Thanksgiving & Concealed Carry

The story of Thanksgiving begins back in 1620 when Pilgrims and Indians celebrated their survival after a very tough winter, however, sadly in later years, both cultures fought each other and the guys with guns won. It was common during the American Revolution for patriots to carry firearms at all times, including church on Sundays, as a means of resisting British aggression. Each year on the 4th of July we give thanks and celebrate our independence which was accomplished with guns.

There have been many additional skirmishes since Paul Revere’s ride in 1775 and incredible weapons of mass destruction have insured our freedom on a national level along with the right to Concealed Carry on an individual scale. We live in a totally different atmosphere today where Thanksgiving Day should include a moment of appreciation for those of us having the right to Concealed Carry plus our national freedom; both of which are insured with weapons.

“Gun grabbers” would be more receptive to “pro-gun issues” like Concealed Carry if they would refer to our historical past as noted above. Some authorities on American behavior suggest our history of violence continues within today’s society and restrictions on gun ownership are not the answer; it’s all about who we are and where we have been.

Weapons throughout history have been used for settling disputes between individuals and nations. Human aggressiveness is a sober fact and guns will continue serving their purpose until we change our mental capacity to solve problems without violence. Much less bloodshed exists today as compared to the early days of the Roman Empire where people were killed in the Coliseum for entertainment. We are making progress, but, at a very slow pace.

One of the greatest modern cosmic scientist and philosophers that ever lived was Carl Sagan (1934-1996). He had a deep love for humanity and understood the potential destruction of atomic weapons and how close we are each day to annihilating ourselves. He also understood the paradox of aggressive human nature is responsible for allowing us to survive for eons, yet, development of atomic weapons is leading us to the verge of self extinction. Human belligerence will lead us to fight for freedom, but, we must always be aware of negative consequences.

Our ancestors did not envision Concealed Carry as it is today, but, understood human behavior well enough to appreciate gun ownership, for common citizens, as a necessary means to insure safety, equality and freedom from individual oppression. Eventually citizens will have the freedom to Concealed Carry across this nation with only one license. It’s another example of the progress stemming from the efforts of our forefathers.

Thanksgiving is a time when we appreciate whatever we have, plus hope and pray for changing social relations to the point where peaceful negotiations will solve personal and national disagreements without need for weapons. While we celebrate in modern fashion, consisting of time with our loved ones, good food, football etc.; let us thank our Creator and present-day Patriots, but, also remember the sacrifices of our predecessors who unknowingly at the time, made so many things possible…even the right to Concealed Carry.

Happy Thanksgiving; and as always…keep on packin dude.

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