Concealed Carry & Cops

During ancient times, most civilizations used law enforcement systems for maintaining civil order; however, each society used different methods to achieve similar results. Use of police for maintaining public order can be traced back to ancient China where it was used for thousands of years to enforce laws of that period. Police structure was arranged with different levels of appointed officials similar to our present day system. The early Roman Empire first used their army to maintain security until eventually, local people served as watchmen to deal with thieves and run-away slaves.

Volunteer security policing, called “night watch”, started in the US in the 1650’s and was not very successful. Years later, around 1838, the first effective police force was created in Boston, MA. Today’s police organizations across the country are extremely well organized and equipped to protect lives and property of citizens along with enforcing community laws and ordinances, however, Concealed Carry protection will always be desirable because of the immediate response necessary for addressing a personal threat.

An interesting question to ponder is; “what do most cops think of ordinary citizens practicing Concealed Carry?” They are on the streets daily, experiencing behavior of Concealed Carry persons involved in personal defense situations, or, possible law violations. It’s understandable; some officers have rightful concerns about lack of individual training and/or interfering with police tactics during a potential shoot-out situation. Individual training skills, proficiency and empathy toward police concerns, in these two areas, will help alleviate their fears and maybe help you avoid a future citation.

When doing a “background” check on a Concealed Carry person, police officers may tend to assume, people who followed the law attaining a license are “good” law abiding citizens, thus leaving a favorable impression. Many active and/or retired police officers practice Concealed Carry when off duty and others show support as licensed training instructors which leads one to believe, most police officers have an affirmative view of Concealed Carry.

When stopped by police, it’s immediately necessary to develop a positive rapport by showing respect. The first rule, when being questioned is to show compliance and understanding for officer job stress dealing with the unknown. In 2014 there were 121 police officers, plus 20 police canines, killed in the line of duty.

When pulled over; immediately place your hands on the steering wheel, announce having a Concealed Carry license and are armed plus ask for instructions on what to do next. We have all heard or read the bad cop stories, but, be careful not to assume this is commonplace…show respect regardless of your first impression of one’s character.

Patrolmen are constantly aware of their comrades killed in the line of duty, while on the job, therefore leaving them precautious and/or suspicious at all times. Any resistance from suspects will cause alarm and result in aggressive police tactics to maintain control of a situation. Those who show immediate disrespect for cops, calling them pigs, making demands, questioning authority, or, acting aggressive, present no choice for police, but, to use force policies.

In conclusion, when stopped for questioning, most police will have an initial impression of registered Concealed Carry people as good citizens who respect the law. Continue to build upon this trust and also recognize officers demeanor is related to survival instinct…listen to his talk and obey his commands for the best outcome…keep on packin dude.

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3 thoughts on “Concealed Carry & Cops

  1. j cotter

    please check your history, voluntary police in the united states in 1650. is hard as not founded until over 100 years later. did you mean colonies or uk or something.


    1. stealthdefenseholsters Post author

      Eastern Kentucky University published an article, “Policing in the United States” which makes reference to a voluntary “night watch” system in 1638, Boston, MA. I have not done any further research. Please let us know if you have information to the contrary. Thanks for your comments.



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