Concealed Carry Laser Sights

Have you considered a “laser attachment” for your Concealed Carry handgun?  It’s a great pleasure to hear stories from Stealth Defense Holster blog members as noted below.  You may find this article helpful deciding on this accessory for your handgun.

“Hey Al,  Can’t remember if I told you that the Crimson Trace CMR-206 Rail Master laser on my XDS 3.3 fits in the strut just fine.  I’m very pleased.  Thought I might expound a little more on what I’ve discovered about a laser sight.  Might be grist for your blog mill.

I’m old fashioned and didn’t think these newfangled things were more than toys for gun nuts to play with.  You focus on the front sight, and who can miss, right?  But I’ve gotten more serious about self-defense as I sort of organize some willing volunteers to carry in church, given the current societal pressures.  So I found a good price on this laser, it was enthusiastically reviewed (not necessarily a valid consideration), and ordered one.  MSRP $269, got it from Optics Planet through Amazon for $175, no tax, no shipping.  Could have gotten the same deal direct from Optics Planet, I discovered.  Both are good to deal with; it came sooner than expected.

I opted for the green laser vice the red, because I hunt hogs with a great LED gun light in both red and green and green is just naturally brighter.   Has to do with the color spectrum and the human eye.  Anyway, this thing fit right on the gun, and is bright enough to provide illumination in a dark room, besides designate the target.  That seems extremely valuable to me, because you don’t have to fumble around with a flashlight and aim one-handed, etc.  Plus, the deterrence factor has to be significant.

But the major advantage is the quickness and ease of getting on target.  Makes point shooting much more effective, which eliminates time to line up the iron sights, etc.  I was talking to the handgun instructor I’m going to use for our church group, and asked him to provide further training tailored to our group’s needs, and the first thing he mentioned was using a laser sight.  Validated my discovery.   The second thing was correct ammunition to avoid pass-throughs.  No secret there.

The laser also fits my XDM 3.8.  If I had one recommendation for you, it would be to consider a slightly larger size holster, and deeper mag pouch to accommodate the longer, thicker double stack guns.  It could be that I’ve just gotten accustomed to the way the little XDS snuggles down into the holster, and that the XDM is also just fine, but sticks out a little more.  I feel like the extended mag for the XDM is top heavy and unstable in the provided mag pouch.  That makes me just a little uncomfortable.  Sure would like it deeper.

I still walk with a strut.  Can’t find a better all-around holster that conceals better.  With shirts that snap rather than button, it’s a winner for me.
Take care, Tim.”

Lasers help getting on target quicker with greater accuracy from any shooting position.  They are also great for “dry shooting” practice.  Thanks for your input Tim and “keep on packin dude”.


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