World Conflict & Concealed Carry

Everyone acknowledges conflict exists throughout the world today, but, who can explain why, and will it ever end, or, will Concealed Carry become obsolete?  Most individuals advocate love and respect for others; however, history of world-wide tension continues to grow.

Social scientists explain it as a means of attempting to better ourselves, or, improve an ideology we represent.  An alternate means of promoting such change is through compromise, understanding, responsibility and empathy to name a few.  Prime examples of significant changes resulting from conflict are; the birth of our country, human rights and labor unions, all of which were preceded by unsuccessful negotiations.

While most of us claim being “lovers” rather than “fighters”; we continue seeing a need for Concealed Carry when someone sacrifices “your” life to meet “their” demands.  On a world scale, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict reveals no end to agony that prevails, and, offering a solution is beyond the scope of this article.

Palestine was recognized as an Arab country before World War II, but, during this turmoil a massive increase in Jewish population took place.  In 1948 the United Nations divided Palestine to include Israel as a state resulting in major tensions existing today.

Israeli’s developed a self-defensive program resisting enemy attacks which has proven highly successful for many years.  Their techniques are recognized throughout the world and finally being used for airline security checks in the USA plus combat training and self-defense situations.  Israeli security goes beyond using a Concealed Carry weapon for self-defense including a hand-to-hand fighting technique called “Krav Maga”.

This method is described as an instinctive and logical approach overcoming all types of violence with simple defensive skills developed by veteran experts.  People from over the world take this training including; men and women of all ages plus law enforcement and military people.  One can become “ultimate” in self-defense with Krav Maga but it takes; desire, stamina, extensive training and discipline.  Training facilities are located across the US and may be in your area.

Ordinary guys may not choose taking this course, but, should give fore-thought to some basic tactics used in advanced defense training courses.  You may know the main tactic used by an enemy is: “surprise”, but, we should also realize villains pick the time, place and method of an assault.  We can foil their attempts by circumventing these conditions.

It’s also helpful dealing in advance with the mindset required for defensive shooting in a public place and avoiding harm to bystanders.  How do we pick out “good guys” and “bad guys” and will you be mistaken for a bad guy.  You may not take the above courses to become an “alpha dog”, however, give serious thought to the basic tactics noted; they may save an innocent life.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of humankind would be for scientists to develop a pill enabling complete eradication of our negative traits with a total reliance on treating nations, cultures and individuals as we treat ourselves.  This would eliminate a need for Concealed Carry, although I wonder…how many would take the medication…Better “keep on packin dude”.

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