Concealed Carry Detection

Horrible acts of public violence occur in our daily lives and many are prevented by diligent efforts of law enforcement officials, however, the quest for greater public security never ends. Detection of concealed weapons is a major objective of law enforcement officials and recent technology may help solve this problem.

The best defense against any act of aggression in most cases is ability to detect and prevent a threat in advance. It would be ideal if terrorists harboring weapons could be spotted and neutralized before reaching their target. New York police and Pentagon officials’ are working together to optimize an infrared technology application system designed to detect the outline of a Concealed Carry gun, or, explosive apparatus by observing temperature variations across a person’s body from a distance.

The interruption in natural radiation, which can be observed by the above device, will show location of a non-body object. This approach is similar to security measures taken today, before boarding an airplane, except this new technology would allow hidden weapons to be detected at far greater distances.

It would become one more “tool” providing an additional layer of public security for defeating bad guys. This technology is reported to have great accuracy with no doubt about its potential “good use” in many applications. Public acceptance will be based upon; safety concerns, violation of privacy issues and addressing legal Concealed Carry individuals.

Convincing evidence must show no ill effects from radiation emissions produced. Will this be viewed as a “stop and search” tactic? Concealed Carry persons will no longer have the advantage of concealment which could produce similar experiences reported by some “open carry” practitioners in the past.

Everyone wants law enforcement officials to catch bad guys; however, very few people want to be detained, harassed or give up privacy. Can this technology be effectively applied without violating our constitutional rights? Past incidents have occurred with “open carry” and Concealed Carry people being harassed or negatively treated by policemen and citizens.

It becomes a dilemma when cautious law enforcement officials, concerned with the history of public shootings, spot an individual with a gun. Police officials, using this new technology, need to remember good guys also carry guns while Concealed Carry people recognize their weapon is no longer concealed.

Domestic and foreign fanatics will continue searching for effective ways to defeat new technologies as law enforcement officials attempt to stay ahead. Terrorists are familiar with infrared scanners, security cameras etc. and will always be developing counter measures. The “game” will continue without end as new security tools are developed and inalienable rights are traded for national security.

This new innovation will stand a better chance of approval if suspects are treated, with dignity and confronted only when there is “probable cause”. Airport security procedures have gained community acceptance and eventually this device will also, but, Concealed Carry people will be least favorable to the idea.

Most would agree this new technology invades one’s privacy and, in essence, makes an open carry person subject to disrespectful treatment by some law officers as noted in the past. Part of us wants to welcome this invention; however, there is concern about negative reactions toward legal concealment. The good news is; Illegal gun possession and terrorism threats to society will be reduced…keep on packin dude.

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