Concealed Carry Survival of the Fittest

Rhetoric about “survival of the fittest” covers a wide range of human behavior.  On a global scale we attempt to control hunger and disease, defend our nation, promote world peace and explore new horizons.  On an individual scale, we practice daily mental and physical health measures to sustain purpose of life and direction.  When in danger, we revert to instinctive “fight or flight” behavior.

After completing basic training with a CCW license and shooting range experience; how does Concealed Carry affect your behavior?  Our daily experience covers (3) areas of lifestyle where threats can occur: home invasions, personal assaults and public slayings.  Surprise is an aggressor’s favorite tactic for committing heinous acts in each of these settings.  Professional security and police officials serve as our main deterrent while ordinary citizens, including those with Concealed Carry permits, become victims.

The primary role of “all” citizens is to be observant and call “911” regarding any suspicious activities.  Qualified law abiding citizens with handguns can protect themselves in a “shootout”, but, must avoid possible collateral damage and/or interference with law enforcement officials.

Give thought in advance how to handle a home invasion, if someone attempts entry, while watching TV, or having a family dinner.   Is a weapon accessible at all times?  Are you carrying a cell phone, ready to dial 911?   Should the door be open or, closed when talking to strangers? Were there any recent neighborhood break-ins?  Have you discussed a protection plan with family members?

Do you have a “pooch”? Dogs are an excellent alert or deterrent system, and, if owning a dog is not desirable; electronic barking devices are effective when someone is snooping around outside.

Perhaps the most important step to remember when in public is to completely avoid suspicious areas, but, be aware attackers know this and exploit under unsuspecting circumstances.  People are constantly robbed in theater, grocery store or restaurant parking lots in apparently “safe” neighborhoods.  Balancing daily alertness without becoming paranoid creates more stress in our daily activities; however, this is the cost for assuring personal safety.

It is also important to remember, if someone wants your wallet or purse, it may be more desirable to part with belongings rather than experience physical harm.  Concealed Carry is not a panacea for all threats especially, when not having a “first shot advantage”.  It may be wiser, under these circumstances, to not reveal being armed.

Think about “avoidance plans” for impending threats, before reaching for your gun, such as; running away, yelling, changing direction from harm etc.  Giving thought to this experience in advance will help react instinctively when an occasion arises.

Ideal use of Concealed Carry cancels a life threatening encounter by holding a gun on an attacker, before they can act.  It all boils down to “prevention and attention”; stay away from known dangerous areas, practice defense tactics, get the jump on bad guys while walking a line between vigilance and paranoia.

Understanding signs of common criminal types improves instinctive awareness and self-defense reactions.  Some liberals may regard this as “profiling”, but, if something “quacks like a duck”; “walks like a duck” …”looks like a duck”…yep; it’s a duck.

Concealed Carry is an effective technique that can assure; “Survival of the Fittest” when you are packin dude.

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