Concealed Carry Toughness

Do you remember what it was like when first deciding to Concealed Carry?  For most of us, it starts off with excitement…can’t wait to get my license to carry…buy a handgun…go to the range…start my first training class etc.  We listened with precise attention as our class instructor talked about semi-autos, revolvers, shooting fundamentals plus safety and responsibility.  After several hours of classroom discussion and shooting range certification, we finally began our new experience with the “art” of Concealed Carry.

Eventually, newness wore off as we began to understand our level of “Concealed Carry Toughness”.  It takes a little extra effort, in the morning; putting on a holster, choosing suitable clothing for concealment and maybe during the day; being aware of “no-carry” zones plus experiencing less comfort with a handgun; all of which can lead to disinterest in ”hauling” a firearm around.

Each individual has a different toughness level, including dress requirements, comfort tolerance and reasons for Concealed Carry.  Some have motives strong enough to promote packing a 50 caliber, 3 pound “hog leg” 24/7, but, this does not result in comfort plus concealment and dress preferences wished for by most folks.  I talked to people who carry a full size “1911” daily and others who leave their compact “380” at home most times.

We may have different reasons, but, it makes good sense if a weapon conceals easily and is comfortable to carry, you will be less likely to leave it at home.  What happened in San Bernadino, California, December, 2015 is another example of mass killings that have plagued this country for over one-hundred years.  All 14 people may not have died if some were practicing Concealed Carry that day.

Our nation is not alone as exemplified by the November, 2015, tragedy in Paris, France.  If only some of these 130 helpless victims were, practicing Concealed Carry thus defending them against a brutal terrorist massacre. Motivation can be driven by a negative personal experience, or, exposure to daily media violence reports.

Toughness is bolstered through confidence, gained with firing range practice, or, dry shooting at home. In addition we program ourselves through mentally envisioned self-defense situations not necessarily involving a gun fight, but, quick evaluation of an escape path from harm without needing to draw and shoot.

Visualizing mental shooting and situation tactics will improve Concealed Carry skills by repeatedly picturing successful actions, over and again, with intensive use of your five senses; vision, smell, hearing, taste, touch and feel to absorb each self-defense action.  This mental repetition develops “muscle memory” triggering an automatic reaction during an actual encounter.

Give careful consideration to whatever makes you Concealed Carry Tough for thugs who will show up anytime.  Keep on “packin” dude.


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