jesus, uncontrollably jumped from his mouth.  Later his sermon was a little shaky, but brief, with no requests for future money. 

It’s my day for gathering offerings and people are extremely generous as I pass the collection basket.  One person had no money, but, threw in his watch.  Another nervous acting gentleman seemed to display deep religious faith as he continuously repeated the sign of the cross.   The petrified choir was a little off key, but, everyone seemed to like my singing. 

Reverend Father was greeting people after Mass, as I walked out of church.  He cautiously reminded me not to feel obligated toward attending Sunday Mass.  My fellow parishioners politely waited in the parking lot, behind their cars, as I got on my horse, shouted, “HI HO Silver”, and rode off on a beautiful Sunday morning, to meet Tonto for breakfast.” 

The above comments are pure fantasy, but, the reality of this article is; all churches would be much safer with a security program involving Concealed Carry members.

In the meantime…keep on “packin” dude.

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Concealed Carry Laser Sights

Have you considered a “laser attachment” for your Concealed Carry handgun?  It’s a great pleasure to hear stories from Stealth Defense Holster blog members as noted below.  You may find this article helpful deciding on this accessory for your handgun.

“Hey Al,  Can’t remember if I told you that the Crimson Trace CMR-206 Rail Master laser on my XDS 3.3 fits in the strut just fine.  I’m very pleased.  Thought I might expound a little more on what I’ve discovered about a laser sight.  Might be grist for your blog mill.

I’m old fashioned and didn’t think these newfangled things were more than toys for gun nuts to play with.  You focus on the front sight, and who can miss, right?  But I’ve gotten more serious about self-defense as I sort of organize some willing volunteers to carry in church, given the current societal pressures.  So I found a good price on this laser, it was enthusiastically reviewed (not necessarily a valid consideration), and ordered one.  MSRP $269, got it from Optics Planet through Amazon for $175, no tax, no shipping.  Could have gotten the same deal direct from Optics Planet, I discovered.  Both are good to deal with; it came sooner than expected.

I opted for the green laser vice the red, because I hunt hogs with a great LED gun light in both red and green and green is just naturally brighter.   Has to do with the color spectrum and the human eye.  Anyway, this thing fit right on the gun, and is bright enough to provide illumination in a dark room, besides designate the target.  That seems extremely valuable to me, because you don’t have to fumble around with a flashlight and aim one-handed, etc.  Plus, the deterrence factor has to be significant.

But the major advantage is the quickness and ease of getting on target.  Makes point shooting much more effective, which eliminates time to line up the iron sights, etc.  I was talking to the handgun instructor I’m going to use for our church group, and asked him to provide further training tailored to our group’s needs, and the first thing he mentioned was using a laser sight.  Validated my discovery.   The second thing was correct ammunition to avoid pass-throughs.  No secret there.

The laser also fits my XDM 3.8.  If I had one recommendation for you, it would be to consider a slightly larger size holster, and deeper mag pouch to accommodate the longer, thicker double stack guns.  It could be that I’ve just gotten accustomed to the way the little XDS snuggles down into the holster, and that the XDM is also just fine, but sticks out a little more.  I feel like the extended mag for the XDM is top heavy and unstable in the provided mag pouch.  That makes me just a little uncomfortable.  Sure would like it deeper.

I still walk with a strut.  Can’t find a better all-around holster that conceals better.  With shirts that snap rather than button, it’s a winner for me.
Take care, Tim.”

Lasers help getting on target quicker with greater accuracy from any shooting position.  They are also great for “dry shooting” practice.  Thanks for your input Tim and “keep on packin dude”.


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So You Want To Concealed Carry

Gun sales continue climbing while foreign terrorism and mass shootings are reported worldwide. The role of Concealed Carry is changing as our country faces increased aggression.  Perhaps it’s time for our government to eliminate “no-carry” zones and encourage a qualified citizenry to take up arms.  Current police or, special armed forces protection is not adequate, illustrating a need for getting eligible citizens involved.

While talking with a friend at dinner, who has some knowledge of firearms; he indicated interest in buying his first handgun with an opening question; “what is the best gun for Concealed Carry plus target practice using most economical ammunition”?

To begin with answering his question; choosing a “dual purpose” gun is not a good idea for making the best choice.  I was tempted to reply with; “chose a small, lightweight, 380mm pistol for Concealed Carry and a long barrel, 22 caliber revolver for shooting at the range”, realizing this is only an opinion that would spark an endless debate about recommendations from other experienced gun owners.

It’s difficult for a future gun owner to appreciate another‘s opinion without first investigating all other options plus scenarios and responsibilities connected with Concealed Carry.  Each of us has different motives, opinions, tolerance, and body metrics while firearms manufacturers offer a plethora of choices.  One interested in Concealed Carry should select a gun for that specific purpose.  Many people lose motivation to carry due to an incorrect choice of handgun and holster with features satisfying personal needs for comfort and concealment.

Instead of “telling” someone what to buy; it’s best making a few general comments and point to related sources for additional formation.  For example; a revolver may be best for someone interested in ultimate reliability, low maintenance and simplicity, whereas, a pistol is more complex to maintain, but, offers easier concealment with greater cartridge capacity.

Single Action (SA) triggers are more sensitive and may help shooting accuracy, whereas, Double action (DA) and Double Action Only (DAO) handguns require longer trigger strokes which some owners consider safer.  Striker fired handguns are most desirable, for a quick threat response, with sensitive trigger action and no manual cocking, or, external safety release.  Hammer fired guns can be carried in a “decocked” position which many owners consider a safety advantage.

A prospective buyer must go through a litany of choices, including each man and woman victimized for different reasons.  Knowing the rules and responsibilities of gun ownership are also important including; licensing (in some states), training, safety practice, shooting practice, gun maintenance and liabilities.   Individual temperament, physical health and reach restrictions also play a role in successful Concealed Carry.

Be sure taking ample time shopping around…gun shops sell guns, but, don’t know your gun compatibility traits, which can only be decided by taking adequate time thinking about personal circumstances involving gun ownership…family safety at home, partner approval, legal restrictions,  gun maintenance,  what size and type of gun, pistol or revolver , large or small caliber, heavy or light, open carry or concealed.

Holster research is often overlooked; however, it is just as important for successful Concealed Carry.  Choice should include physical reach capabilities, all day comfort, concealment, physical freedom of movement (without brandishing), clothing requirements, personal body metrics…otherwise you will end up with a box full of holsters and no motivation to carry.  Make the right choices and you will “keep on packin” dude. 

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Concealed Carry versus “No-Carry”

Our sympathies for the innocent people massacred in Paris, France on November 13th, 2015 are a solemn reminder of what happened in this country on September 11, 2001.  Most citizens don’t realize there have been over 75 Muslim extremist terror attacks in the United States since 1972.  There are also more than 200 mass killings, in this country, by demented U.S. residents since 2006, according to USA Today News.

It’s comforting to know security forces have effectively stopped many of these attempts; however, it becomes increasingly difficult to stop indiscriminant “lone wolf” tactics like the one in San Bernardino, CA on December 4, 2015.  Federal, state and municipal officials are constantly improving security measures at the same time, realizing the impossibility of a perfect score. The history of attacks takes place mainly in highly populated areas such as; sporting events, shopping centers, movie theaters, subways, etc.

We are losing too many lives to domestic and foreign terrorists while innocent citizens are restricted from protecting themselves with firearms.  Homeland security forces do not have enough resources to watch all suspected terrorists 24/7, thus allowing opportunities for attacks.  It takes 10 to 15 agents to watch each individual on a terror suspect list.

There is talk about “sleeper cells” in the US as noted by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson who stated, “There are individuals living in the United States today who have contact with the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) and other terrorist groups who have a desire to conduct an attack on U.S. soil.”

It is impossible to have enough armed police officers watching daily public activity whereas, elimination of “no-carry” zones would allow citizens to Concealed Carry in ”all areas” of society thus improving public safety and saving lives.  This new role would require additional tactical training beyond individual self-defense including a protocol with police, federal agents and Special Forces.  It would be an extension of today’s license training, how to spot, report and react to unlawful activities including rules of engagement to avoid interference with higher ranking law enforcement personnel  during a confrontation.

Concealed Carry persons, looking like ”ordinary” citizens, dispersed throughout society at all times, would be a tremendous surprise advantage over terrorist and save multiple lives.  We have relied on firearms to make this country as strong as it is today and must continue with additional firearm protection in all public areas.

Money spent on deterring terrorism could be well spent on training ordinary citizens with such cost offset by reducing loss of life and property damage during terrorist encounters.  Resistance to the above proposal will probably be centered on “who” will be “qualified” for this responsibility.  Such questions will be answered by vetting applicants through training programs, designed by law enforcement officials, being no different than certifying applicants for any public related role as a police officer, security guard, or, current license to carry, drive and automobile fly an airplane, etc.

It is naive to believe anyone can qualify for Concealed Carry, however, today’s license holders have an impeccable record showing minimal license revocations with a strong indication they can play a vital role in public safety.  The protection of our great nation and its citizens must not be compromised by distorted political views against Concealed Carry.

There are an estimated 11 million Concealed Carry license holders who love this country dearly, and live by the Gadsden Flag motto; “Don’t Tread On Me”.  Additional Concealed Carry training plus elimination of no-carry zones would be a tremendous addition to saving lives and preserving our national security..

Hopefully our legislators will see this reasoning and repeal any stifling regulations to protect ourselves and country…keep on packin dude. 

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Concealed Carry & Falling Bullets

Isaac Newton was a very smart dude who became famous in the 1700’s for many contributions to mathematics and understanding of our universe.  He offered complicated mathematical explanations about ‘whatever goes up must come down’, however, no one needs to do the math…we know it happens all the time…so why do people fire their weapons in the air?

We have seen it in the media, especially, during festive celebrations such as New Year’s Eve and Independence Day.  The chances of being struck by a falling bullet are very small, however, it does happen.  The National Center for Health Statistics maintains your chances of accidental injury by firearms are one in 6,000, however, no specific reference to “falling bullets” is noted.

In Los Angeles, over seven years (1985 – 1992) doctors at King/Drew Medical Center reported 38 people died and 118 were injured from weapon discharges into the air.  The occurrence was during holiday celebrations and amounted to 32% mortalities from falling bullets.  A special team of trained officers patrolled busy areas, in Los Angeles during holiday activities, looking for people discharging weapons in the air.

Shooting guns in the air is defined as “reckless discharge of a weapon” in the US and illegal at any time.  It has become even more serious in Arizona where the penalty was changed from a misdemeanor to a felony, resulting up to one year in jail.  In spite of the danger; some foreign countries allow it while aware of documented injuries and property loss.

Building roof tops and automobiles have been damaged including deaths from head injuries.  What happen to common sense plus respect for human life and personal property?  After the end of the Gulf War in Kuwait, troops celebrated by carelessly discharging their weapons in the air resulting in 20 deaths from falling bullets.

Some rifles can discharge a bullet to a height of two miles for duration of more than a minute.  When “Newt” did his experiments with falling objects; he said they all have the desire to fall at the same rate.  Did he mean, for example, that a rock and a feather will fall at the same speed?  Yep; it just so happens that the old geezer was right again, at least, when occurring in zero atmosphere.

Gravity has the same attraction on all things; however, in our atmosphere with wind resistance we find that objects will reach a “terminal velocity” based upon their mass and shape.  The terminal velocity of a falling bullet can reach somewhere around 200 miles per hour creating enough impact to kill a person.

Our Concealed Carry Instructor did not specifically tell us not to fire our weapons in the air, but, there is a direct correlation to the (4) basic rules of safety:

  • Always assume your weapon is loaded and ready for discharge.
  • Never point your weapon at anything you don’t intend to shoot.  (which includes discharging in the air)
  • Be aware of what is near your target and in your line of fire.  (which includes discharging in the air)
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until it’s safe to shoot your target.

Some may feel constant reminders of the above rules are trite and unnecessary…but consider them as a prayer for safety worth repeating.  Always be safe, respect the law plus, your neighbors and their property at all times…keep on packin dude.

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Christmas, Concealed Carry & Trust

The religious celebration of Christmas started in 354 AD and did not take hold in America until the early 1800’s.  Religious significance continues to diminish over the years while creative product marketing gives us a Jolly Old Man in a red suit, Rudolph the red nose reindeer and songs like; “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas”.

Future celebrations of Christmas, centered on the birth of Jesus, are up to us, but, His significance to humanity runs much deeper than a festive religious holiday.  It embodies a 2,000 year old philosophy of goodwill to all mankind, which is the key to peace for all humanity.  Unfortunately, some humans do not follow the code of universal ethics thus causing protective reactions on a global scale down to individual Concealed Carry.

Trust continues to be a principle element for establishing peaceful coexistence with each neighbor in our secular world today; however, it is naive to believe every weapon, including Concealed Carry guns, should be confiscated and replaced with unquestionable faith in everyone.  We must continue arming ourselves in the unforeseeable future while creating improvements in mutual trust that extend peaceful coexistence and quality of life.

Displaying such reliance on each other during the Christmas season is an encouraging omen.  There are many problematic issues separating citizens today…culture, race, religion, citizenship, gun ownership…that can only be resolved by choosing strong, unbiased political and social leaders who love this country above selfish ambitions.

Christmas is a joyful celebration all around the earth.  It’s a “time out” from world problems to extend “best wishes” to peace loving, Christians, Jews, Muslims and others, regardless of individual practice.  Let us never abandon any efforts to make this world peaceful for current and future generations.

Christmas season is a good time to reassess intolerant views of others and search for ways to live in harmony.  Always graciously extend your hand to understand and improve human behavior on a world, or, individual scale, however, keep the other hand ready for Concealed Carry protection.

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to my Brothers and Sisters from all peace loving Cultures, Races and Religions.

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Concealed Carry Appeal

Gun ownership has been a tradition in this country since July 4th, 1776 when our forefathers declared this country to be a self-governing nation.  Half of today’s adults have a gun in their home as the trend continues upward.  A greater number of men are murdered, compared to women, but women are more vulnerable to domestic violence, sexual violence college campus rapes and generally less capable of defending themselves.

It’s been a man’s world when it comes to handguns and holsters, but things have changed dramatically in recent years.  Today’s women realize they can’t always have someone else providing for their safety and elect Concealed Carry as a viable solution.  It’s interesting to note how fast women develop aiming skills, quickly become awesome shooters.

Manufactures offer a plethora of Concealed Carry gun sizes including; lighter weight, softer recoil, and custom grips, whereas, holster manufacturers recognize women are dress style conscious and don’t like wearing a cover vest or baggy pants.  Comfort and concealment requirements are constantly improving whereas ladies can even chose pink pistol grips along with wearing snug fitting jeans.

Perhaps you have heard the saying: “no matter what you give a woman, she will always give more in return…If you give her a house, she will turn it into a home…If you buy her groceries, she will provide a meal…If you give her a smile, she will offer her heart…and if you give her an ounce of crap, she will come back with a ton of sh*%”.

Women are man’s most prized possession, the light in his life and…they refuse to be violated.  It’s great to see many of them have a gun in the home with thousands more electing to Concealed Carry.

The following story, reported by the news media, is almost too dramatic to be true:  A beauty queen contestant is accosted by an aggressive overpowering ex-convict.  She is doomed to experience extensive physical harm, possibly death; however she manages to get to her firearm stopping any further violence.  It’s unreasonable that she responded to a knock on the door at 3 AM however her subsequent actions, most probably, saved her life.

This article will probably serve as a classic example repeated by pro-gun supporters over and over again:  “A 110 lb. beauty queen, overcome by a brute felon, defends her life with a pink .38 special”.

This kind of emotional script helps some people understand owing a gun is something worth considering; but, be mindful possessing a gun and being effective with it, requires discipline, responsibility and practice.  She thought to take her weapon, under stressful circumstances, instinctively aim and place successful shots to stop the threat.  Her knowledge of firearms and training at the range was of utmost importance in preparing for this tragedy.

Its unfortunate similar events happen on a frequent basis, involving ordinary people without reaching the headlines. This story got lots of publicity because she is a beauty queen with wealth and the villain was a long time felon, but regardless; it illustrates why we should give serious thought to Concealed Carry and continue to champion for our 2nd amendment rights.  Keep on packin dude.


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