Concealed Carry Appeal

Gun ownership has been a tradition in this country since July 4th, 1776 when our forefathers declared this country to be a self-governing nation.  Half of today’s adults have a gun in their home as the trend continues upward.  A greater number of men are murdered, compared to women, but women are more vulnerable to domestic violence, sexual violence college campus rapes and generally less capable of defending themselves.

It’s been a man’s world when it comes to handguns and holsters, but things have changed dramatically in recent years.  Today’s women realize they can’t always have someone else providing for their safety and elect Concealed Carry as a viable solution.  It’s interesting to note how fast women develop aiming skills, quickly become awesome shooters.

Manufactures offer a plethora of Concealed Carry gun sizes including; lighter weight, softer recoil, and custom grips, whereas, holster manufacturers recognize women are dress style conscious and don’t like wearing a cover vest or baggy pants.  Comfort and concealment requirements are constantly improving whereas ladies can even chose pink pistol grips along with wearing snug fitting jeans.

Perhaps you have heard the saying: “no matter what you give a woman, she will always give more in return…If you give her a house, she will turn it into a home…If you buy her groceries, she will provide a meal…If you give her a smile, she will offer her heart…and if you give her an ounce of crap, she will come back with a ton of sh*%”.

Women are man’s most prized possession, the light in his life and…they refuse to be violated.  It’s great to see many of them have a gun in the home with thousands more electing to Concealed Carry.

The following story, reported by the news media, is almost too dramatic to be true:  A beauty queen contestant is accosted by an aggressive overpowering ex-convict.  She is doomed to experience extensive physical harm, possibly death; however she manages to get to her firearm stopping any further violence.  It’s unreasonable that she responded to a knock on the door at 3 AM however her subsequent actions, most probably, saved her life.

This article will probably serve as a classic example repeated by pro-gun supporters over and over again:  “A 110 lb. beauty queen, overcome by a brute felon, defends her life with a pink .38 special”.

This kind of emotional script helps some people understand owing a gun is something worth considering; but, be mindful possessing a gun and being effective with it, requires discipline, responsibility and practice.  She thought to take her weapon, under stressful circumstances, instinctively aim and place successful shots to stop the threat.  Her knowledge of firearms and training at the range was of utmost importance in preparing for this tragedy.

Its unfortunate similar events happen on a frequent basis, involving ordinary people without reaching the headlines. This story got lots of publicity because she is a beauty queen with wealth and the villain was a long time felon, but regardless; it illustrates why we should give serious thought to Concealed Carry and continue to champion for our 2nd amendment rights.  Keep on packin dude.


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