Concealed Carry Fitness

You bought this awesome handgun and holster, passed your Concealed Carry qualifications for knowledge and shooting skills and are now ready for self-defense when or wherever an occasion may arise. This is the extent of training for many beginners; however, it’s only a starting point for all-inclusive self-defense tactics.

You chose a different lifestyle and must now become completely familiar with Concealed Carry laws, develop mental and physical defense skills, plus effectively conceal a hand-gun. Changing one’s demeanor, without others noticing any difference, can create a dilemma for maintaining a normal appearance.

New members understand the need to Concealed Carry at all times possible, but, unexpected comfort and concealment problems will discourage practice; therefore, one must first select hardware complying with body metrics, dress habits and comfort tolerance. Carrying a “two-pounder” is going to cause more difficulty than a ten-ounce weapon although some do it. It’s important to select a holster that fits snug and comfortable in different body positions.

Taking care of a handgun is important, especially in summer months when perspiration causes problems with holster, gun and bullets. A sleeveless undershirt or handkerchief tucked in behind your holster, absorbs sweat wicking it out to a larger area for evaporation and comfort. Wiping a handgun with surface protectant will shield against tarnish and/or rust, but, what about wet powder? Weapons can be successfully fired under water; however, it’s difficult to know when a bullet becomes dead under prolonged exposure to dampness. It may be good practice to occasionally exchange cartridges.

We must develop a balance of alertness at all times without becoming paranoid. Mental alertness is perhaps the most important single skill required for Concealed Carry protection. It helps to instinctively take over when entering a threatening situation; calling 911, griping your handgun for a quick draw, or, most important; avoiding a confrontation. Forethought about self-defense tactics in potential danger areas, like shopping malls or parking areas will develop quick, instinctive reactions to a threat.

It should also be noted; a “body tune-up” will improve self-defense capabilities. Exercise at any level makes one feel better, help deal with stress, have more energy, plus avoid heart disease and high blood pressure. Personal exercise programs should be designed to improve physical fitness at a moderate pace. Intensity level can increase later if you decide to become a “jock”; however, initially make gradual, continuous gains.

Keeping fit can be an enjoyable part of daily life along with improvements in mental and physical health, self-esteem and a positive attitude. Workout programs can become social or family activities allowing opportunities to visit walking or biking trails and enjoy nature’s environment. There is no doubt physical fitness makes us better prepared for Concealed Carry offering health improvements, plus new opportunities for enjoyment.

Reading self-defense encounter articles in the media helps develop mindset reactions to personal defense situations. It is also advisable to carry a phone number for immediate legal counsel if involved in a shooting incident. Talking with an attorney before making initial statements may decide the outcome of a legal dispute.

Shooting practice at the range is recommended for improving skills but dry shooting practice is more convenient yielding similar benefits at no cost for ammunition and travel. Some rookies don’t often Concealed Carry because it becomes a hassle to them, but, others continue practicing to become awesome “sheep dogs” that protect their flock.

Concealed Carry self-protection is a Constitutional right; however, it means nothing without performance…keep on packin dude.

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See Video: Concealment Holsters – The World’s Best Concealment Holster

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