Concealed Carry; “Drop your Gun”

It always makes me squirm, while watching an intense movie scene, when the “good guy” says; “Drop your Gun”…the “bad guy” drops it to the floor and swiftly kicks it out of the way. This is just another example of unrealistic, poor weapon handling from our Hollywood fantasy crowd, but, what happens, in real life, if you accidentally drop your gun? Would it discharge when being dropped or kicked?

Concealed Carry handgun and holster manufacturers make every effort to full proof their products, however, accidental discharges can happen depending on the position of the gun during a falling impact, improper safety settings, or, holstering a gun etc.

Two popular safety designs require proper grip on the gun to prevent accidental discharge. The “backstrap” type safety bar is depressed when griping the gun to allow hammer actuation. The “trigger” on some other handguns contains a primary travel lever requiring pre-travel before actual trigger stroke is allowed.

In addition; there are safety latch designs mounted in various positions on the frame which prevent hammer motion. A “decocker” mechanism is also available on some models allowing the hammer to be safely released without firing the weapon.

Some gun owners practice an additional level of safety by not carrying a bullet in the firing chamber. They can quickly “rack” a bullet while drawing from their holster and aiming. This can be the ultimate safety measure; but, it requires ample practice to develop quick draw capability.

Only you can decide which safety concept works best, however, stick with one handgun type to allow the correct “instinctive” re-action in a self-defense confrontation. Each handgun is different; get to know your Concealed Carry gun and holster through frequent drawing practice.

Numerous incidents are recorded in the media about dropping weapons during installation or removal from a holster. The most bazaar story I have seen in the media, thus far, pertains to a Concealed Carry individual stopping in a rest room to respond to nature’s demanding call. After conducting his business and starting to pull up his pants, the PM40 he was carrying fell to the floor and discharged. No one was seriously injured; however, the porcelain toilet was destroyed while a lady in the adjacent women’s restroom was also concentrating on her business. (She was horrified by the loud noise and I assume, at that moment, any constipation problems were immediately relieved)

You would think this could only happen in the movies, but, there are other similar incidents recorded. A more serious incident happened in Tampa when a woman in a restroom stall dropped her weapon causing it to discharge a bullet into another woman’s leg while sitting in the next stall.

This obviously opens up a dilemma question about what Concealed Carry method is best…should I be completely safe, with an empty chamber, which requires more reaction time to prepare for self-defense, or will I be careful enough not to drop my gun and also “trust” the gun manufactures safety features. The possibility of accidentally discharging your weapon will increase with the amount of carrying time; therefore, give constant thought to your holster use and handgun habits.

Store your gun in a safe place when not in use and practice retrieval for an emergency encounter. Carefully review your holster design for any possibilities of catching the trigger or hammer during installation or removal. It is not necessary to remove a “shoulder” or “strut” style holster and gun in a restroom, or, similar situation which is a personal safety advantage.

Check your gun manufactures safety recommendations and apply the fundamental rules for safety at all times. What’s it going to be guy?…”None in the chamber”, ”Un-cocked”, “Cocked and Locked”? Concealed Carry is a big safety responsibility for protecting yourself and loved ones requiring constant awareness…even when Mother Nature is “calling” at awkward times…Keep on “packin” dude.

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