A Future Role for Concealed Carry?

The intent of Concealed Carry today addresses an individual’s right to self-protection by use of deadly force against an aggressor; however, it becomes a difficult tactical decision in crowded environments where many lives are endangered. Large scale multiple shootings by deranged individuals, or, terrorist organizations take place in areas where firearms are restricted; government facilities, schools, churches, hospitals, airports etc.

The effects of Concealed Carry have been researched over a 29 year period by author, John Lott and published in his book “More Guns Less Crime” in 1998. The authors Ayres and Donohue dispute his claims in their interview with “The Chronicle of Higher Education” newspaper. Both sides will agree there has been a drop in murder rates plus an increase in gun ownership over the years, however, interpretation of this connection stimulates unending debates.

According to 2013 FBI statistics, the two-year trend on individual violent crime arrests declined by 3.9% as compared to 2012 promotes optimism, however, large scale incidents of violence today don’t appear to be in decline as noted in the last decade;
September 2013 – Washington Navy Yard, July 2012 – Aurora, Colorado movie theater, December 2012 – Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, April 2007- Virginia Tech Blacksburg, Virginia, campus shooting, November 2009 – Fort Hood, Texas, April 2009 – Binghamton, New York immigrant community center. These are a few of 13 well known mass murders in the last 10 years where firearms were prohibited in each occurrence. Perhaps more crimes can be prevented with innocent lives saved by reducing, or, eliminating “no-carry” zones.

The phenomenal growth of Concealed Carry registration is currently at 12 million with no end in sight thus indicating a significant percentage of Concealed Carry people will always be present in populated areas. This large volume of armed citizens would strengthen security in the above mentioned places. It’s time for our legislators to develop a commonsense review of; not “where” citizens are allowed to carry, but, “who” should Concealed Carry in currently restricted areas. Major resistance to this proposal may come from law enforcement officials and politicians indicating need for special training tactics in crowded environments. Many Concealed Carry people would like to help and be willing to undergo any tactical training, or, meet qualifications used by police and military for violence control in public places. The threat of mass slayings in this country is a monumental challenge that will not go away.

Other individuals currently practicing Concealed Carry may not be interested in such training which may result in creating an additional “special” Concealed Carry classification involving advanced preparation. Individuals interested in law enforcement, retired military & public service veterans may be interested in this concept.

Crimes are solved with help from alert ordinary citizens; serving as eye witnesses, taking pictures at the scene, calling 911, or, providing testimony. Anti-gun people will say; it’s a very risky narrative, granting more freedom to Concealed Carry citizens, but, all will agree; growing problems of public violence must be addressed.

This article is based upon current laws and high growth rate of Concealed Carry plus continuous threats of large scale crimes in public places. Should Concealed Carry people be more involved…what do you think? At present time; continue to observe no-carry zones, protect your 2nd Amendment rights and let your congressman know your views…keep on packin dude.

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