Concealed Carry & Shooting 101

We covered the instructions at Concealed Carry class along with learning many other essentials such as; pistol operation, safety, cleaning and storage, hand gun types, ammunition types etc. Covering a sizable amount of information and training involved, digesting large quantities of information without allowing much time to dwell on the details.

After receiving certification, some students anxiously search for higher level educational materials covering self-defense tactics and skills, but, without a strong grasp on the basics, developing other expertise could be fruitless. For example; it may not do much good to Concealed Carry If you can’t shoot straight.

Occasionally it’s helpful to analyze shooting habits by reviewing simple elements necessary for successful shot placement during a self-defense confrontation. Concealed Carry old timers, who instinctively practice shooting accuracy at the range, may drift into some problems at which time, a review of fundamentals would be helpful.

First of all, to become an expert, shooters must take a firm yet comfortable body posture while facing a target with a two-hand firm grip on their weapon. Some of us may have learned, the hard way, to keep your support hand below the slide to avoid being nipped during recoil.

Extend your arms and lean forward comfortably, yet stiff enough to absorb recoil. An unstable support will sacrifice accuracy and may even produce casing ejection snags. A firm hand grip and rigid arm position allows being on target and transfers sufficient slide recoil energy for ejection of spent casings. Both feet must be firmly planted with equal weight distribution while leaning slightly forward to absorb recoil and not go off balance. These essentials will provide a rigid foundation for shot execution.

Remember to take a comfortable breath of air and hold, while focusing on target, to maximize body and hand steadiness. At this stage; bring the target into alignment with the front and rear site placing major emphasis on the front sight while steadily “squeezing” the trigger at a constant rate.

Shot groupings constantly off center are often caused by improper trigger squeeze. This results in groupings at a 7 to 8 o’clock position for a right hander and 4 to 5 o’clock position for left hand shooters. There are other circumstances where 12 o’clock area groupings indicate shooters tend to anticipate recoil by slightly pulling back as if to absorb recoil just before the shot.

Another condition, not often recognized, is trigger finger contact. Wrapping too much of one’s finger around the trigger will cause a slight wrist rotation thus shooting leftward at 9 o’clock for right handers; opposite side for left handers. The “finger print” area, only, should make trigger contact allowing a smooth parallel stroke in line with target. These conditions can be helped by mentally training to continuously squeeze the trigger at a continuous rate before, during and “after” shots are fired.

Using these elementary principles helps one to become an expert at the “range” but, what happens to mind and body during a life threatening confrontation? There is no way your brain will allow consciously stepping through shooting fundamentals during threatening circumstances…you need to be on “automatic pilot”. The so called “basics” are just that, however, they must be mastered before harnessing additional mind and body skills for Concealed Carry…keep on packin dude.

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