Concealed Carry Strategy

Prices continue to rise along with cost of living expenses while wages and salaries stagnate. Today’s dollar is worth less than 78 cents compared to 10 years ago and a 18 trillion dollar debt, created by our politicians, is costing taxpayers (you and I) over 40% interest amounting to a total debt per family of $759,000. Would you pay this rate for a personal loan? Hopefully that first dollar earned in 1970 was wisely invested for retirement because; it’s now worth only about 17 cents.

In order to survive this dreadful liability, we need to stop government spending, balance the national budget, and look for cost cutting measures in our personal lives. “Dry shooting” practice, also called “Dry Firing”, can’t solve national problems, but, it can help avoid Concealed Carry expenditures and improve shooting skill proficiency. Have you had any practice lately? Dry shooting with an empty handgun can be done anywhere, anytime, safely without creating a disturbance, or, threat to others.

Practice scenarios include drawing a weapon, aiming, trigger release control, and rapid magazine changes, with no need for expensive ammunition, range fees and/or driving costs. This doesn’t mean stop going to the range; we just won’t go as often. Expense can also be avoided when searching for the correct Concealed Carry handgun and holster. Many individuals purchase several guns and holsters before understanding the importance of comfort and concealment required for successful practice.

Big bore, long barrel handguns are more accurate and comfortable to hold, but, are hard to carry and conceal. Small bore Concealed Carry guns are great for all day comfort and concealment; however, are less powerful and not as comfortable to shoot. The gun size choice dilemma will continue, but, obviously, leaving a handgun at home, or in your glove compartment decreases self-protection.

Perhaps most important to remember is complete avoidance of dangerous areas, but, attackers know this and will plan to accost you under unsuspecting circumstances. People are constantly robbed in theaters, grocery stores or restaurant parking lots in apparently safe neighborhoods. Balancing daily alertness without becoming paranoid creates more stress in our daily activities; however, we must pay a price for personal safety.

It is important to remember, if someone wants your wallet or purse, its more desirable to part with belongings rather than experience physical harm. Concealed Carry is not a panacea for all threats especially if you don’t have “first shot advantage”. It may be wiser, under these circumstances, to not let an assailant know you are armed.

Think about “escape plans” for impending threats before reaching for your gun such as; running away, yelling, changing direction away from suspected harm etc. Experiencing such thoughts, in advance, will help reacting instinctively when an occasion arises. Ideal use of a Concealed Carry weapon is canceling a life threat by surprising an assailant with a drawn gun before they can make their first move.

There is nothing more exciting than actually shooting live ammo which is the most valuable training for accuracy…, but, dry shooting can help make you an awesome sheepdog with an iron mind and a healthy wallet. It all boils down to “prevention, attention and practice”; stay away from known dangerous areas, practice defense tactics, get the jump on the bad guys by walking that fine line between vigilance and paranoia…keep on packin dude.

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See Video: Concealment Holsters – The World’s Best Concealment Holster

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