Concealed Carry & Outdoor Security

Do you use Concealed Carry protection while enjoying outdoor activities like; walking, jogging, hiking and/or camping? Male and Female running events will range from children to seniors beyond 75 years of age. It is also interesting to note in a survey; 12% of joggers and runners indicated they do Concealed Carry while participating.

Research also indicates the amount of people, occasionally walking for health benefits, continues to increase from 145 million in 2010 and Hikers & backpackers are reported to be in excess of 38 million since 2014. Walking can yield the same benefits as running except, the rate of burning calories is about one-half.

Outdoor exercise in a remote, natural setting is a wonderful experience along with mental and physical health benefits, however, potential dangers exist that could be addressed with a Concealed Carry handgun, allowed in most parks across the nation. When camping, or, hiking; the major threat of being killed by a bear is greater than being murdered in the same environment and, the loud discharge of a hand-gun, or, the impact of a bullet could stop an attacking animal.

Since 2014 there were at least 6 persons mauled to death by bears in the USA signifying a need for Concealed Carry protection in remote areas. Defense from attacks by human predators in a remote area requires the same defense tactics applied in ever-day neighborhoods.

The major security threat for walkers and joggers, in more crowded domestic areas, amounts to dogs and automobiles. Roads are the only practical work-out surface used by many, however, when doing so; run on the side of the road toward traffic allowing both, driver and jogger, to be watchful.

Concealed Carry, protection can lead to a situation where one is hesitant to react with deadly force against a dog attack, but, at some point one has to decide…is it going to be me, or, the pooch. I had numerous encounters with dogs, while running, over the years and fortunately was able to avoid using lethal force even though getting bit on the hand one time by a German Shepard. In another incident, a “huge”, threatening Great Dane was waiting for me on the road as I nervously approached and discovered…he just wanted to be friends.

Do not run away from a dog while allowing it to come up behind…chances are they will bite when your back is turned, however, all dogs are different and circumstances will vary. Stop, turn and face the animal, be calm, but, use a loud and assertive and command like; “stay back” or similar. Back away slowly from the dogs “claimed” territory and eventually it should retreat.

This works for me, but, I hope to avoid the day when all escape tactics don’t succeed and my life is at stake. There were 42 people killed by dogs in 2014, mostly Pit Bulls, with totally irresponsible owners. The victim’s ages ranged from infants up to senior citizens without any mention of Concealed Carry protection. Dog attack incidents don’t reach the mainstream media unless a person is brutally attacked or killed.

Exercise programs should not be avoided because of safety concerns, no more than giving up driving due to automobile accidents. You’re not too old to start, but, may want to see a doctor first; I’m sure he will welcome the idea. The best plan for a successful exercise program depends upon setting aside a rigid schedule time that doesn’t interfere with other commitments.

An exercise schedule that fits within your daily habits will be your key to success and also, be sure to include Concealed Carry security…keep on packin dude.

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