Concealed Carry To Be Cool

United States Attorney General, Eric Holder, made a statement; people Concealed Carry because they think its “cool”. He went on to say; ‘people also smoke cigarettes because they think it’s cool and we changed that by showing it is not cool anymore and we need to start a campaign against Concealed Carry, same as cigarettes’.

Gun haters, like the Attorney General, apparently judge Concealed Carry to be nothing more than a socially unacceptable habit like smoking. It’s difficult to understand how an individual in his position comes to such a ridiculous conclusion about; carrying hand guns, for personal protection, totally concealed from public view.

Few smokers or, gun owners would agree with such thinking and it is clearly understood; responsible Concealed Carry people do not carry a deadly weapon to look cool. This shallow thinking, from a high ranking public official, may be a major reason for misunderstandings between “gun haters” and “gun huggers”…they just don’t get it.

It may help gun haters to take a Concealed Carry training course to understand; students “do not” take lessons on how to be cool. You will not find the above word “cool”, used in this context, with any official training course on the subject. There is a notable difference between “staying cool” to make sound judgments and practicing Concealed Carry to “look cool”.

When someone breaks into your home or automobile and threatens your life…do you show them a gun because it’s cool? Do high visibility people hire Concealed Carry bodyguards because they think it’s cool? Carrying weapons consisting of rocks, clubs, spears, etc. along with today’s more sophisticated arms, serving as personal protection, can be traced back beyond 100,000 years to the beginning of mankind.

Unfortunately today’s environment has not changed where evil predators still exist with no regard for life or personal property. These threats against individual freedom prompted manufacture of the famous Derringer pistol back in the 1850’s. During that same time; Colt pistol sales representatives claimed; ‘God made man and Sam Colt made them equal’ which explains why today’s citizens own firearms as a means of exercising their “castle rights” and “stand your ground” rulings.

Police carry firearms to protect the general public, however, they can’t be everywhere at all times, therefore, citizens assume responsibility to protect themselves. High ranking public officials and other prominent citizens employ bodyguard protection for the same purpose…it’s not to be cool.

Anyone carrying a gun to be cool is suspect of being an undesirable citizen heading for trouble and if Eric Holder knows of such individuals; he should educate them, and himself, about real reasons why people Concealed Carry. His motive for such naïve statements lies in hatred toward gun ownership, however, he should not disrespect Constitutional rights of citizens in favor of grossly biased views.

Taking guns away from criminals may reduce crime rates and decrease the need for good citizens to Concealed Carry which is not in our foreseeable future. Anti-gun proponents may be more receptive to firearms if they could understand mature reasons for gun ownership involving, target shooting, hunting, self-protection, gun collecting, home security, national security and 2nd amendment rights.

Our current administration needs to do further research on why people smoke or Concealed Carry before making any future statements. In the meantime, be safe and keep on packin for the real reasons.

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3 thoughts on “Concealed Carry To Be Cool

  1. Richard Duryea

    How can we be cool carrying a concealed weapon when no one knows I am. I hope no one ever knows but its there if I need it Lets take his security detail away from him and see how he likes that.



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