Independence Day & Concealed Carry

Our forefathers declared this country to be a self-governing nation on July 4th, 1776, with individual rights to; “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” thus allowing exceptional opportunities for all people regardless of “race, color or creed”. Citizens will continue enjoying these liberties only, if we insist that our congressmen protect and enforce our ageless United States Constitution.

​The Declaration of Independence demonstrates our 2nd amendment right to Concealed Carry with greater liberty, especially when compared to other countries like the UK and Australia. Complete freedom assures expression of philosophical, religious, or, atheistic views. We understand history is not flawless; however, continuation of overwhelming spiritual strength in this country promotes unity, positive direction and good intent that exceeds all other attributes.

​At times, we want to plug the foul mouth of hate speech radicals, but, must show restraint & respect toward freedom of speech. It’s totally disgusting to see someone trash this country, or, watch them destroy our American flag; however, it should motivate us to express our views and get involved in this country’s problems.

​This nation is truly a “melting pot” of confusion, but, that’s what comes with freedom…millions of people expressing millions of ideas. It’s highly important to reflect “grass roots” views from ordinary Concealed Carry citizens. This is your country…weigh in on the debates…stand up for 2nd amendment rights…support your beliefs…use your freedom of speech to protect the claims by our forefathers that made this nation great…this is the price we must pay for continued freedom, owning a CCW permit, maintaining a sovereign nation and the inalienable right to Concealed Carry.

Have a great Independence Day celebration and as always; keep on packin dude.

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