The End of Concealed Carry?

The “U.N. Gun Ban Treaty” proposal was introduced in 2003, by Nobel Peace Laureates, to promote peace in today’s belligerent world. A few years ago this ridiculous idea was thought to “blow over”; however, it won’t go away and a two-thirds majority vote of the U.S. Senate plus presidential approval will allow seizure of your guns. It is believed, our current president is in favor of revoking our Constitutional right to own a firearm. It’s not likely the senate will approve, however, this proposal continues to jeopardize our rights to Concealed Carry.

Are we willing to be “subject” to laws created by the United Nations and support removal of 2nd Amendment rights from our U.S. Constitution? Are we going to give up our freedom as a nation, and no longer celebrate Independence Day? Guns were an absolute necessity for enforcing our freedom from tyranny in “1776” and Concealed Carry will continue to assure our independence as citizens of a sovereign nation today.

Independence Day would not exist, in this country, without guns to convince the British of our determination to be a self-governing nation. Unfortunately, mankind has not evolved to where force is no longer required to uphold our inalienable rights.

Taking away guns on a worldwide scale has the same “flawed logic” as “outlawing” guns for law abiding individuals in order to stop crime…diplomatic countries will enforce the laws while aggressors continue to have guns. By all means; the U.S. needs to constantly bargain for peace, but also, preserve our right to own firearms including Concealed Carry.

The UN has an obligation to negotiate peace rather than expect countries like the United States to give up power. This great nation belongs to all citizens; not to politicians, not to foreign countries. If we don’t act against this aggression, Concealed Carry will be revoked.   Three ways you can help:

  • Join the National Rifle Association (NRA) and/or support their campaign to stop this meaningless agreement with the UN.
  • Write to your United States Senator reminding them: taking away guns from law abiding citizens is against our Constitution and not going to stop world disorder.
  • Publically join with gun owners, family members, friends, and co-workers in protest that we keep our right to bear arms.

It’s appalling to see this in America when our Nation’s direction and purpose is clearly stated in the, irrevocable, Constitution of the United States. If we citizens don’t act to preserve Concealed Carry; who will? Keep on packin dude.

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