Concealed Carry Vs. the NFL?

The 2015 movie, “Concussion” is an excellent portrayal of head trauma damage caused in football players today.  Research indicates they are more likely to die from a neurodegenerative disease.  A National Football League (NFL) player shot himself and his girlfriend, a few years ago, becoming the subject of an emotional “anti-gun” rant by NBC sportscaster, Bob Costas, during a nationally televised football game.

This marks another attempt by liberals using their influential power outlawing Concealed Carry handguns as in past disasters at Tucson Arizona, the Congresswoman Giffords tragedy, a movie theater in Aurora Colorado, Fort Hood in Texas along with many others.  Such depressed moments offer best opportunities for “gun haters” to negatively impact public views on firearm ownership, but hopefully, logical discussions will always prevail soon after things settle down.

Medical science researchers discovered new evidence leading to brain injuries in football players can affect rational behavior.  Did the above tragedy a result from football injuries affecting mental balance?  Was it drugs? Later evidence indicated he and his girlfriend were out drinking which resulted in a lethal domestic quarrel.

Anti-gun people must put their emotions aside, while addressing root causes of tragedy, realizing such kinds of incidents can exist without Concealed Carry firearms involved.  Bob Costas adores the “violent” game of football and accepts negative consequences such as related stress, drug problems plus mental and physical injuries to players…football is his “god”, making this form of violence “ok” while guns are “evil”.

If a decision is made to remove all “causes” of violence from society; football should then be on the list and Costas should be giving “anti-football” lectures instead of “anti-gun” lectures.  To further expand “his thoughts” on this subject, we must get rid of all “cause” related sources such as; automobiles, airplanes, motorcycles, boats, kitchen knives, matches, step ladders, gasoline, water, & saturated fats because they all may be related to un-natural deaths…it’s a totally stupid argument.

There was a serious component missing in the sportscaster’s discussion called “accountability”.  The individual took two lives requiring the “root cause” of this tragedy be further investigated without simply blaming guns.  All natural and man-made resources in our daily lives involve use with restraint, but unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.

We need clear focus on real causes of violence in our society, rather than Concealed Carry, some of which are deep rooted and will take generations to resolve; lack of family structure, lack of discipline, lack of ethics, mental illness, no jobs, no education, disrespect for our laws, individual unreliability, entertainment media violence, soft on criminals, disrespect for others…you heard them all at one time or another.

Anti-gun people will continue their deep seated hatred for guns with emotional rhetoric only exacerbating such problems.  Concealed Carry people and gun lovers must continue responsible use of firearms and support real solutions to social problems which will always prevail over emotional outbreaks from gun haters.  Hang in there, defend your 2nd amendment rights and…keep on packin dude.

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