Fear of Concealed Carry

During the US economic depression of the 1930’s, President Franklin D Roosevelt made a famous comment; “’The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”. Fear is an unpleasant feeling about a future event being real or imaginary.
It may be generated by personal life concerns and/or media reported threats of war, terrorists, home invasions, and thieves etc. that affect our wellbeing.

Scientists claim fear is a survival instinct that has evolved in our genes over millions of years. Some experts claim the best way to deal with mental pressures of fear is to place major emphasis on present day life rather than imagined future events.
It is a strange anomaly; “Gun haters” experience fear about being around firearms and “gun lovers” reduce fear by having firearms for Concealed Carry protection.

So much of our behavior is innate and trying to convince a gun hater that guns are ok is like trying to change a million year old gene. A lesson to be learned is; anyone fearful of guns should not be around them, but, perhaps over time the good reputation of Concealed Carry will improve acceptance of gun ownership.

A lady once told me her children would panic if they saw a person “Open Carrying” a gun in a restaurant. The actual fear would most probably be in “her” mind and, no doubt, this “learned behavior” would eventually be transferred to her children. I recalled my first experience, at a restaurant, with a friend who became nervous about seeing a man sitting at the bar with an open carry Colt 44 revolver on his hip. I must admit, it drew cautious attention from myself…we were not used to seeing this in our neighborhood.

One has no idea of a person’s demeanor, or, intentions which makes anyone cautious while some people will panic. This a serious concern for open carry advocates which fortunately doesn’t apply to practicing Concealed Carry. Those who open carry should be aware of probably being hassled by police and also understand public fear is a natural reaction near impossible to change.

Concealed Carry is an excellent means to reduce fear; however, it’s definitely not for everyone. A person must enjoy and respect guns plus, be well disciplined on safety and responsibility issues. Some gun owners have accidents due to overconfidence, or, lack of sufficient concern to warn of potential accidents handling a handgun…proper acknowledgement of fear is a good thing.

It is a natural instinct that can’t be avoided and should be used to one’s advantage as nature intended. Consider a gun is like handling a deadly explosive device that will discharge if mishandled and if this makes you uncomfortable…don’t carry. Confidence in firearms is developed through handling practice and a complete understanding of their potential danger and how they work.

Natural motivation to Concealed Carry is primarily due to concerns for personal safety; however, we need to make thoughtful choices. Fear of guns will create additional stress in our daily lives, and/or, the wrong choice of gun and holster will cause comfort and concealment problems, both of which will discourage practice.

Future opinions and success of Concealed Carry will be centered upon public acceptance of gun owners maintaining a favorable safety image through; training, responsibility and good behavior. If you can’t carry with confidence and abide by the rules…don’t carry…and for all you “sheep dogs”…keep on packin dudes.

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