Sam Colt & Concealed Carry

Samuel Colt (1814-1862) started up “Colt’s Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company” in 1832, after a long struggle with several business ventures.  He is credited with high volume production of his 6-shot revolvers and infamous M1911 semi-automatic pistol designed by John Browning.

There is historic contention about the morality of Colt’s aggressive advertising and sales practice, supplying weapons for “both sides” during the 1861-1865 Civil War and also foreign countries under similar circumstances.  This questionable practice continues throughout our world today.

Everyone in this country; gun-haters included, owes thanks to Sam Colt for improving our living standards and manufacturing technology contributions, enabling the United States to become today’s superpower.  In addition, the impact of machining gun components within precision tolerances, allows today’s world manufacturers to assemble products at high volume with low cost.

Nowadays, Colt Manufacturing Company, LLC manufactures a variety of firearms for military, law enforcement, and personal use including the concealed carry, 9mm & 45cal Colt Defender and Colt 380 Mustang.

Their slogan, supposedly originated by early Colt sales people, has several versions; one of which is:  “God Made Man & Sam Colt Made Them Equal”…an outstanding catchphrase describing our reasons for concealed carry plus the Second Amendment.  We also don’t go looking for a fight, but, we do insist on; “Stand Your Ground” rights.

The heated debate whether citizens should Concealed Carry continues; however, have you noticed; many public officials who speak out “against” the “right to carry” employ security protection service?  We respect the commitment of public servants and advocate their need for personal protection, but, how do they conclude armed protection is not necessary for the ordinary citizen while they retain security people for themselves?  What is their opinion of an average citizen’s life?

Some large cities, like New York, have strict laws making Concealed Carry almost impossible for citizens; yet, murder rates are highly concentrated in these same locations.  Everyone will agree; a concealed weapon for self-defense does not always guarantee one’s safety whereas unfortunate incidents do occur; however, this is not valid reasoning for keeping guns away from competent, law abiding citizens.

We all know guns are considered a last resort for protecting our lives, and, Sam Colt’s sales people were exactly right when they said “God Made Man & Sam Colt Made Them Equal”.  Those against Concealed Carry present a flawed case, while 2nd Amendment supporters maintain; self-defense is an obvious “natural” right.  Public officials hire security protection, police carry weapons and our forefathers have used guns to overcome tyranny and violence since 1776.  Regrettably, the need for Concealed Carry will not change until there is a universal change in human behavior.

It would be foolish for “anti-gun” public officials to give up their personal security while “right to carry” advocates would agree…so why don’t they pursue the real causes of gun violence and quit messing with the good guys.  Be safe and keep on “packin” dude.

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2 thoughts on “Sam Colt & Concealed Carry

  1. Tim Eby

    Al, a couple (well, maybe more) of observations:
    1. I spearheaded a movement within my local congregation to encourage certain folks who had been putting it off to go ahead and get their concealed carry permit, then pursue further training for a crowded scene crisis. The first half was very successful and I’m working with an instructor to accomplish the second.
    2. The local elders have approved concealed carry, but not open carry, which is now legal in TX. That’s fine with me; I prefer it that way. The open/concealed question is another whole debate. Open carry is our right, but is it smart?
    3. My lawyer daughter has cautioned that a formal security program by the church could have liability consequences for the church. She advises, and the elders agree, that we are better served to just carry on a personal basis. Thus the liability is on us as individuals, which we must recognize, is the reality any time we carry. But the corporate church is off the liability hook.
    4. I am planning with the instructor for a specialized course for my needs, and I can and will invite any of my friends to join me in the training. Get it?

    These are considerations that your readers may find useful in establishing a security plan for their churches. Please do it! Just be realistic about it. Training and more training is crucial to success. There is no virtue in having a shoot-out at the OK Corral at your church. Competence must rule to avoid tragedy.



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