Concealed Carry Church Debate

Back in the late 1990’s when Concealed Carry licenses were being issued to thousands of ordinary citizens, the anti-gun crowd expected it would “take us back to the Wild West”…”there will be “shooting in the streets”. Statistics have proven these claims totally inaccurate as crime rates continue falling.  Carrying a weapon in church should be no different than carrying in public places and hopefully, our legislators and/or church hierarchy will eventually “see the light”.

Past shooting tragedies in churches across our country have stirred up debates on this subject.  Many congregations allow Concealed Carry while anti-gun people are vigorously opposed.  It appears this argument will eventually be lost, based upon common sense strategies toward impending threats from terrorists and mentally disturbed individuals.

Properly trained gun owners can be undetected and proficient in crowded environments, including churches, whereas area safety cannot be maintained with “no-carry” signs.  Some anti-gun people are, once again, concerned with the “wild west” scenario at the expense of documented shootings in churches and other no-carry zones across the country.  Churches of all denominations are over coming resistance to Concealed Carry and recognizing a need for additional security.

My curiosity about such a change caused wondering how nervous anti-gun people will react on that first day, when parishioners carry a firearm in church, which led to this following bazar dream: 

 “It was a beautiful Sunday morning as I got dressed in my cowboy boots and spurs, strapped on my silver clad black leather cartridge belt and outboard Colt 44 revolver, plus Stetson cowboy hat and attended 9AM Sunday Mass.  Greeters at the front entrance were stunned as I walked in; they quietly stared at my 10 gallon hat, “44 hog leg”, pointed toe boots and silver spurs.  It was quiet except for gasping and moaning of men, women and children going for cover. 

 Everyone made plenty of space for me as I walked down the aisle, looking for a pew, when a little old lady offered me her seat…in fact, the whole pew emptied just for me.  The celebration began as a startled priest suddenly noticed me and the word, Jesus, uncontrollably jumped from his mouth.  Later his sermon was a little shaky, but brief, with no requests for future money. 

It’s my day for gathering offerings and people are extremely generous as I pass the collection basket.  One person had no money, but, threw in his watch.  Another nervous acting gentleman seemed to display deep religious faith as he continuously repeated the sign of the cross.   The petrified choir was a little off key, but, everyone seemed to like my singing. 

Reverend Father was greeting people after Mass, as I walked out of church.  He cautiously reminded me not to feel obligated toward attending Sunday Mass.  My fellow parishioners politely waited in the parking lot, behind their cars, as I got on my horse, shouted, “HI HO Silver”, and rode off on a beautiful Sunday morning, to meet Tonto for breakfast.” 

The above comments are pure fantasy, but, the reality of this article is; all churches would be much safer with a security program involving Concealed Carry members.

In the meantime…keep on “packin” dude.

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