Why Concealed Carry: Are you a Sheepdog?

A non-gun owner’s first thoughts about the above title may be; these people are “paranoid”, “radical” or just plain “nuts”.  Actually, they represent ordinary hardworking citizens who pay taxes, vote on issues, love their family, friends and country. Life is good and they want to keep it that way.

We have inalienable rights to self-defense when our life is threatened, but, not everyone has the right temperament to carry a firearm. An angry person dealing with alcohol or other drugs, while practicing, is increasing chances of felony charges. The wrong motive or, background profile for carrying a concealed carry weapon (CCW) can only bring dangerous consequences.

People learn to react to life-threatening emergencies by strengthening their self-defense capabilities and controlling overriding emotions. A person truly interested in guns and related topics will be more successful at Concealed Carry compared to one who doesn’t care to know the difference between his gun “butt” and “muzzle”.

Following gun related incidents in the media helps to understand what to expect from a confrontation and how to prepare for it. Gunfight statistics change as new studies are completed.  Some indicate; 55% of all gun fights take place within 5 feet and 95% will occur within 21 feet. Test data shows the average person cannot draw a gun from concealment in under 2 seconds and also, the average person can cover 21 feet of distance in 1.5 seconds.

Under these circumstances a “quick draw” would NOT stop an assailant attack from within 21 feet under average conditions. Avoidance of surprises may be the most important factor in saving one’s life. Keen awareness plus a hand-on-weapon technique, without brandishing, would be more successful.

Another statistic claims the average gunfight is over in 3 to 5 seconds with only 3 to 4 shots fired. Lots of people carry one or more magazine pouches; however, under such circumstances, there is a slim chance of needing them. The above information is not infallible; however, it is excellent material for shaping your thoughts to arrive at a final decision on what makes practical “sense & nonsense” to you.

While attending a seminar in Cleveland; Lt Col Dave Grossman noted we may be either a “sheep” or a “sheepdog”. It reminded me about being a sheepdog after traveling through Wilmington, North Carolina some years ago. Someone tried to break into our motel room at 3 AM, and, at that time I did not have a Concealed Carry license.

My wife and I sat up in bed horrified, with no way to escape and no way to defend ourselves. Fortunately my yelling over the phone to the front desk scared the intruders away; however, the idea of self-defense became imbedded in my mind. After returning home I immediately applied for my CCW License.

People against gun ownership may comment; there was no harm done that evening and a gun was not really necessary. It may be true for the above incident; however, all break-in’s don’t end this way as witnessed in the daily news. Each of us has a survival instinct which can result in choosing a handgun for protecting your “flock”. It offers defense power beyond physical limits, to stop anyone who attempts taking your life.

A firearm can save innocent lives; however, one must have the knowledge, discipline, courage and mental toughness to be a Sheepdog. Always maintain the right temperament and “keep on packin” Dude.

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