Christmas, Concealed Carry & Trust

The religious celebration of Christmas started in 354 AD and did not take hold in America until the early 1800’s.  Religious significance continues to diminish over the years while creative product marketing gives us a Jolly Old Man in a red suit, Rudolph the red nose reindeer and songs like; “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas”.

Future celebrations of Christmas, centered on the birth of Jesus, are up to us, but, His significance to humanity runs much deeper than a festive religious holiday.  It embodies a 2,000 year old philosophy of goodwill to all mankind, which is the key to peace for all humanity.  Unfortunately, some humans do not follow the code of universal ethics thus causing protective reactions on a global scale down to individual Concealed Carry.

Trust continues to be a principle element for establishing peaceful coexistence with each neighbor in our secular world today; however, it is naive to believe every weapon, including Concealed Carry guns, should be confiscated and replaced with unquestionable faith in everyone.  We must continue arming ourselves in the unforeseeable future while creating improvements in mutual trust that extend peaceful coexistence and quality of life.

Displaying such reliance on each other during the Christmas season is an encouraging omen.  There are many problematic issues separating citizens today…culture, race, religion, citizenship, gun ownership…that can only be resolved by choosing strong, unbiased political and social leaders who love this country above selfish ambitions.

Christmas is a joyful celebration all around the earth.  It’s a “time out” from world problems to extend “best wishes” to peace loving, Christians, Jews, Muslims and others, regardless of individual practice.  Let us never abandon any efforts to make this world peaceful for current and future generations.

Christmas season is a good time to reassess intolerant views of others and search for ways to live in harmony.  Always graciously extend your hand to understand and improve human behavior on a world, or, individual scale, however, keep the other hand ready for Concealed Carry protection.

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to my Brothers and Sisters from all peace loving Cultures, Races and Religions.

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One thought on “Christmas, Concealed Carry & Trust

  1. Richard Masiak

    Well said and I totally agree.

    “It embodies a 2,000 year old philosophy of goodwill to all mankind, which is the key to peace for all humanity. Unfortunately, some humans do not follow the code of universal ethics…….”

    This is because ethics is based on a system of moral principles. When morality breaks down so does ethics and this is what is happening. Beyond the breakdown that causes us to arm ourselves in defense against violence, there is also the breakdown which creates unethical behavior in business and that is running rampant as well.

    Maybe is humanity followed the simple moral code for life things would be different?

    Have a Happy & Successful New Year.



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