Summertime Concealed Carry

The ultimate test for Concealed Carry arises in the summer months with thousands of “packers” leaving their “sidearm” at home for several reasons. The passion and excitement we had for carrying a firearm on the day we received our CCW license is hampered by discomfort from the summer heat, dress requirements, movement restrictions and concealment problems.

Concealed Carry now becomes an enormous challenge, but unfortunately, victimization has not been cancelled until the hot weather leaves. There is no perfect solution for the above circumstances, however, the greatest relief can come from gun size and holster selection.

Some people are able to tolerate a larger weapon because of their body frame size and shape; however, it’s evident that if your weapon and holster don’t provide comfort and concealment within your dress requirements, you won’t carry.

Small semi-automatic handguns, weighing in the 10 ounce range, have a deadly bite and are precisely designed, by the manufacturer, to relieve the above problems and make “year around” carry tolerable. Great choices are available like the Beretta Bobcat or Tomcat, Browning PSA25, Ruger LCP, Kel Tec P3AT, Kahr P380 and others. Carrying a small concealed carry weapon and a holster offering the best combination of comfort, concealment and freedom of movement can make the difference between carrying and leaving your weapon at home.

The decision is yours; be a “sheep” within the flock or a “sheepdog” ready for the aggressor. Enjoy the summer; be safe, stay cool and…keep on packin dude.

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See Video: Concealment Holsters – The World’s Best Concealment Holster

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