Concealed Carry People

The number of Concealed Carry permits issued across the country has grown approximately 50% within the last 3 years to approximately 12 million.  In addition, there is an estimated 89 guns per 100 residents in US while license revocations are miniscule, proving Concealed Carry people act responsibly.

Owning a firearm is an inalienable right constantly triggering the social dilemma about one’s individual freedom and gun restrictions.  Most of us may think Concealed Carry is for ordinary men and women, but, people in all walks of life practice including; politicians and media celebrities.  Such information is not widely publicized; however, people like Donald Trump do not keep it a secret and openly declare their Second Amendment rights.

Icons like Sean Hannity, Ted Nugent, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Miranda Lambert, Clint Eastwood, James Earl Jones, Bruce Willis, Ice-T and many others also own guns and/or have carry permits.  There are also citizens who would rather keep such information private for political, social, or, tactical reasons.

A USA Today survey article concerning politicians implied; 24% of Democrats and 90% of Republican Congress persons own guns.  Other people are more discreet and feel it’s a useless point to draw needless social attention.  Unknown possession of a Concealed Carry handgun is also believed to be a surprise tactical advantage by most people.

High profile people maintain the same reason, as other citizens, for owning a gun simply because “bad guys” have them.  The motive to Concealed Carry will always be a basic survival tactic regardless of government legislation, or, anti-gun sentiment.  Politicians have caused gun prices and ammunition to skyrocket in recent years which does nothing more than; appease anti-gun organizations, make manufacturers richer and stop lower income people from owning a firearm.

Legislation outlawing certain “magazines” and “gun types” plus “no carry zones” etc. is nothing but political nonsense to pacify gun haters and gain votes, however; guns will continue in wrong hands until a clear and impartial understanding of the problem is reached.  There is no “perfect” way of detecting who is capable of having a gun, but, screening individuals who own, or, wish to purchase guns would be most effective stopping mentally incompetent individuals.

When are legislators going to understand; it’s not about “what” you carry and “where” you carry, but, “who” is trustworthy to carry?  Anyone practicing Concealed Carry because it is “cool” , as noted in a previous article, has no justification being around firearms.

Unfortunately, due to human error, unqualified persons may get through the system.  Highways, airways, communities, educational and health facilities are populated with responsible licensed people, yet misfortunate things happen daily.  We all have inalienable rights to carry a weapon as long as it doesn’t infringe upon rights of others.  Regulations and professional screening of gun license applicants, offer the best chance for deterring illegal gun use in our communities.

The emotional reactions from politicians and anti-gun organizations, each time a mass shooting occurs, is not solving the gun violence problem.  A rational unbiased consideration about, who and not where, or, what to carry must take place without destroying 2nd Amendment rights for citizens.   Concealed Carry protection satisfies an instinctive right that no one shall deny and it will never go away.   That’s why we “keep on packin” dude.

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