Concealed Carry Hero’s & Terrorists

We heard about people from the past, regarded as heroes, like Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok, however, many will argue these are mere fantasies.  Perhaps their greatest contribution to mankind is of entertainment value. You can also read about genuine individuals from World War I & II who have made heroic sacrifice and contributions toward a better life for us.

Hero’s continue to exist in our daily lives.  We read accounts of police officers and military people serving our country making sacrifice beyond call of duty.  Some may argue they are doing their job, however, most will agree they are going well beyond requirements.  We are grateful for thousands of military people and police officers who are serving us.  These are individuals we admire and wish to emulate, but, it takes superior strength and courage to do what is right while risking one’s life.

I am amazed how our forefathers envisioned a need for 2nd amendment rights over 200 years ago.  Today, Concealed Carry licensed citizens can be a vital component in fighting against terrorism.  Public debate will continue on this issue, but, it is evident Concealed Carry weapons, in the hands of qualified citizens, could be a safeguard to our public security.

A brave lady performed flawlessly to stop mass murder during a church service at a Colorado Springs Church.   She deserves recognition as a heroine providing an excellent example of how her faith, courage and training saved up to 100 lives that day.

A CCW license holder went toward the scene of a shooting, rather than away, to help prevent more lives from being lost during the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, along with 17 others, in Tucson, Arizona.  This man acted with great courage and discipline, as he helped to curtail further harm, while others ran for cover.

Unfortunately no one has, or ever will, come up with a full proof solution to this kind of aggression.  Just a few years after “911” came a Muslim terrorist attack on a school in Beslin, Russia on September 1, 2004.  An account of what happened to 1,200 innocent men, women and children during those 3 days of hell illustrates the hatred and monstrous intentions of radical Muslims acting against so called “infidels”.

The threat of this happening in America is imminent; the question is when, how and where? Terrorists will pick weak targets creating most damage and publicity with women and children being their favored victims.   Ordinary citizens can play an important role to prevent this from happening.  Report anything unusual in your neighborhood to police officials immediately by calling 911.  Beware of any unusual activities at public gatherings, shopping malls, airports etc.

Terrorist do not want to deal with Concealed Carry people having self-defense weapons. It would jeopardize their fiendish plans.  Concealed Carry citizens are going to aggressively react to save some lives when knowing the intention of these monsters is to kill them anyway.  This is not an attractive topic for discussion, but, our best chance of survival is to understand the past and prepare for the future.  Even antigun crusaders must recognize the value of Concealed Carry during such an incident. Keep on packin dude.

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