Is it the Gun or Concealed Carry?

Gun violence is a serious chronic problem in this country, but, is another federally funded “research” project, focusing on “gun violence prevention” necessary, or, is the problem evident from years of repetitious incidents conveyed by the media?  Reports from the “Center for Disease Control and Prevention” in 2013, indicates major causes of mortality as: poisoning deaths 48,545 / motor vehicle traffic deaths 33,804 / firearm deaths 33,636.

Guns are merely Concealed Carry appliances used for self-defense, or, aggression.  Understanding actual reasons for violence is the only means to shrinking this unending social problem. Gun debates continue between politicians and/or special interest groups, mainly, to promote their agenda resulting in no solution to this conundrum.  Each illegal shooting incident proves “bad” people are not stopped from doing “bad” things by existing laws.

Three types of gun slayings are prevalent in our society; mass killings, individual murders and suicides.  Mass slayings of loved ones in schools, or, public places are executed by mentally deranged persons or terrorists.  Mentally unstable individuals are totally irrational, whereas, the intent of terrorists is to destroy us.  What else is needed for identifying key instigators and their motives?

Suicides are noted as 60% of gun deaths, but, other vehicles are used when guns are not available; drug overdose, self-hanging, height jumping, body slashing etc.  The leading cause for ending one’s life is “untreated depression”, not gun ownership.  Recent tactics to solve gun violence problems by restricting; “what” kind of guns…”where” they can be carried…along with excessive taxes on guns and accessories is fruitless and totally unfair to law abiding gun owners.

The federal government issues statistics identifying main crime areas in major cities, however, politicians and community leaders are not effectively using this information to resolve these problems which have greatest impact on reducing murder in the U.S.  The idea of creating laws, not allowing Concealed Carry guns in classrooms, or, other public areas, does nothing to prevent a shooting crime.  Moral character plays a major role in respecting another’s life while today’s ethical values are compromised by; lack of parental guidance, violent movies, violent video games, hedonistic behavior, drugs, apathy, etc.

Current gun laws are not working while the natural right of gun ownership will never go away.  Individuals must prove their ability to own firearms without inflicting public harm.  Evaluation of current statistical data reveals gun violence is based on individual motives, not gun ownership.  Eleven million “good guys”, across the country, have Concealed Carry permits with a miniscule amount of revocations…why penalize them?

The solution to this awful impediment does not require funding any research project on “gun violence”. Politicians, PhDs’ and community organizers have had their chance and failed.  The 2nd amendment is here to stay; yet, there must be vigorous need to keep guns away from incompetent persons.  Gun ownership licensing, including Concealed Carry, must be granted through proper training, qualification and applicant screening across the nation.  True resolution of this horrible social problem consists of; proper attention to mentally ill persons plus addressing the “root cause” of hostility in major crime areas and certification establishing, “who” can own a firearm.  Protect your Concealed Carry rights and keep on “packin” dude.

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