Concealed Carry versus Social Norms

Another attempted “black eye” for gun ownership and Concealed Carry occurred in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012 at a local movie theater, when a deranged man killed 12 and wounded 59 people during a “Batman” movie. It’s pitiful that cost of innocent lives mainly begets “emotional” reactions to chronic social problems, without an effective solution.

This horrific massacre was obviously perpetrated by a mentally deranged man and these incidents, as always, rekindle passionate debates between “gun haters” and “gun huggers”. How do we all work together for a safe and secure society? Concealed Carry laws and other gun restrictions are constantly proposed by special interest groups. Perhaps legislation pertaining to sale of weapons to “incompetent people” will help, but; pertinent laws already exist which don’t solve the problem.

Contradictory legislation sometimes may support the wrong people for Concealed Carry. Ohio for example, is currently considering a proposal to change their existing law and allow individuals to Concealed Carry, or, Open Carry weapons without a license and training.   Five other states have the same basic law; Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Wyoming and Vermont.

It’s difficult to predict causes for future crime rates, but, non-qualified persons encouraged to carry a firearm, without repercussions from the law, is not a positive direction. Why should it be allowable for the “wrong” people to carry, jeopardize citizen safety and erode the good reputation of Concealed Carry? Without a doubt; citizens have rights to drive automobiles, buses, trucks, fly airplanes, become policemen, security guards, military etc., but, all must be qualified when public security is in question.

What about “social norms”? Most will agree our “free” society is saturated with potentially harmful media marketing about; the food we eat, beverages we drink, clothes we wear, movies we watch, video games we play and books we read. Public apathy and encouragement of poor individual choices inspires widespread obesity, violence, lack of moral behavior, excessive demand for entitlements, and disrespect for our laws.

The answer to our social problems is not perfectly clear; however, there is an old saying; “What you think about most, is what you become” indicating how public behavior defines our social norms.

Should we allow government officials to “fix” this problem by concocting new laws that attempt to “force” a prescribed behavior on citizens taking away individual rights, or, allow them to carry weapons without a license and training, or, should a proper decision lie somewhere between? There is no “perfect” solution for changing public behavior or stopping violence, but, ordinary citizens can be more discretionary about daily lifestyle choices that affect social norms. There are numerous ways to look at this problem whether or not you Concealed Carry; let us knows your views…be safe, enjoy life and “keep on packin dude”.

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2 thoughts on “Concealed Carry versus Social Norms

  1. VietVet71

    Your article went astray on some things… 1. Today the majority of people call things ‘rights’ which are actually a ‘privelege’ (did I spell that right?). It is NOT anyone’s ‘right’ to: drive a vehicle, have a cell phone, fly an airplane, etc. Those are all privileges. You have to pass competency tests for the vehicle & aircraft licenses. Until the government ‘screwed’ that up, you only had a telephone (landline or cellular) if you could afford to pay for them (and the service bill that goes with them). The ability to carry a weapon/gun however is specifically addressed in the constitution & Bill Of Rights! Why? For many reasons: self-protection, protection of those unable to protect themselves (mainly those who could not afford to buy a weapon/gun) against various types of harmful/fatal attack (bears, wolves, Indians, etc.); armed banditos (gangs) & other outlaws (note that word starts with OUT); and against any future government (foreign or domestic) attempting to turn a republic/democracy (republic? read the declaration to the U.S. flag) into a monarchy/tyrannically controlled country.

    When people start (return to) teaching their off-spring (children, not kids ((goats))) right from wrong, respect (for themselves AND others), responsibility for their actions (and those around them)… all those things children were taught (from infancy) in all generations prior to the “baby-boomers” generation; a lot of today’s societical problems will ‘fade into the past’.

    I knew, by the ripe old age of 6: to respect everyone (especially those older than me) – to defend myself & those around me – to never point a weapon at anything I didn’t intend to hurt/kill with it (knife, spear, bow & arrow, guns, etc.) AND to do what I DID intend (if there was no other sensible option). Even in war, I went by those same principals/teachings. If I pointed my rifle at it… it ended up wounded or dead. I did not expect ‘someone else’ to be my defender, but didn’t turn down someone else’s assistance.

    The biggest problem with “laws” is: they are not ENFORCED. We (humans) have created so many laws (pick a state or country) that they often either “repeat” or “contradict” laws the same entity created “put on the books” years before. Example: WA state created a law less than 10 years ago requiring cargo to be secured in vehicles. Alright! Check WA state laws & you’ll find that was already a law in 1943. The new law was just another “feel good, pat myself on the back” for some ignorant congressman (opps person). Gotta be P.C., right? NO! It’s MY freedom of speech, a RIGHT in the Constitution.

    That’s where people today got it all screwed up… the Constitution SPECIFIED the rights of all citizens of the United States Of America. If it isn’t specified… it is not a RIGHT… it is a privilege.

    ‘nam vet 71-72 — only ones I’m finding truthfully appreciate what we did (and other soldiers are still doing today, fighting & dieing for OTHER people’s right to freedom) has been the refugees of those wars/fights.




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