Concealed Carry; Who, Where & Why

The subject of Concealed Carry continues to generate a maze of confusion about; who, where and why, legislation generated from special interest groups, politicians and the media. These often contradictory laws involving countless “no carry” zones may cause one to ask; “why” am I doing this and “why” Concealed Carry? Answers are based upon news reports, personal experiences, neighborhood disorders, home invasions, lack of police protection etc.

Unconditional needs for personal safety are an inherent part of human nature and will never change. It becomes absolutely clear, if you experienced total helplessness and fear of bodily harm during an actual encounter, the need for additional self-protection is unquestionable.

Some “may issue” state officials (issued by local approval) may declare your permit application insufficient, thus refusing your 2nd Amendment right, if, you can’t come up with a reason better than ordinary self-protection. Such decisions are constantly being challenged by pro-gun groups and hopefully, will be repealed soon.

Other high visibility political issues are centered around; “who” and “where” Concealed Carry should be allowed. Most states have restrictions in schools, churches, city buildings, colleges and certain public places or events. There is no difficulty understanding concerns of parents, gun haters, and public officials about “non-qualified” individuals having concealed weapons anywhere, but, making it illegal for everyone to carry in these areas does not make it safer.

Modern day tragedies occur on; college campus, grade schools, high schools, churches and public gatherings where Concealed Carry is not allowed…does that make sense? Our public officials also continue placing restrictions on weapons and accessories, all of which have done nothing to protect citizens against public violence.

Evidence of armed personnel in public places is the best method of public protection and qualified citizens can help fill this void. The whole point of discussion, missed by our legislators and gun grabbers, is not about “where” we should be allowed to Concealed Carry or “what” kind of weapon we should use, but, “who” should be allowed to Concealed Carry.

Federal law prohibits sales to felons or mentally ill people and requires background checks for all gun sales at licensed gun dealers. This law makes sense and should be continuously improved. Most (above) tragedies are traced back to people with mental illness and felon offenders are not allowed to carry because they have lost public trust.

Everyone should agree; it is a major responsibility, thus requiring training and certification to gain trust from community members. It also becomes evident, after logical consideration, people have the undeniable right to protect themselves anywhere at any time and “qualified” citizens have the inalienable right to Concealed Carry. Police officers, Security people, military officials and others carry weapons daily without public outcry because they have earned public trust.

Does above restrictions on teachers, church attendees and general public mean they are not trustworthy to Concealed Carry within their habitat and, if that is true; why be allowed to carry anywhere?

Our legislators are missing the point. Criterion for establishing Concealed Carry laws must be solely based upon individual integrity and trust. In addition; why not implement “universal carry” in all states? A universal carry permit would be like a driver’s license allowing unquestionable travel between states.

The gun grabbers must understand the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution is here to stay and the main issue regarding Concealed Carry is “trustworthiness”. Both sides must debate true issues required for acceptance and rescind our meaningless laws.

Modern day Concealed Carry is in its infancy and in spite of continuous efforts, we will never have a perfect system, but, the best system will evolve by a logical evaluation of basic questions concerning; who, and not; where and why…keep on packin dude.

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