Concealed Carry & Easter Faith

Easter Sunday celebrates the foundation of Christianity being established on belief that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, rose from the dead and ascended into heaven after sacrificing his life for mankind.  Religion is an experience transcending earthly connections to answer questions science continues to struggle with…who are we, what is our purpose and destination; but, what about our motives for personal survival…are they in conflict with religious belief?

It’s our inalienable nature to survive, but, most religions generally shy away from the topic of “concealed carry” whereas biblical comments on violence can support and/or deny use of force depending on one’s interpretation. An excellent article on shaping our religious views about self-protection was written by University of Oklahoma, Professor David Yearly.  He reminds us early use of guns, in this country, protected our lives and assures religious freedom that continues today.

Father Giorgio Giorgi, a Roman Catholic priest from Retorbido, Italy, builds a strong case for justifying self-protection in one of his sermons, whereas, church hierarchy may not share these views.  Most would agree, traditional religion is a guide for moral behavior, however, individual belief and ultimate practice is directed by individual conscience.

Easter can be a time for reviewing our personal values, no matter what religious faith we have, and when hunting Easter eggs with the children; be mindful concealed carry is an insurance token for personal and family protection.  Also consider life is more significant when we develop an understanding about ourselves, our purpose and destiny.  Have a happy Easter and keep on “packin” dude. 

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