Concealed Carry Maturity

Endless media comments and opposing debates about gun possession, on college campus plus other “no carry” zones, continues with emotionally obscured reactions, from both sides, and no effective solution to public security problems.  As of this writing there are (8) states favorable toward Concealed Carry on public college campus; Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin.  All 50 states allow Concealed Carry, each with an extremely wide variance of restrictions.

Society recognizes the rights of college students; to vote, drive automobiles and fight for their country, but, can’t be trusted to be armed at most colleges along with all other citizens restricted from practicing in “no carry” zones.  It is obvious, from media reports, public safety is at continuous risk and 2nd Amendment rights are restricted.

A viable solution for the “gun debate” must be predicated on two main issues; General Public Safety and the right to Concealed Carry.  “No carry” zones, “gun type” and “magazine size” legislation does nothing more than revoke gun owner rights and fail to increase public safety.

It’s time for all states to develop a universal countrywide carry license assuring maximum public security and individual gun rights.  A “national standard” license will make carrying a concealed firearm easy as driving your automobile out of state.

The solution to this chronic problem is not “what” to carry, or, “where” to carry, but, “who” can carry, thus creating a need to verify a person’s, mental maturity and physical capability.  Individuals must be aware of their powerful feelings and the ability to maintain control over them by logical decisions while accepting full responsibility.

It is difficult to quantify maturity, with respect to age, based upon a British study revealing; “men have an 11 year lag behind women when it comes to maturing. According to the study, commissioned by nickelodeon UK, the average man doesn’t reach full emotional maturity until age 43, while women mature by age 32.”  The accuracy of the above article may be disputed by other experts in the same field and, it also appears some people “never” grow up thus making it very difficult to use a specific age to qualify for Concealed Carry.

Other scientists agree teenage brains are not fully developed at early stages of life with today’s media exposure having an effect on their behavior, plus the ability to handle information properly.  Regardless of effort to resolve these difficulties, regulations and training, plus evaluation of mental and physical competence must be a prerequisite for gun ownership to assure public safety.

The reputation of Concealed Carry licensed people is impeccable and must continue with strict penalties for offenses including license revocation.  Two of the greatest impediments to safety and reputation of firearm ownership are unsafe storage and improper handling.

It’s fantastic having such freedoms in this country, however, individual maturity plus certification and responsibility must be key requirements for gun ownership in place of taking away one’s guns, or, specifying where they may be carried.   Opposing sides will never solve this lingering problem without addressing the key issue noted above.  Gun owners must continue maintaining an honorable image and preserve their rights by reacting to any legislative gun ownership infringements.  Keep on packin dude.

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