Concealed Carry Prevalence

Firearm ownership rights are contested by political leaders and citizens around the globe from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.  The United States and the United Kingdom are the most talked about countries with totally opposing views on gun legislation, yet both sides should agree, the common objective is to assure rights and safety for their citizens.

It is difficult to appreciate the freedom that we Concealed Carry gun owners have in this country until one reads about the strict laws in other countries like Britain, Germany and Australia.  Mass homicides in these countries cause public legislators to support  “stricter“ gun control laws each time a disaster occurs.

Gun control in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Wyoming and Vermont became more liberal, requiring no permit to Concealed Carry, starting with Alaska in 2003 and Arkansas in 2013.  Additional states of Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Main, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Utah and West Virginia are also considering laws allowing Concealed Carry without a permit.

Other states are poised in the opposite direction such as California, Connecticut and New Jersey, requiring a permit which includes individual testing and firearm restrictions.  Concealed Carry owners must also be aware of various “city gun laws” that may differ from state requirements.  This wide inconsistency between state and city laws make it extremely difficult for Conceal Carry owners to respect, while traveling, and begs the need for “universal carry” laws across the country.

The future of Concealed Carry in the U.S. impinges heavily upon favorable public opinion polls.  These surveys also show a majority in support of criminal background checks, mental health checks, response training to armed attacks in public places and prevention of legal gun purchases for illegal re-sale.

Each time a tragedy occurs, anti-gun politicians prey upon public emotions for support of more gun laws.  Gun enthusiasts generally feel legislation, restricting certain types of guns and magazine clip sizes, etc. are ineffective measures for stopping crime.

Both sides of the debate will agree; guns are obviously getting into the wrong hands, but must also realize, additional laws have no effect on criminal types.

Concealed Carry popularity accelerated with “shall issue” laws in several states during the early 1990’s, and today, license revocations in all states are at a miniscule level.  It’s self-evident; guns in the hands of responsible, law abiding citizens is an inalienable right to self-protection and not a threat to society.  It’s also undisputable that guns in the hands of irresponsible people are a danger to society while strict enforcement of penalties is required.

Many anti-gun proponents don’t understand one’s right to carry because of a deep emotional fear, or, dislike for firearms and believe nobody should own one.  This not a logical or, realistic solution and shows no regard for the rights of others.  Such prejudice can only be overcome with an overwhelming response from Concealed Carry gun owners.

The best means to address gun ownership policies can be drawn from recent history which indicates no problems with ordinary citizens.  Let’s all stay involved in some way, otherwise, despite the truth, we will eventually lose our right to Concealed Carry as noted in the above countries.  Keep on packin dude…it’s your inalienable right…if you can keep it.

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