Bodyguards & Concealed Carry

Most people are acquainted with the good looking, courageous and daring bodyguard characters in movies providing us thrilling entertainment, but, few of us are familiar with real-life professionals. It may have started in the 1st century when a Roman soldier named, Sempronius Densus, provided safeguard for the emperor.

Since that time; countless numbers of private, public and armed services individuals offered services which vary in tactic depending on assignment nature and surrounding environment. Bodyguards exhibit a wide range of protection skills required by clients such as: de-fusing bombs, advanced driving skills, effective use of firearms, first aid, etc…yet many levels of important people have been killed by assassins, including our four US Presidents; James A Garfield, John F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and William McKinley.

Bodyguards typically keep a stealth profile and Concealed Carry in order to make them more effective at their profession; however, some have become conspicuous in the media such as Laurence Tureaud, much better known as “Mr. T”. He served as a bodyguard for; Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee plus acted in the TV series; “The A-Team”.

Media reports indicate ordinary citizens, across the country, are being killed every day, but, not all of us find it affordable to hire bodyguards, whereas, wealthy citizens pay $200 to $900 per day, plus expenses, for protection services. As a result; Concealed Carry people become “do it yourself bodyguards” for themselves and loved ones.

Expertise for Concealed Carry can improve by understanding what it’s like to be a professional bodyguard, but, don’t overdo it dude. This does not mean each day you: check the wife’s cooking for toxicity…check your phone for “bugs”…enter and exit back doors only…look for “IED’S” (improvised explosive devices) under car before use…keep the public at a distance and…wear a bulletproof vest at all times (including in the shower).

Serious Concealed Carry tactics to abide by include; frequent practice with firearms, environmental risk assessment and alertness to potential danger. Each of us could improve our gun handling and shooting skills including common sense security awareness in our daily decisions.

Police reports indicate a large percentage of crimes have been prevented or solved with citizen awareness and feedback. These abilities not only make you a better personal bodyguard, but, also help to become a better citizen on protecting your community. All of us are looking for the same end result…security for ourselves, community and loved ones. Concealed Carry is a great option…be safe and alert…enjoy life & “keep on packin” dude. 

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