So You Want To Concealed Carry

Gun sales continue climbing while foreign terrorism and mass shootings are reported worldwide. The role of Concealed Carry is changing as our country faces increased aggression.  Perhaps it’s time for our government to eliminate “no-carry” zones and encourage a qualified citizenry to take up arms.  Current police or, special armed forces protection is not adequate, illustrating a need for getting eligible citizens involved.

While talking with a friend at dinner, who has some knowledge of firearms; he indicated interest in buying his first handgun with an opening question; “what is the best gun for Concealed Carry plus target practice using most economical ammunition”?

To begin with answering his question; choosing a “dual purpose” gun is not a good idea for making the best choice.  I was tempted to reply with; “chose a small, lightweight, 380mm pistol for Concealed Carry and a long barrel, 22 caliber revolver for shooting at the range”, realizing this is only an opinion that would spark an endless debate about recommendations from other experienced gun owners.

It’s difficult for a future gun owner to appreciate another‘s opinion without first investigating all other options plus scenarios and responsibilities connected with Concealed Carry.  Each of us has different motives, opinions, tolerance, and body metrics while firearms manufacturers offer a plethora of choices.  One interested in Concealed Carry should select a gun for that specific purpose.  Many people lose motivation to carry due to an incorrect choice of handgun and holster with features satisfying personal needs for comfort and concealment.

Instead of “telling” someone what to buy; it’s best making a few general comments and point to related sources for additional formation.  For example; a revolver may be best for someone interested in ultimate reliability, low maintenance and simplicity, whereas, a pistol is more complex to maintain, but, offers easier concealment with greater cartridge capacity.

Single Action (SA) triggers are more sensitive and may help shooting accuracy, whereas, Double action (DA) and Double Action Only (DAO) handguns require longer trigger strokes which some owners consider safer.  Striker fired handguns are most desirable, for a quick threat response, with sensitive trigger action and no manual cocking, or, external safety release.  Hammer fired guns can be carried in a “decocked” position which many owners consider a safety advantage.

A prospective buyer must go through a litany of choices, including each man and woman victimized for different reasons.  Knowing the rules and responsibilities of gun ownership are also important including; licensing (in some states), training, safety practice, shooting practice, gun maintenance and liabilities.   Individual temperament, physical health and reach restrictions also play a role in successful Concealed Carry.

Be sure taking ample time shopping around…gun shops sell guns, but, don’t know your gun compatibility traits, which can only be decided by taking adequate time thinking about personal circumstances involving gun ownership…family safety at home, partner approval, legal restrictions,  gun maintenance,  what size and type of gun, pistol or revolver , large or small caliber, heavy or light, open carry or concealed.

Holster research is often overlooked; however, it is just as important for successful Concealed Carry.  Choice should include physical reach capabilities, all day comfort, concealment, physical freedom of movement (without brandishing), clothing requirements, personal body metrics…otherwise you will end up with a box full of holsters and no motivation to carry.  Make the right choices and you will “keep on packin” dude. 

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See Video: Concealment Holsters – The World’s Best Concealment Holster

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