Concealed Carry, Theft & Wasp Spray

Theft crimes are commonly classified into three groups with “burglary” defined as; entering a structure illegally and stealing items while no one is accosted.  “Home invasions” are same as burglaries except, in addition, a victim is present during the crime.  “Robberies” are also similar to burglaries except, offense takes place outside a person’s home.

Statistics report burglaries occur most often during summertime and/or when no one is at home, usually during daytime hours.  They are more likely to occur in large cities and least likely to occur in rural areas with most perpetrators on drugs, making them more apt to commit violence.  Neighborhoods are usually scouted in advance by selecting homes, easy to enter and escape, saving work and time allowing quick entry at low visibility.

Concealed Carry owners usually have several guns which are among the most coveted items included with jewelry and electronics.  Stolen goods are rarely recovered; however, it may help identifying items by serial number, or, photographs…especially guns.  Some states have laws which demand reporting loss of stolen guns.

Do you have a “pooch”?  Dogs are an excellent alert or, deterrent system and, if owning a dog is not desirable; electronic barking devices are available.  They pick up motion and/or vibration to actuate a “big dog barking” sound.  Home Invasion perpetrators are most dangerous because they realize that someone is possibly at home and will take drastic measures to restrain them.

Concealed Carry within the home can improve safety assurance.  Give thought in advance on how to handle, or avoid, a home invasion attempt if someone comes to the door while watching TV, or, having a family dinner.   Is your weapon accessible?  Are you carrying a cell phone, ready to dial 911?   Should you open the door, or, talk behind a closed, locked, door? Have you discussed an action plan with family members?

Safety is a main component of home security, therefore; always take reasonable measures when storing a weapon for quick availability and, at the same time, be sensitive to avoiding accidental encounters.  Home security planning will assure greater safety and confidence.

Anyone practicing Concealed Carry would naturally think a gun is crucial for home defense; however, NBC is totally against the idea and suggests using “Wasp Spray”.  They said in addition, if that doesn’t work, treat invaders “like Royalty” and politely direct them to all of your valuables.

How many people actually believe wasp spray is more effective than a handgun?  That might be so if a home owner is unfamiliar with guns and doesn’t know their “barrel” end from their “butt” end.  Perhaps this spray is offered in a can, with front and rear sights, capable of ejecting a continuous stream over 1,000 feet per second.

Maybe we should get rid of our Concealed Carry protection by lugging around a Six-pack of Bug Bombs.  Imagine how violent an invader, on drugs, would act towards a person injecting Wasp Spray in his face and afterwards expected to show forgiveness when treated like Royalty…go figure?

Rather than taking any chances with Concealed Carry or Wasp Spray; they should have suggested  home owners go directly to the Royalty Treatment idea by putting all valuables outside the front door each night and also mentioning …”we’ll leave the light on for ya”

Well my friend, it’s time to make up your mind; has this “profound” NBC article affected your Concealed Carry philosophy…is it going to be…”let us spray”, or…”keep on packin dude”.

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One thought on “Concealed Carry, Theft & Wasp Spray

  1. john harrel

    It sounds like nbc is a bunch of liberals. What is this world coming to when we have to fight every day to protect our constitutional rights? KEEP ON PACKIN!!!



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