Re-Holster Self-Shooting Fatality

Man Dies Attempting Appendix Carry Reholster In Milkwaukee

Are you safely re-holstering your weapon?

Practice re-holstering, with your handgun totally unloaded, and determine if there are any safety issues.

Each individual experiences different conditions due to body metrics, handgun features and holster style.

A careful self-evaluation and frequent practice may expose a possible safety problem.

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2 thoughts on “Re-Holster Self-Shooting Fatality

  1. John Trudel

    Hi Al — I worry about this too. I’m not a pro, and I love the Glocks and Springfields. With that said, for daily concealed carry I only tote a weapon with an external safety, which I carry hot and always check the safety is on before I suit up. My present favorite is the S&W, but the new Ruger is also worth a look.


    1. stealthdefenseholsters Post author

      Hey John; Looks like you have a good safety plan; hopefully, everyone is following with a similar example. The Concealed Carry gun manufactures have come a long way with safety features, but, it’s up to us to complete the circuit.



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