Concealed Carry: Semper Fi

The U S Marines were founded in 1775 and originally called “Continental Marines” who have since defended our nation in every outbreak, from pirates in early years to recent conflicts. They are noted as a well-disciplined, fierce fighting group, responding to quick deployment anywhere on this earth.

It’s amazing how a motto consisting of two little words can identify an awesome division of our Armed Forces. They are a proud and loyal group, tightly bonded together in spirit, even after leaving the Corp. Semper Fi is abbreviated from the Latin term “Semper fidelis” which means; “always faithful”. The U S Marines are not the first organization to use this motto. It has been frequently adopted by European families and cities far back as the 13th century.

This saying is also befitting for Concealed Carry as we not only protect ourselves, but, have loved ones to whom we are “always faithful”. In addition; we are law abiding, hard-working citizens who refuse to be treaded upon and strive for a good life while respecting lives of others. This image and philosophy plays a vital role in support of Concealed Carry.

Opposing political views are implemented through well organized, heavily funded lobbyist groups, special interest groups, and minority groups across the country. Highly distorted issues and political chicanery will allow unjust laws and higher tax burdens on all citizens. The bottom line is to get involved in decision making processes and stand for what you believe in…”the squeaking wheel gets the grease”.

Politicians often comment on highly publicized shootings occurring across the country by offering shallow, non-effective solutions based on pressure from special interest groups. For example; California has very strict gun permit laws, resulting in about one tenth of a percent (0.1%) Concealed Carry license holders and yet, gun- committed crimes are among highest in the country.

New legislative bill proposals continue to ban certain rifles, pistols, large capacity magazines plus add restrictions to particular design features on firearms which will only discourage gun ownership. Sponsors believe; “more guns equal more crime” meaning; all guns must be confiscated to result in zero crimes…they just don’t get it. Anti-gun proponents must put their irrational views aside and support defensive tactics for stopping public massacres and also recognize; the root cause of these hideous acts exists within the sick mind of the perpetrator.

The NRA is a visible, powerful force for upholding our rights and beliefs; however, they need financial support plus member feedback to continue their platform agenda. Bonding together with any gun support organization is essential for visibility, strength and maintaining our 2nd Amendment rights.

Gun owners must continue resisting threats to these privileges by keeping informed on “gun control” issues. Contact your Congressman and emphasize; the need to deal with criminals rather than taking away guns, otherwise, you may lose your right to Concealed Carry. Find your Representative , by zip code, and let them know; taking a person’s gun rights is against the 2nd amendment and will not solve this problem. You can also contact your Representative or Senator through the NRA-ILA website.

Politicians, citizens and the media must promote community values, discourage violent media entertainment and support monitoring programs for mentally ill people…”success is a result of the right actions ”. If you don’t support what you believe in; you will lose what you believe in. Stay involved in this “endless” gun ownership debate by supporting your favorite gun rights groups…Semper Fi…and…keep on packin dude.

PS. Tuesday, November 4th is Election Day. Find out where your Political representatives stand on 2nd Amendment Gun Rights and vote accordingly. This is your moment to Support Concealed Carry.

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2 thoughts on “Concealed Carry: Semper Fi

  1. Owen McCullen

    Dear Al,
    One of the best and most reasonable comments on the subject I have seen. Please keep up the good work. It benefits everyone.



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