Concealed Carry Preventative Measures

Have you ever thought about what people think of a Concealed Carry person?  Many people are against 2nd amendment rights and their frightened reactions could cause negative consequences.  Concealed Carry has an advantage over “open carry” whereas people can’t be alarmed about what they don’t see.

Some perceptions from anti-gun people are: “People who carry guns are dangerous”…”Stay away from them; they might decide to shoot you”…”If my child sees a person carrying a gun it will horrify them”…”These people are fanatics”…”It’s like the wild west”…etc.

U.S. Government studies reveal no trends showing this kind of behavior.  Florida and Texas are two of the largest states with issued permits over 2.5 million.  Their license revocation rate was about 0.006% over a period of 20 years with most penalties due to carrying a concealed handgun in a gun-free zone.  Most negative opinions stem from fear of guns, or, information posted in daily media.  Unfortunately, these are natural human reactions based upon lack of experience and/or knowledge about weapons.

Gun owners must be aware of this mentality, understanding it could cause a tragedy as noted in the following example.   A man, with a Concealed Carry license, was killed in Las Vegas due to anti-gun reactions based upon fear and panic:  An uneasy store clerk noticed a concealed weapon under Erik Scott’s shirt, while he was shopping, and called “911”.

Police officers arrived in full force expecting an encounter with a dangerous person.  This fear and suspicion lead to the shooting death of an innocent victim.  We need to be mindful of such public judgements and react wisely to assure our own safety.  Police officers are trained to respond in a logical and objective manner, however, that doesn’t always happen.

The above misfortune indicates it may be helpful to avoid a confrontation by effective weapon concealment.  There is no cause of public fear if a gun is effectively concealed.  Select a weapon and holster combination offering complete concealment while in different body positions.  Also; when approached by an officer; keep hands visible and away from weapon; calmly state having a Concealed Carry license and armed; Ask for instructions on what to do next.

Public acceptance to Concealed Carry is obstructed by media reports on accidental shootings by individuals not exercising simple rules of safety and storage for firearms as noted:

Always recognize guns as being loaded

  • Never point gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot.
  • Be aware of what is near target and line of fire
  • Keep finger off trigger until it’s safe to shoot at target.

When not in use, there is a wide range of small handgun storage safes plus larger containers for long guns at prices from $40 to $4000 and the technology is impressive, offering, multiple finger print recognition or digital code locks.  Some containers are totally waterproof plus fireproof and can be secured to a wall, floor, desk etc., to discourage home-break-in thieves.

Historical data on Concealed Carry license revocations indicates a very small percentage of people misuse their right to carry and such continued practice will reassure public acceptance of Concealed Carry.  Keep on packin wisely dude.

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See Video: Concealment Holsters – The World’s Best Concealment Holster

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