Concealed Carry Requires Being Alert

One of the most important factors involved with Concealed Carry is; when and how do I use my weapon in a threatening situation? We could imagine many different scenarios, but, let’s look at how this applies to common daily experiences such as; being approached while walking in a dangerous area, driving your automobile and living in your home.

Imagine it’s late in the evening, with no one around, while walking through the shopping mall parking lot, to your car, and a suspicious person is approaching…what do you do? Put your hand on your Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) without removing it from the holster and at the same time; change direction to evade this person.

You have just made (2) effective decisions for personal safety without violating any laws. You have also sensitized yourself both mentally and physically for a swift response to an actual encounter without brandishing a weapon, or, intimidating a would-be assailant in a false alarm situation.

Extra security can be created by walking with others in the area plus parking in well lighted areas that don’t offer potential hiding places for criminals. The cell phone is a great security tool when there is “time” to call for help.

If a person pulls up close by while stopped at a traffic light, shouting with aggressive gestures; make sure all doors are locked, do not engage in any way, and leave the scene as soon as possible. Chances are this “nut-job” is affected with “road rage”, therefore; first priority is, put yourself in a position for quick access to your weapon while immediately leaving the scene. A holster design allowing quick access while sitting avoids reaching over and fumbling through the glove compartment.

It is also advisable to be armed, when at home, to allow quick response to a threat. More details are covered about home invasions and burglaries in the article; “Concealed Carry & Home Invasions”. There are also some rather ridiculous ideas noted in the article; “Concealed Carry, Theft & Wasp Spray”.

Home invaders are usually on drugs and violent. Avoid contact, retreat to a location in the home, where police can be called immediately, and be prepared to fire your weapon in self-defense. Full time carry in the home is advantageous, especially when surprise contact with an aggressor cannot be avoided. Open Carry is practiced by some; however, others choose Concealed Carry because of similar reasons for use in public. Individuals don’t normally want to brandish a handgun, even around the home, and a comfortable hidden holster for all-day carry is a good choice.

Alarm systems are a good investment and should be activated not only when away, or, during sleeping hours, but, also during awake hours in the home. Always remember using a firearm is the last resort, but, carrying at all times while walking, driving, or, at home is a person’s best practice for self-defense.

The criminal uses surprise as a main tactic in all (3) of the scenarios above. The best defense is being alert enough to quickly defuse an attack with a shocking self-defense tactic. No matter what circumstances: be calm, aware and confident plus remember; the best gun fight is the one that didn’t happen or, the one where you have first shot advantage. Keep on packin dude.

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See Video: Concealment Holsters – The World’s Best Concealment Holster

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