Concealed Carry Willpower

Willpower is rather easy to define as; determination, resolve, drive, self-control, self-discipline etc., but at times, next to impossible to practice.  It is the ability to overcome and control any obstacles preventing us from reaching a desired goal.  We have all been there with diet, exercise, putting things off, or, anything challenging our comfort zone.

Scientists proclaim willpower is the single most powerful element for success and it makes good sense; intelligence and knowledge are meaningless without the determination and self-discipline to drive them.  A person may claim smoking is impossible to quit, but, it would be no problem if ordered to stop with a gun held to their head indicating, we can do just about anything with proper motivation.

Mark Twain (1835-1910) a great American humorist, asserted it was easy to quit smoking; he did it 1000’s of times.  Willpower is a characteristic, desired by everyone, separating strong from weak decisions thus supporting achievement of difficult goals and improving self-esteem.

Willful decisions for most people to Concealed Carry are simply based on a desire for self-protection requiring; purchase of a handgun, safety instruction, shooting techniques, gun maintenance and storage.  After a few weeks of practice, the novelty wears off and success of continued practice is totally dependent upon the strength of our original reasoning for justification.

In addition to self-protection, wiliness to carry is driven by fear, security needs, personal encounters, environmental threats, temperament, comfort around guns, affection for guns, and gun handling skills.  Each person has different life experiences affecting their attitude and motivation toward being armed.

An informal survey, by a Texas gun club, indicated about 20% of individuals with a Concealed Carry permit carry full time.  Some never had this intention originally and others, intending to carry full time, were not able to resolve unexpected problems with comfort concealment, dress appearance, social acceptance, or, concealment efforts.

Countless books on the subject of willpower are available, however, simply stated; powerful reasons are most important to overcome all inhibitions.  Repetitive mental confirmation, belief in our purposes and avoiding situations interfering with these objectives will promote success.

Making pompous comments about discipline required for Concealed Carry practice is painless, but, as fellow humans we know how difficult it is to achieve success for any worth-while endeavor.  A thoughtful re-evaluation of self-protection requirements may be in order if your firearm is continuously left at home.

Some thoughts for consideration; choose the right gun plus accessories that don’t interfere with daily lifestyle, comfort and dress.  Maintain shooting skills and confidence plus an interest in Concealed Carry topics.  Join a gun club making it a social endeavor, or, shooting skill development program.  Dry shooting practice is economical and convenient alternative for maintaining shooting proficiency.

Protecting ourselves and loved ones can be attained with Concealed Carry, but, it requires serious mental justification, adequate accessories and discipline.  It’s easy to be like Mark Twain and quit Concealed Carry 1,000’s of times, but, much more rewarding to “keep on packin dude”. 

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