Concealed Carry Paranoia

Where is the division line between paranoia and being cautious? Paranoia is defined as; “extreme and unreasonable suspicion of others and their motives” without having any supportive evidence. No doubt about it; today’s stressful environment can urge jumping to conclusions about other people or situations, but, calm and reasonable thought is always necessary.

Paranoia is a distortion of logical thinking having numerous causes including harmful effects from illegal drugs, or, prescription medications. The complexity of this subject is far beyond the intent of this article and anyone having problems with social acceptance, fear of rejection, indifference to others or excessive worrying should get professional help.

Suspicion at times, is an important component of human behavior that allowed us to survive on this planet for millions of years. We are instinctively programed, as part of the animal kingdom, for “fight or flight” when threatened thus allowing our best chance of survival. The difference in humans is our cognitive abilities to better evaluate an actual threat whereas animals are driven by pure instinct on all occasions. It’s interesting to witness how responsive wild animals are when their presence is threatened.

The big question here is; are we paranoid as some anti-gun critics claim, or, are there some perfectly logical motives for Concealed Carry? Some reasons include; where you live, media violence reports, travel, work, type of business etc. An article from the New York Times indicated 83% of 12 year olds, within the US, will be crime victims at least once within their lifetime, and in addition:

“* One out of every 133 Americans will become a murder victim. Among black men, the estimate is dramatically higher: 1 out of 30.
* One out of every 12 women will be the victim of a rape or attempted rape. The rate for black women is 1 out of 9.
* Nearly everyone will be the victim of a personal theft at least once, and 87 percent will be personal theft victims three or more times. Variety of Differences
Significant differences between blacks and whites and men and women appear in several areas. Blacks have a 53 percent chance of becoming the victims of a completed rape, robbery or assault, while the figure for whites is 41 percent. For robbery, blacks face a 51 percent victimization rate, while the rate for whites is 27 percent.
Men are more likely to be violently assaulted than women, the study found. Eighty-nine percent of 12-year-old boys can expect to become victims of violent crimes, as against 73 percent for girls. Nearly one in four men will be robbed, but only one out of five women.”

Those who enjoy gun ownership are obviously attracted to the art of Concealed Carry allowing them comfort and protection while meeting survival concerns. If you never faced a significant threat, there would be less attraction to Concealed Carry compared to the man beaten and robbed, or, the woman who was raped, but, everyone should realize; crime is present in all neighborhoods.

It may turn out, the real reason some people are totally against Concealed Carry is because “they” are the ones actually paranoid about gun ownership. No one can deny violence is prevalent in our society and we have the right to protect ourselves and loved ones. A clear understanding of the rules and reasons for Concealed Carry does not represent paranoia.

Be aware of your environment, stay away from bad areas plus be confident and you will be safe. In addition; we need to recognize Concealed Carry is no panacea for avoiding violence and defensive shooting is a last resort…being a little bit “paranoid” at the right moment may save your life. Keep on packin dude.

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4 thoughts on “Concealed Carry Paranoia

  1. Rich

    Those statistics sound unrealistically high. The Bureau of Justice Statistics (DOJ) violent crime victimization report for 2014 found that:

    “In 2014, 1.1% of all persons age 12 or older (3 million persons) experienced at least one violent victimization.”

    Undoubtedly, if you are a member of a minority living in a troubled neighborhood, your chances of being a victim of violent crime are increased. But this only means that the rest of us actually have a even lower probability of victimization. BTW, I do have a carry permit – but seldom carry, mostly when traveling in remote areas where police assistance is likely to be scarce.


    1. stealthdefenseholsters Post author

      In regards to your comment: “I do have a carry permit – but seldom carry, mostly when traveling in remote areas where police assistance is likely to be scarce.”
      Don’t think “police assistance” would be available at the moment you are being accosted.


  2. Tim Eby

    Very well done article, Al. Goodonya. Paranoia and Situational Awareness are two entirely different things. Well balanced article.
    The strut holster remains my choice of holsters for just about every situation.



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