Concealed Carry Don’t Tread On Me

Perhaps General Gadsden’s name is not familiar; however, chances are you have seen his flag.  This banner of freedom has a yellow background with a coiled rattlesnake at its center and below is an inscription; “Don’t Tread On Me”.  It all started in the 1770’s when General Christopher Gadsden, of South Carolina, offered his American flag, for a newly established United States Navy in 1775, organized to cut off British war supplies coming into the Colonies.

The birth of this great nation is all about freedom which could only be achieved and maintained by creation of a powerful force.  We often forget our strength is dependent upon participation of ordinary citizens to produce wealth, win wars, choose public leaders, and create just laws.  History repeats with the same narrative over and over; freedom is derived through sovereignty.

Concealed Carry represents power, on a personal level, achieved with a hand-gun and Constitution supporting self-protection for every capable citizen.  Gadsden’s flag symbolically reflected objections of patriots tired of being taxed and ruled by British rulers in prior years to the Revolution.  His flag is still shown today on numerous occasions, but, perhaps you did not realize its historical significance as one of America’s first flags symbolically implying to our right to carry a firearm for self-protection.

Today, some foreign nations don’t understand why we have complete freedom of speech plus rights to bear arms and think we should change our Constitution.  They criticize us for allowing “un-American” speech and personal ownership of firearms; however, this claim is lost when disregarding Benjamin Franklin’s comment, in 1786, when asked: ‘what form of government do we have?’  He replied; “A republic if you can keep it”.

Some citizens are apathetic about power until their freedom is compromised while; cost of liberty requires continuous support.  Powerful forces have always been used for self-protection, throughout history, from Stone Age clubs up to present day Concealed Carry.  It would be ideal if there were no need for individual self-protection, but, it’s not within our genome.

Benjamin Franklin’s amazing foresight continues in today’s political arena prompting 21st century citizens to stay involved in maintaining our Constitutional rights.  Admittedly, our government could be more “efficient” as an autocracy; where Washington would have “unlimited power” with politicians having absolute control when imposing “their agenda”, however, they must be reminded; this country belongs to you and I and hopefully, we citizens of this great nation will never forget.

The Gadsden flag is displayed today at; sports events, political movements, and by Libertarians seeking strict interpretation of our U.S. Constitution.  Nowadays patriots (you and I) need to support displaying the Gadsden flag as a symbol for individual rights to Concealed Carry.  It fit’s today’s environment better than it did in the earlier years of this nation and illustrates our 2nd Amendment right to Concealed Carry; not as an aggressor, but, boldly stated as a defender: Don’t Tread On Me…Keep on packin dude.

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